Case Study

Midwest Health Management

Midwest Health Management serves four states with long term care, independent living, assisted living and senior living, with over forty five locations in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Headquartered in Topeka. Midwest Health chose DT Research DT590 Medical Cart Computer based on the battery capacity, reliable operations, and reasonable price point.

BeiJing Capital International Airport

With over 150,000 travelers passing through every day, Beijing Capital International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and offers a major opportunity for advertisers to reach their highly valuable audience. In the recent terminal expansion project, a state-of-the-art digital signage network was implemented to highlight the airport modernization. Both the media operator and advertisers were keen on delivering high-quality advertising content to consumers via the new digital signage network.

Taipei Bus Station

Taipei Bus Station is part of the urban development project of Taipei Main Station in Taiwan that houses a transportation hub consisting of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Railway, Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Bus and Inter-city Coach Lines. With approximately 6,600 people passing through per hour during the rush hour, Taipei Bus Station required an efficient, effective, and easy to manage digital signage system that could collect, organize, and communicate multiple types of transportation information to all travelers.

Top Telecommunications Company in the U.S.

A major U.S. wireless carrier, with headquarters in N.J., has the largest number of retail customers in the industry. With 68.7 million customers, 70,000 employees, $43.9 billion in annual revenue, more than 175 switching centers, and over 2,400 company operated stores and kiosks, it is the most profitable wireless company in the U.S.

World Expo 2010

Opened in May 2010, the World Expo Shanghai in China is the world’s largest international fair and exposition. Over 190 countries and 50 international organizations showcase their cultures and innovations, attracting more than 500,000 visitors daily. As a part of the Expo 2010, the Future Pavilion gives visitors an opportunity to glance at the futuristic urban concepts, including intelligent homes, healthy neighborhoods, low carbon cities, and harmonious environments. The project organizer implemented a digital signage system combined with audio and visual effects to transfer ideas into experiences.

Specialty’s Cafe

Specialty’s Café and Bakery operates 30 stores in California, Washington and Illinois, focusing on service to commercial business districts during the morning and afternoon hours. The focus for Specialty’s Café is the food, from fresh baked breads, cookies and pastries, plus handmade sandwiches, to homemade soups and fresh salads.

Field Services
South China Electrical Substation

The South China Electrical Substation is one of the modern electricity substations in China that have adapted intelligent facility management using information technology and automation. Previously, the substation required manual switching of equipment and collection of data. As the complexity of distribution networks grew, it became necessary to have automated supervision and control of the substation, allowing overall coordination and increasing operation efficiency.

Shanghai’s Nanjing Road

Located in the city of Shanghai in China, Nanjing Road is a must-see metropolitan destination attracting 1 million visitors daily from all over the world. Over 600 businesses, from traditional stores to modern shopping malls, specialty stores, theatres, restaurants, and hotels, are operated on both sides of the road. To give a modern look to the area, an outdoor LED digital signage project was implemented on Nanjing Road to replace traditional posters and billboard ads.

Amway Brand Center

Amway is well known as the world’s largest direct selling company and manufacturer for a wide range of premium consumer products. With ever changing product lines and upcoming expansion into the Asian market, Amway opened a brand center in Malaysia to educate new and existing consumers on the history and formation of Amway and its product lines. Beyond branding, the center is fully equipped with a technology base and expertise in servicing customers while they gain the knowledge of the products. With interactive questionnaires and product use instructions, visitors can explore the full potential of the benefits of Amway products in the brand center.