Rugged Tablets Protect Military Data Security during Army Deployments

Using-Rugged-Tablets-for-Effective-Military-LogisticsMilitary operations call for a high level of data protection. However, data security still remains to be the main cause for concern among military commanders. The integration of BYOD has taken deep root in the corporate world, but there have been security concerns that come with the use of these mobile devices.

The military, while acknowledging the importance of technology in its operations, has been slow in the adoption of mobile devices. However, purpose-built tablets designed with high-end security features provide an ideal solution for military mobility when deployed throughout a unit.

Rugged tablets have proven to be durable and they offer the much-needed flexibility required for military operations, but where they truly shine is with exceptional security options. Peace of mind and an enhanced user experience are the key features of high quality military-grade rugged tablets, which are customized to offer efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

Secure rugged tablets can help ensure increased productivity of military units while reducing the security risks that are associated with the use of mobile devices. Each tablet comes with a range of security features which can include:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software Security
  • Lock Down features for protection against malicious attacks
  • Special Device Guard permissions that only allow applications that are supported by TPM 2.0
  • Media sanitization options, instant blackout, Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth auto-disable functions and remote radio disablement capability.

The ability to securely access military data in real time is one of the highlights of military-grade rugged tablets. The CAC reader feature allows information to be accessed depending on the level of clearance a user has. This is a valuable feature, especially if you have different team members with different levels of clearance that have to use the same tablet, as it eliminates the need to repeatedly reconfigure. Each user is simply granted access to data and information based on their card clearance.

Rugged military grade tablets are designed to withstand harsh conditions without the need for constant repairs. DT Research tablets are IP65 rated and meet MIL-STD-810G standards, designed from conception to completion to resist impact, vibration, and moisture. They are also NIST compliant and operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions.

The use of purpose-built tablets for military operations via a secure, closed network limits the risks of security breaches. This ensures that military data is well protected regardless of whether the unit is on base, in transit, or in the field.

Don’t Fool Around with the Security of Your Business

Rugged-Tablets-–-Where-Mobility-Meets-SecurityWhen it comes to mobile, digital devices used in the healthcare, military, federal and state government offices, city planning, and utilities industries, safety and security are paramount. Rugged tablets can provide you with these important features, keeping data on lock down even if a tablet is misplaced or stolen, and allowing access only to approved personnel.

Healthcare companies have enormous databases filled with deeply personal data which must be protected as dictated by federal law. Healthcare workers need mobile, easy to use devices to safely share patient data and preserve their rights to privacy.

Military missions require security of data as a critical measure for base bound service members and those in the field. Rugged tablets are durable enough to be used anywhere, and secure enough to keep mission critical information under wraps.

Federal and state, and city government offices are often on tight budgets, yet are expected to maintain fully professional digital security and operational efficiency within their spending cap. Fortunately, rugged tablets can help fulfill these needs with integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities that can protect against data vulnerabilities when outside of a closed network.

Utilities industries require durability, security, and stability from devices that may need to be carried into harsh environments. Line workers can depend on rugged tablets for secure transmission of proprietary data to effect swift decision making in the field.

Additional benefits of using rugged tablets include additional safety and security features such as:

  • Card readers that allow access on a specified basis depending on card owner permissions, and Lock Down mode to allow for media blackouts if required
  • Wipe feature for situations when a tablet is lost or stolen, to permanently eradicate private data, and the ability to remotely disable the scanner/camera/radio/antenna
  • Windows 10 IOT OS with advanced security features, Device Guard enterprise hardware, and a TPM 2.0 support to deliver a trusted platform module
  • An encrypted SD card slot to allow sensitive information to be kept siloed

Rugged tablets protect various levels of government organizations, all branches of the military, multiple public utilities, first responders such as police, EMTs, fire and search & rescue services, and other field teams. Efficient guarding against data loss or theft and unwanted image transmission can provide security for many agencies concerned about hacking or data breaches.

In contrast to typical off-the-shelf consumer grade tablets – or worse, BYOD smartphones – rugged tablets provide the security required for all of these industries to be capably protected.


Military Mobility Demands Purpose Built Devices with Built In Security

Local Government Security - How do you Protect your Data with Rugged TabletsRugged tablets provide the best option for successfully achieving a variety of military driven goals, including protecting vital data and safeguarding troops deployed in response to in-theater conflicts. Mobile devices for military use have to be military strong – both when it comes to physical construction and in regard to resistance to  security breaches.

The success of training exercises, peace-keeping missions and reconnaissance operations as well as routine logistics and supply chain maneuvers require real-time data access in order for leaders to receive crucial, time-sensitive intelligence, make informed decisions, and initiate actions that are swift and sure, informed by the latest and most accurate information available.

Purpose built, mobile tablets that are resistant to extreme conditions are vital to the success of our troops in the field. DT Research rugged tablets are created with the requirements of the military in mind, providing trusted solutions for the dual challenges of harsh operating environments and the utmost need for secure communications and data transfer.

DT Research has become a trusted solution provider for multiple military branches, delivering tablets that match powerful computing with durable housing that meets military standards across the board. Our military grade rugged tablets provide MIL-STD-810G, and have been tested for IP65 compliancy using real world situational testing to ensure our troops don’t experience loss of the all-important ability to maintain communication and data gathering activity during a crucial mission.

Each tablet is designed to:

  • Retain compatibility with other military technology systems, while securely storing and transmitting mission critical data via secure networks and resisting harsh environmental challenges like moisture, dust, and vibration
  • Protect both information and valuable personnel in real time situations, with media blackout options for sensitive data and the ability to remotely wipe tablets completely in case of loss
  • Provide new ways to streamline the ongoing transition into modern military requirements when it comes to mobile devices, and train both new recruits and veteran service members for a cohesive tech experience

Data defense is key in today’s cyber, ground, sea, and air strategies. A mobile computing solution capable of providing real time, mission critical support is vital at sea, in the air, and on the ground.  We believe all military service members should be equipped with devices that won’t fail them in the line of duty, and that’s why we create trusted rugged tablets that are strong enough to be carried and utilized by the best and bravest.

Advantages of Rugged Tablets for Military and Government Data Security

Local Government Security - How do you Protect your Data with Rugged TabletsOne of the top concerns government officials and military personnel have with mobile devices is the issue of data security. Government agencies and military units have historically been slow to adopt mobile as a trusted solution for in-office / on-base and in-field operations. However, trusted mobile devices like rugged tablets can be utilized with a closed network to provide a secure data solution, and deployed throughout a military unit or government organization.

These purpose-built tablets have a high level of flexibility and security, and are housed in a military grade case that provides durability and portability. The result is a rugged tablet capable of delivering exceptional security options to safeguard government and military data while enhancing user experience at every level.

Secure, real time data access is one of the biggest selling points for rugged built tablets for military and government use.  The CAC functionality means that cards can be read and access granted at varying levels of clearance, providing an invaluable option for crucial information and data requirements with an extra layer of access security.

If different team members need to use the same tablet on a mission or to work on a sensitive project, user access is built-in on an individual basis. There is no need to reconfigure for each individual; instead, the card reader accurately and dependably allows access based on card information about the user on a case by case basis.

When it comes to additional security, each tablet is equipped with a full complement of encryption capabilities and security suite options which include but are not limited to:

  • Lock-down features to protect against malicious attacks, allowing the tablet to be locked or even wiped in case of loss or theft. Instant media blackouts or sanitizations can also be arranged when sensitive information is being transmitted during a time of crisis.
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software Security provides the latest in device security.
  • Device Guard permissions are included for TPM 2.0 supported applications
  • Proprietary hardware security, including Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi auto-disable function, and remote radio capability disablement in an emergency

Each DT Research rugged tablet is custom-built for end user satisfaction and efficiency, and designed to both increase productivity and lessen the risk of security issues. This allows the continual development and deployment of tablets which meet demanding MIL-STD-810G parameters, and are IP65 rated – capable of superior vibration, impact, and water resistance, as well as being NIST compliant and operational in extreme temperatures.

Rugged tablets deployed with other secure devices on a secure, closed network can limit risk of security breaches and ensure data is protected at all times, making them ideal for government and military use.

5 Ways Rugged Tablets Benefit City Planners

5-Ways-Rugged-Tablets-Benefit-City-PlannersRugged tablets have become a core tool for many in city and local government as well as for architects and construction engineers planning new subdivisions. City planners can also utilize purpose built rugged tablets for their own needs, mimicking the droves of utility workers, police, fire and rescue employees, and other divisions that operate across municipalities.

Purpose built rugged tablets provide not only added mobility for city planners, but unique and effective ways to support smart city planning and Public and Utilities management.

City Planners face unique challenges, including:

  1. Organization of Command Centers, and satellite location management: Physical whiteboards and clipboards are location specific, must be updated individually, can contain errors that are individual or duplicated, and are rarely in synch.
  2. Data Sharing: Critical information often cannot be shared easily and quickly amongst planners, vendors, managers of utilities or public works, and more.
  3. Security: Unencrypted Public Safety radio communications on scanners and smartphone applications are open to the public, and engineering a closed system with networked devices can be difficult.
  4. Documentation: Piles of paperwork that must be manually documented can be time consuming and can be error prone, and ensuring everyone has the latest copy can be frustrating.
  5. Interoperability: Multi – agency teams and collaborative departments can find it difficult to coordinate without a common, compatible platform.

Rugged Tablets can help solve all of these issues. They allow city planners to:

  1. Monitor and coordinate all operations: Command Center and satellite locations work flawlessly with field operatives and telecommuting professionals.
  2. Collect and immediately share data: Providing visuals, graphs, spreadsheets, and editable documents across all members of the team.
  3. Provide superior security and encryption: secure networks allow access only for approved devices and personnel, with a range of security options including media blackout.
  4. Accurately finish each operation with documentation in hand: Everyone’s documentation matches, having been updated by the necessary parties in real time.
  5. Solve interoperability issues: When disparate teams need to integrate, city planners can now get everyone on the same page by deploying devices that allow communication, data sharing, and more, all on a compatible, familiar platform.

City planners and government managers should be clear on what to look for in a mobile computing system for users, including how the agency’s work force will be using the devices. Purpose built rugged tablets are equally valuable in the office and in the field, and the versatility make them the clear choice.