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  • Medical-Cart Computers
    Fully Battery Powered All-in-one Computer for Point-of-Care Applications
  • DT313C-MD
    Slim, Anti-microbial Tablet for Efficient Operations
  • DT500S-MD Series
    Display-Integrated Digital Solutions for Point-of-Care Solutions


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Enhanced Point-of-Care Service, Accuracy and Efficiency

The DT Research Medical Computing Systems are point-of-care oriented product lines including mobile tablets (medical tablet pc), handheld devices (medical PDA) and integrated LCD systems (point-of-care terminal). These systems integrate touch screens and high performance yet energy-efficient processors in slim, durable, bacteria-resistant enclosures. With options for RFID reader, smart card reader, magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, and camera, these tablets offers health professionals an effective tool to monitor, record, and retrieve patient information. The built-in Wi-Fi transmission function also makes data access efficient and optimizes staff workflow; ideal for applications in clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers, emergency services, and laboratories.