Benefits of Rugged Tablets for Fast Response Utility Crews During Outages

Benefits-of-rugged-tablets-for-fast-response-utility-crews-during-outage...Utility workers often end up working overtime to bring systems back online in extremely unforgiving weather conditions. The implementation and integration of rugged tablets and other mobile devices designed to withstand hard use in severe working conditions is one way they are able to do their jobs more effectively. When restoring power and other services is a top priority, having tools purpose built for the job can be invaluable.

Rugged tablets have emerged as the most reliable mobile devices in hand to manage service calls, coordinate preventive actions between plant and field teams, and conduct outage recovery efforts. Those using consumer grade devices in less than optimal conditions often find to their dismay that their primary source of diagnostic and repair-related data fails in extreme temperatures or storm conditions.

Summers can be extremely challenging; when temperatures reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit or more outside, a tablet inside a work truck can heat up close to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. Purpose-built rugged tablets for utility companies are specifically designed to withstand such temperatures, making them an obvious choice for workers in the field.

Rugged mobile computing for employees is rapidly becoming a powerful productivity-boosting capability, enabling better management of core work processes, including asset management and dispatch. A mobile-centric strategy can be critical to every day grid management operations and even stand out as mission critical when circumstances such as heatwave-caused outages test systems and human capability to the limit.

Rugged tablets provide a level of stability, dependability, and digitization that streamlines utility dispatch and repair processes, delivering management tools, route planning efficiency, real time collaboration between field teams and experts, facilitation of expedited recovery actions to lessen outage periods, and more.

Utility-focused rugged tablets can connect quickly to networked testing equipment so that diagnostic data can be transmitted in real time, while powerful processors and long-life batteries improve resilience in the field. This leads to minimized system downtime during unplanned interruptions.

The ability of a purpose-built rugged tablet to withstand high and low temperatures, wind, rain, snow, and dust, makes them the best tool for a tough, unforgiving job. Using rugged tablets to improve utility response and customer service via reducing downtime and enabling in the field teams during storm or heat related outages is a smart way to minimize problems and maximize profits.

Deploying rugged tablets can significantly improve almost any utility company’s team strategy, and lead to long term benefits. If it’s time for an upgrade to mobile devices, this should be top of the list.


Increase Productivity in Multiple Verticals with the Rugged Tablet

When device failure happens, the time spent to fix or replace the device can eat into productivity margins and derail the workflow. Rugged tablets restore productivity by significantly reducing the rate of failure, simply through making the device in question much more impervious to damage.

There are various verticals in which issuing rugged tablets to staff, employees, contractors or other personnel makes sense. The time saved will increase productivity in these four specific verticals, making the choice to switch to rugged tablets from other mobile devices the obvious one.

Government / Military

Exposure to harsh working conditions and the need for a device that can handle inclement weather as well as sand, dirt, mud and grit is paramount. The rugged tablet keeps going even when lesser devices succumb to heat or cold, making it easy to access sensitive data on the move. Productivity stays strong when devices don’t have to be replaced.

Industrial / Manufacturing

A rugged tablet can survive being dropped, knocked off of a shelf, passed from hand to hand throughout the day and even exposed to chemical fumes or high or low temperatures. A tablet that can survive a drop and keep scanning and storing data can be invaluable in maintaining productivity.

Logistics / Field Work

For employees always on the go, a rugged tablet is the best way to stay connected and not have to worry about the device getting jostled, dropped off a truck, or spilled out of a carryon. The ability to stand up to miles of travel and being taken into every conceivable location makes a rugged tablet the smart choice for both mobility and strength, and raises productivity by replacing all other devices.

Construction / Utility

On the job or work site, rugged tablets enhance productivity and prevent snags – when all of the pertinent information, including surveys and blueprints, is in the device, there’s no running back and forth to retrieve specs or frustration over missing pans or warning flags.

There are other industries where rugged tablets can also shine, including healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Any scenario in which device failure can throw a wrench in the day’s plans can benefit from the productivity increase a rugged tablet can provide.