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DT Research brings reliable computing to the many departments of government. With GNSS Tablets for mapping and field services, rugged tablets and handhelds for fleet maintenance and emergency services, and battery-powered all-in-one computers with anti-microbial enclosures. With network connectivity, high performance and low power consumption, DT Research products enable situational awareness critical for military and government forces who need to be on the move and ready to go.

    DT Research rugged tablets and handhelds provide fleet maintenance and tactical use whether in helicopters or ships or emergency response vehicles, these tablets sustain drops, vibration, moisture, and wide-temperature operations providing top performance per SWAP (size, weight, and power). The DT Research line is NIST compliant and provides a comprehensive approach with TPM Support, hot-swappable batteries and CAC Smart Card Reader to all DOD and Military requirements, providing an integrated approach to government that acknowledges infrastructure, personal and network requirements, and security issues.
Local/ Field Services
    The DT Research GNSS Tablets provide integrated GNSS modules, streamlining accurate data transmission for mapping and surveying, and are compatible with existing GIS software. Whether managing utilities or communications networks, DT Research tablets make field staff more efficient and bring together the advanced workflow for data capture, accurate positioning, and data transmitting.