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Transportation Industry


DT Research’s solutions for the transportation industry are based on a selection of digital signage systems, mobile computing devices and central management software. With complete product lines focusing on flexible platforms and placements, transportation stations can provide both dynamic schedule information and advertising to passengers and realize mobile management applications, assisting staff to optimize their workflow and enhance security and efficiency.

Digital Signage Systems
  • One manufacturer provides both signage hardware and management software
  • Easy-to-install, solid-state construction and reliable communication network
  • Wi-Fi connection options for cable-free and space-saving installation
  • Centralized control for content and device management; minimize IT maintenance, streamline system workflow
Mobile Computing Solutions
  • Windows® based operating systems; easily integrated with other application software
  • IP and MIL-STD-810 rated for water/ dust protection and shock resistance
  • Optional data capture modules: camera, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), barcode scanner, RFID and smart card readers to accurately capture data
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connection
  • Enhanced security via Trusted Platform Management and users’ authentication identification via smart card reader
  • Remotely monitor and control the devices, deploy OS, firmware updates and manage power status with WebDT Device Manager
How DT Research Products Perform in Transportation
In Stations and Terminals
  • Digital signage at the ticket counters displays operator line, ticket prices, and schedules
  • Digital signage in the lobby is fed information from the database with updates for real-time arrival, boarding, and gate information
  • Digital Signage Appliances paired with touch screens become interactive kiosks for wayfinding maps and instant service details, and can also collect traveler data
  • Digital signage throughout the stations/ terminals offers media operators a captivating medium for dynamic advertising, offering an optimal visual experience to attract travelers’ attention and promote brands
  • With WebDT Content Manager software, the operator can publish data and playlists, schedule power on/off timing, and monitor the status of each signage player from an off site location
On Buses, Trains, Airplanes and Boats
  • Mobile Tablet with the integrated GPS module for efficient route planning
  • With Mobile POS Tablets and Handheld Terminals, attendants can receive payment for duty-free sales through the MSR, RFID or smart card reader
In Parking Lots, Docks and Ground Services
  • The rugged, water and shock resistant Mobile Tablets perform in tough environments
  • With Mobile Tablets and handheld terminals, bus/ train conductors can monitor and manage operations while onboard, and communicate with station systems for real-time updates
  • For airport ground services, load masters working on the ramp have direct access to time-critical data, flight and maintenance schedules with their Mobile Tablets using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G connections; loading and unloading of airplanes as well as additional services for the airlines can be handled in less time with shorter intervals