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Logistics Industry

OPimize staff workflow, enhance the reliability of data collection and distribution

DT Research solutions for the logistics industry feature mobile workforce management through industrial-grade mobile tablets, handheld devices and ruggedized vehicle-mountable computing systems. With optional wireless communication and data capture modules, the DT Research systems are a critical tool to realize just-in-time manufacturing, streamline the workflow of warehouse management, distribution, inventory control and stock replenishment, keeping you competitive in today’s global market.

  • Simplified workflow; improved operation efficiency
  • Enhanced data collection accuracy; reduce errors
  • Data transmitted in real-time among different locations and terminals; time and labor-saving
  • Centralized control for devices, data and content management; minimize total cost of ownership
How DT Research Products Perform in Logistics

With the up-to-date features offered by the DT Research solutions for the logistics industry, data information can be captured easily and accurately, then distributed to remote locations, such as warehouses, factories and outside fields, greatly enhancing staff workflow. The DT Research products are crucial components to enable an efficient logistics IT system through the below feature sets:

  • Windows® based operating systems; easily integrated with other applications
  • Ruggedized, compact, lightweight design
  • Optional data capture modules: camera, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), barcode scanner, RFID and smart card readers to correctly capture data
  • IP and MIL-STD-810 rated for water/ dust protection and shock resistance
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connection available for real-time data access and transmission
  • Highly sensitive touchscreens for convenient operation and data access
  • Enhanced security via Trusted Platform Management and users’ authentication identification via smart card reader
  • A variety of accessories for flexible placement, portability and device charging
  • Remotely monitor and control the devices, deploy OS, firmware updates and manage the power status via the WebDT Device Manager; minimize IT maintenance costs, streamline the whole system workflow
In Warehouses or Factories
  • For inventory control, use Mobile Tablets and Handheld Systems to retrieve product information and then transmit the data to the database via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G
  • With MSR, barcode scanner, camera or RFID modules, staff can speed up the recording process and reduce errors
  • The IP and MIL-STD-810 certified enclosure provides dust and water resistance and shock protection
In Cars, Forklifts or Heavy Machines
  • Vehicle/ Fixed-mount computers on trucks, cranes or helicopters for mobile computing with vibration and splash resistance
  • Car and wall mounting cradles to efficiently place Mobile Tablets on cars, forklifts or airplanes
In Docks, Warehouses or Harsh Environments
  • The water-proof and shock-resistant design allows operation in many demanding conditions
  • Touchscreen provides convenient data input; no pen and paper needed for manual entry
  • Trusted Platform Management function to enhance information/ data security