Top Advantages of Rugged Tablets for Retailers

6-Advantages-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Restaurant-Operations (2)Staying organized and streamlining processes is a top priority for most businesses and it can be vitally important in retail.

A rugged tablet can help improve productivity, increase security, and maximize sales while providing stability and a sensible approach to retail operations.


Long lines can stifle a company’s productivity, discouraging the next wave of customers who see a long line. Rugged tablets can enable instant service with employees jumping in for line-busting, finalizing purchases without the need for a physical encounter at the register. Hospitality centers in particular can benefit from the ability to provide guests with speedy completion of all steps for their visit from check-in to check-out, and room service or other amenities can be easily tracked via a customer side card to swipe or a room or suite number.


Encrypted signature capture delivers high end security and provides customers peace of mind when making purchases on a rugged tablet. The EMV (Eurocard / Mastercard / Visa) chip and signature card reader allow customers to easily and clearly sign on the tablet which provides additional protection against data theft and breaches of privacy. When these security options are offered to customers, the trust factor goes up and they feel comfortable shopping with a retailer or at a hotel gift shop again and again. Their card never leaves their sight, as even restaurants can use tablets at tables for payment at the end of a meal and the card stays secure in the possession of the diner at all times.


Sales can be increased with the use of rugged tablets, which can generate instant cross sell and up sell opportunities for retailers, offer additional items, beverages and desserts to diners, present room service or pay per view options for hotels, or inquire if an upgrade is needed for car rental services. Coupon codes can also be generated and supplied to customers to encourage repeat business, and data collected with consent for customers interested in future offers or being part of an email or mobile number list for real time discounts or geofencing opportunities.

A rugged tablet could be one of the best gifts a business owner can give themselves as they move into the new year, with additional options for inventory tracking, delivery confirmation, and more.