Warehousing and Logistics – Rugged Tablets for the Supply Chain

Rugged-Tablets-and-Your-Supply-Chain-the-Logistical-ApplicationsReal time management of supply chains is dependent on real time data access. The increasing demands for faster delivery are being enhanced by trends towards small batch fulfillment, and delivery commitment windows continue to narrow in order to satisfy customer expectations. The parameters for the logistics industry will never be the same, and a higher level of technology is the only way to sustain the breakneck speed at which warehouse to consumer door shipment is now anticipated.

Rugged tablets can provide transparency and real time updates for items, pallets, and truckloads of product making their way from the production facility to a storage warehouse, from the loading dock to their final destination. The progress of manufacturing, packing, and shipment can be made visible across all segments of the supply chain, and deliveries accomplished with a level of trust and verification that is enhanced by digitized confirmation.

Inventory in a warehouse can be accomplished and updated with rugged tablets that are forklift mounted or kept in a shoulder harness. Incoming pallets can be recorded and stored according to RFID and barcode data, categorized, separated, repackaged, and shipped to the next stop of the chain with ease. With every step digitized, errors caused by manual entry across multiple mediums (clipboard, scanner, and PC) can be avoided and time saved while accuracy is increased.

Once a shipment or package has left the warehouse, the rugged tablet technology can continue to play a part whether assigned to the shipment, the truck, or the destination. Handoffs are possible with long lasting batteries, multiple battery chargers, and vehicle docks and mounts. Network enabled tablets allow for open communications for quick verification if a package is on schedule or change routes if a transport needs to be diverted due to traffic or weather.

Package damage at any stage of the journey can be noted and items reassigned as losses can be documented in real time and adjustments made to ensure customer satisfaction. Shipments being delivered by rail can be tracked and even confirmed in real time with scanners that work on moving rail cars. Item, pallet, and container-level tagging and management can be managed minute by minute and all related documents or personnel updated instantly.

Delivery and confirmation can be accomplished seamlessly with rugged tablets that have signature capture options and even payment can be handled as a point of sale if required. Instant identity verification and confirmation of receipt can be forwarded in real time to dispatch and plans for timed deliveries and secondary attempts built into upcoming schedules if needed.

Utilizing high end, purpose built devices is the future of the logistics and distribution industry. DT Research is committed to providing companies with the tools they need to stay competitive and compliant.