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Medical Industry

Clinic, Hospital and Healthcare Center

DT Research integrates its hardware and software to bring a wide selection of reliable medical-focused products with remote management to the healthcare industry.

  • Enhanced data accuracy; reduce manual entry mistakes
  • Data transmission anytime and anywhere
  • Efficient service to increase patients' satisfaction
  • Central device management; reduce total cost of ownership
  • Streamline electronic workflow
How DT Research Products Perform in Medical Industry

In clinics, hospitals and healthcare centers, the information flow can be quickly circulated and efficiently managed with the up-to-date features offered by the DT Research Medical Computing Systems:

  • Windows® based operating systems; easily integrated with other application systems
  • Wireless, compact, lightweight and ruggedized design for truly mobile computing
  • Anti-microbial enclosure for easy-to-clean, bacteria-resistant maintenance
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless available for real-time data access and transmission, anytime and anywhere
  • Data capture modules: camera, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), barcode scanner, RFID and smart card readers to retrieve patient and medicine information quickly and accurately
  • Enhanced security via Trusted Platform Management and users’ authentication identification via smart card reader
  • A variety of accessories for flexible placement, portability and device charging
  • Highly sensitive touchscreens for convenient operation and data access
  • Remotely monitor and control the devices, deploy OS, firmware updates and manage the power status via the WebDT Device Manager software; minimize IT maintenance efforts, streamline the whole system workflow
Lobby and Registration Counter
  • Deploy Digital Signage in the clinic or hospital lobby with wayfinding maps, health information, service details
  • Integrated-LCD system as registration kiosk, wayfinding and information access
  • Robust and space-saving Thin Clients or Integrated-LCDs at registration counters as data terminals
  • Medical Tablets and handheld devices for mobile registration, inquiry and payment
Consulting Room
  • With Integrated-LCDs with touch screens, doctors can interactively explain the condition and provide comprehensive medical information to patients
Nursing Station
  • Accessing and updating Electronic Medical Records via Mobile Tablet and Handheld terminals to retrieve patients’ information
  • Magnetic stripe reader, scanner and RFID data capture speeds up processes and reduces errors
  • The slim, all-in-one Integrated-LCD is ideal for nursing stations, mounted on carts with space-saving, fanless and reliable design, touch screen and optional MSR
  • With Mobile Tablet and Handheld POS, the pharmacists are able to inventory medicines in real-time in any location, and ensure accurate drug information to prevent interaction mistakes
  • Display pharmacy product advertising with digital signage, and also use for prescription order pick ups
Patient Room
  • The Integrated-LCDs perform as bedside kiosks for providing clinic, hospital information, on-line help or interactive infotainment