The Accessories and Features that Make Point-Of-Sale Rugged Tablets Ideal for Retail

tablets-and-your-salesforce-five-benefits-you-can-count-onRugged tablets for POS verticals provide durability, flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use. The benefits of rugged tech for hospitality and retail uses are endless. The many accessories and features available for DT Research rugged tablets can enhance your purpose built devices’ usefulness, improve workflows, and increase customer satisfaction by providing unmatched experiences.


Rugged tablets need to be mobile to be effective. Carrying cases can protect tablets when being transported from one location to another, vehicle mounts can allow supervisors to stay connected and apprised of activity, and counter cradles allow tablets to be displayed and accessed easily from a restaurant counter or hotel front desk.


The DT Research battery charger allows up to six battery packs to be charged simultaneously, for quick hot swapping on a busy casino floor or restaurant area. A tablet charging cabinet can deliver fast, efficient charging for up to five rugged tablets at a time, and implements a simple locking connection, an internal fan for system cooling, and single wall-plug operation. This allows tablets to be grabbed by arriving workers on the way in, permit card reader access or PIN access for authorized users, and the tablet can be returned at end of shift for the next user to pick up.


A detachable basic keyboard can turn a touchscreen tablet into a small notebook immediately and allow instant operation, without switching or pairing. Users who need to seamlessly go back and forth between touchscreen operation and rapid data entry will love this 2-in-1 application. Alternately, the cradle-use keyboard requires no batteries, is fully compatible with both vehicle and wall mount cradles and was designed to be foldable to provide screen protection and save space. A backlit, multi touch keypad with a QWERTY lay out and a full row of F1 to F12 function keys make this accessory a must-have for many users.


Accessories and features can be applied to customize a rugged tablet even further, An active digital pen designed with capacitive-coupled sensing technology can make interacting with the tablet’s capacitive touch screens an enhanced work experience, since it allows a natural handwriting style for in-the-field use. Optional modules like a magnetic card strip reader, 2D barcode scanner, RFID or NCS readers and high quality cameras allow for speedy inventory of supplies or equipment on the fly.

Rugged tablets from DT Research are designed for supreme functionality in any and all POS environments, and the multiple accessories and features available  both streamline worker processes and enhance customer experiences.