Are the City Governments of the Future Tablet Based?

Five-Reasons-Government-Agencies-Should-Invest-in-Rugged-Tablets-in-2017Technology has completely changed the way we work, and this change isn’t limited to civilians. Governments, including city governments, have already invested in computers, mobile phones, and other forms of technology. However, their efforts to keep up with the rest of the tech-savvy world don’t stop at desktop PCs and smartphones.

Purpose-built tablets allow for more portability, function, and productivity all in one device. They’re the ideal machine for the workforce, and it won’t be long until many city governments introduce tablets to their employees and officials. Here are a few reasons why purpose-built tablets are the future of information sharing, security, and enhancement.

  • Better access to information. With high speed, wireless connections and more connectivity options than most desktop computers, professional-grade tablets allow employees to access all the information they need, both on-site and on the go.
  • Purpose-built for compliance. As technology advances, the need for compliant tech becomes more important. Governments have an obligation to provide reliable, secure devices for their employees. Purpose-built tablets can be designed with these laws and regulations in mind, avoiding any issues in the future.
  • Security protocols. Contrary to popular belief, a tablet can be just as secure as any other piece of technology. Tablet computers can be encrypted, locked via PIN, and even secured with card-only access. In the event of a lock-down, media can be disabled, tablets can be shut down or locked, and stolen tech can be automatically wiped to prevent information theft.
  • Increased education. Because technology lies at the core of today’s society, it’s becoming more important for professional systems to keep up. With tablet technology, employees can be trained on-the-go. They can access all the information they need in a moment’s notice, eliminating the need for lengthy training courses and decreasing the likelihood of employee error.

City governments have a need for durable, reliable technology, and many consumer-grade devices cannot withstand the strain of a professional setting. Purpose-built tablets are designed with users in mind, making them more versatile and durable than their consumer counterparts.

Unlike consumer-grade tech, purpose-built technology is designed to resist obsolescence. The tablets run on many popular operating systems, including Windows, making them easy to integrate with existing systems. This adaptability makes them perfect for running/designing custom applications, and their familiar operating system makes management easy for any IT specialist.

Technology is an investment, and finding the most reliable, long-lasting option is key. Rugged tablets combine all of the needs of any city government into one device, making them ideal for any office or workspace.

Managing Government Inventory with Rugged Tablets

Using-Rugged-Tablets-to-Mange-Inventory-in-Government-FacilitiesGovernment run facilities generate enormous amounts of documentation, and digitizing this data is the latest effort in streamlining processes and standardizing routines. Inventory is one of the largest generators of paperwork, and using modern tech to cut down on time and costs of managing each unit received and sent out can be invaluable.

Rugged tablets allow inventory to be recorded, verified, tracked, transferred, accounted for and removed with ease and instantly backed up to a main system. Barcode scanners allow for quick and easy data capture and transmission, and RFID options provide an easy way for staff to work without lugging along a laptop or relying on pen and paper methods of accounting.

With rugged tablets, government employees can manage mobility and functionality at the same time. It is much easier to keep track of hundreds of items when they are all loaded into a single document online, and not spread out over 20 sheets of paper. There is no need for physical checklists when the document is digital, and the inventory list can be shared across multiple devices in a few taps.

Productivity is much easier when employees can collaborate on documents together.  With rugged tablets, information can be shared wirelessly, or even passed around physically in the form of the tablet itself. Masses of boxes piled high in a document room is a thing of the past, along with the wasted time and frustration over clunky processes.

Simple functionality is not the only thing that tablets can add to the government based workplace. There are a number of things that cannot be accomplished with normal paperwork, all of which are made easy with the help of rugged technology.

Real-time tracking can help government entities keep track of their deliveries when they are on the move, and help prevent loss-of-inventory. Shipments that get misplaced can be easily recovered, and insurance costs drop dramatically when real-time tracking is implemented.  It is also easier to manage orders, from collecting information on schedules and even merging shipments in-transit for a more streamlined delivery.

While taking inventory used to be a dreaded activity, it can be streamlined with the help of technology. If the current method wastes time and decreases productivity, it’s time for an upgrade. Government organizations and employees can benefit from the bonuses tablets offer, as many outdated processes can be made easy and fast, leading to better morale and higher efficiency, cutting costs across the board.