When Speed Counts Military Rugged Tablets Allow for Accurate Note Taking in the Field

Key Features of Military Rugged TabletsCritical missions have communication as a priority. Military rugged tablets create the perfect conduit for communication, via voice, note taking, data transmission, and more.

In time sensitive situations, being able to quickly make notations and transmit the information can be key to the safety of military service members and the success of the mission. Rugged tablets offer a variety of input methods that can be utilized for accurate note taking in the field.

  1. Detachable keyboard entry. A detachable keyboard provides one of the most familiar interfaces for note taking, and when coupled with Evernote or another piece of software designed for fast taking of notes, this may be one of the most favored paths to information recording. With instant-on ability, there is no need to connect a cable, just attach the tablet to the keyboard and it is ready to use.
  2. Touchscreen keyboard entry. For many accustomed to texting, using the on-screen touch keyboard may be easy and fast. It can still integrate with messaging or note taking software, and allow fast input and transmission.
  3. Stylus entry. Specially designed styluses can be used to tap on an on-screen keyboard or to “write” in approved fields or use software designed for stylus note taking. Combined with an approved shorthand, this may be one of the fastest ways to take notes, and send them back to base or forward to troops in the field.
  4. Finger “writing”. Finally, the fail safe for many using rugged tablets in the field – in the absence of a keyboard or stylus, finger writing on the screen can allow service members to instantly record notes and transmit them as needed. Again, a shorthand can be useful for this kind of note taking. Special screens can respond to pressure instead of warmth, allowing this function to be used even in extreme temperatures, and there is no need for added hardware.

When time is of the essence, rugged tablets for military operations can streamline note-taking in the field, helping safeguard troops and transmit time-critical data to increase the chances of a successful mission and enhance operations on the ground.

Maximizing Military Base Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

Maximizing-Military-Base-Efficiency-with-Rugged-TabletsMilitary base efficiency has skyrocketed with the advent and implementation of the latest technology now available: rugged tablets. Handheld, durable devices have revolutionized the way military bases are run, from office to training field to missions.

The way a military base functions depends heavily on communication and connectivity between personnel. Over the past few years, federal agencies began implementing more mobile devices which operate on closed networks, providing a safe, secure communication and data transfer system to streamline base operations and maximize efficiency.

The military and the armed forces in general benefit heavily from mobile rugged tablet technology. Ways tablets can be leveraged for efficiency on military bases include:

  • Reduction of paper document transfers. With tablet to tablet communication, data can be swiftly and securely transferred without waiting for documents to be hand carried from place to place. Instant delivery of information increases productivity and streamlines office to office communications.
  • Better functionality and durability than smartphones or consumer grade devices. Rugged tablets have higher processing capability, rugged builds to withstand challenging environments, and accessories that smartphones and consumer grade tablets don’t have, being designed specifically with today’s soldier in mind.
  • High level security options. Handheld devices are often seen as a privacy and security concern, but rugged tablets built to military standards provide security above and beyond that of consumer grade devices, as well as many options such as media blackout and other safeguards that protect military security on and off base.
  • CAC functionality. Card access fits perfectly with military base use when it comes to secured devices that are mobile and connected. Card readers provide the ability to deliver varying levels of access depending on the user of the moment, making rugged tablets more flexible and providing a way for quick handoff between staff members without worries about rank or level of security clearance being an issue.
  • Smart technology and apps. A high adoption of mobile devices means the need for apps that are tailored to end user needs and convenience. Rugged tablets can be loaded with customized applications designed for military use, such as situational awareness tools, field medical apps, augmented reality training modules, and more.

Military grade rugged tablets not only optimize military base efficiency, they boost productivity and increase security. Rugged tablet expansion to more military bases in all branches of service is a certainty over the next few years, as hardware and software solutions become more customized.