U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet Solutions

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet SolutionsVia a contract with Patriot Technologies, the U.S Navy has selected the DT Research DT311 Rugged Tablet to be deployed across various shipyards for use by U.S. Navy personnel.

The decision came after a series of rigorous tests designed to determine whether or not the tablets would provide the technical and physical superiority demanded by military users. Security was a top priority, followed closely by performance, durability, reliability, and usability.

Each purpose-built tablet will be put into use in one of the following verticals:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing and training
  • Other field-office data operations

The DT311 Rugged Tablet is the result of DT Research’s 20-year engineering and design commitment to purpose-built, handheld and mountable devices that incorporate sleek features with functional integration of programs the military relies on for security and safety.

The U.S. Navy depends on this level of technical excellence to improve productivity and increase efficiencies across a range of field-to-office duties. Users will be able to access data and images swiftly and securely in a wide variety of harsh and demanding environments, on a device that is simultaneously rugged and lightweight.

Practical Features of the DT311 Rugged Tablet

The military grade rugged tablets include a variety of features designed for security and practicality, including:

  • Smart Card/CAC Reader for multiple security level control
  • Full HD anti-reflective outdoor viewable screens for superior viewing in sunlight
  • Intel 5th Generation Core i5 CPU for high performance
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS security
  • Lock Down features to protect against malicious users
  • Media sanitization supportive of both NSA and USA-AF/Navy/Army standards

Additional options for added security include instant blackout and automatic Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi disable functions to turn off all radio capabilities under pre-configured conditions.

The DT311 Rugged Tablets are IP65-rated to meet durability and security standards required by the Navy and other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. These include being MIL-STD-810G & 461F and NIST compliant, HERO certified, and operational in extreme temperatures. Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features are installed to limit the tablet to trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support.

This contract has been highly anticipated and is one in a series of military contracts, following a recent National Guard decision to deploy DT Research Rugged Tablets.

Four Ways Tablets Revolutionize Business

Four-Ways-Tablets-Revolutionize-Business (2)The need for real time data within reach, across locations and in ever-changing environments is changing the way businesses are run. The need for mobile computing devices that can boost productivity via instant access to information can transform a company and its profit margin. Nowhere is this more apparent than the world of retail; from the storefront to the warehouse, tablets are making it easier for retailers to boost productivity, make employees’ jobs easier, and enhance customer satisfaction.  

Total Cost of Ownership

Rugged tablets meet two sets of standard. The first is durability; tablets are designed to put up with transport, harsh environments, dirt, moisture, shock, and vibration. The second is software – there’s capacity and flexibility to manage massive amounts of data, from retrieval to transmission and storage. The devices are created with an eye to longevity both physically and practically, to lower the need for replacement due to obsolescence or damage. The TCO of a rugged tablet can be as less than half of a non-rugged tablet annually, making them budget friendly.


Unlike notebooks or laptops which can be difficult to carry in the field or operate while standing, a rugged tablet is designed for quick, easy transport and access, with the ability to use on a flat surface or as a handheld device. A keyboard can be snapped on and off for ease of use; a stylus or fingertips can be utilized instead of a mouse or TypePad, and the tablet can be hooked into a wired connection or tapped into a closed Wi-Fi network as required. Rugged tablets can even be mounted in a vehicle or forklift, making them ideal for office to warehouse use or in the field.

Purpose-Built Devices

Rugged tablets can also feature many options not available in other mobile devices, without requiring extensive modifications. Cameras, barcode scanners (BCSs), magnetic stripe readers (MSRs), smart card readers and integrated NFC/RFID technology can all be implemented, as well as compatible OS such as Microsoft Windows. Rugged tablets can be specifically customized for deployment in various departments, or upgraded for use by upper levels of management who need their finger on the pulse of the company.


When intended for use across a wide range of purposes, applications that drive economies of scale with efficiency are welcome. Potential high value applications include inventory data collection, shipping and receiving, quality assurance, security, asset management and employee monitoring. Clunky legacy devices can collect data, but aren’t equipped to analyze it. In the storefront, tablets can meet customer expectations and improve retention rates by providing interfaces that are familiar and appreciated; for example, a sales associate can quickly check inventory availability, process payments, and generate a receipt on the floor without a wait for a register.  

Purpose-built rugged tablets are an ideal solution for businesses, from the stock room to the sales floor. They empower today’s business owners by providing the latest technology in a tool that is easy to implement and which pays for itself in heightened productivity.

Reconciling Big Data, Security, and Mobility with Rugged Devices


Although Big Data mining was originally utilized primarily for marketing purposes, it has now spread to industries like manufacturing and logistics. Highly automated factories can use data to support customization and optimization of assemblies, analyzing, adjusting, and maintaining everything from jet engines to telecommunications systems.

Big Data is now being referred to as a critical part of “Industry 4.0”, enabling advancements in manufacturing and utility fields. This trend is spurred by the increasing mobility of workforce’s across verticals, making rugged devices the go-to for easy access in the field and in the office.

Individual pieces of machinery can be optimized and controlled using remote devices such as tablets from any location, or mounted directly in the warehouse or manufacturing floor for easy access by various personnel. Monitoring builds, refining adjustments, and routing parts becomes easier when digitized information is continually updated in the system.

Field workers are now becoming IT workers as machines are digitized, and they need tools that will stand up to harsh environments. Factory floors, loading docks, warehouse picking and packaging / shipping logistics can be streamlined and easily tracked and improved when devices can be carried anywhere and handed off.

High tech mobile devices are needed that can be used in secure networks, providing the ability to transmit, access, share, and update information in real time. Encryption and various levels of identity confirmation can be implemented, as well as access levels that permit various personnel up and down the chain of command to readily view and edit sensitive data when needed without leaving it open to anyone with tablet access.

The rugged tablet is an important part of the Big Data world, and ideal for streamlining operations. It is fully mobile, and can be easily connected to reliable communications networks via RFID, barcode, serial ports, and remote signal.

Each device is also built to survive the workday, with extended battery run-time, ruggedness, and additional hardware and software options. Rugged tablets can be operated with a keyboard, stylus, or finger, and screens can be adjusted for outdoor or indoor use.

While Big Data may still feel new to many in manufacturing, telecom, and utility spaces, companies should move now to create a system that will keep up with changes, providing flexibility over time and resisting obsolescence. They are the best tools for the rapidly expanding “Big Data” workforce, and can adapt to changing demands to provide long term support.

Empowering Law Enforcement with Digital Options

Empowering Law Enforcement with Digital Options (2)First responders must be able to rely on their devices to stand up to the test, no matter what the situation. With the help of technology, law enforcement can create comprehensive case files more quickly, increase efficiency, shift from task to task with ease.

Rugged tablets are quickly becoming the go-to for mobile technology, as they can fulfill many purposes while remaining functional in demanding situations. Combining easy-to-use functionalities with mobility, tablets include larger screens, better touch control, and add-ons such as data-capture scanners and readers, detachable keyboards, and remote connectivity. Tablets are less cumbersome than laptops, while still housing the high processing power mobile phones cannot.

In the field, information is a key part to every job. From the moment a first responder arrives on scene, they are assessing situations and gathering intel. Portable, rugged devices can help record every detail of a case. From gathering photos to dictating comments and recording witness statements, a tablet can assist an officer through every step of their process without weighing them down.

With a secure connection, law enforcement agents can communicate seamlessly with every part of their unit, from individuals to an entire group. They have the ability to contact headquarters, ask for more information, and report back without travel time or delays while hard copies are referenced – data can be transferred seamlessly. A built-in camera and recorder allows video to be shot on the spot, clarifying scenes and providing hard data if needed later.

Tablet technology helps in emergency situations and in routine situations such as traffic stops. Records can be accessed, details captured, and tickets printed on scene. In risky situations or when dealing with dangerous or unstable individuals or groups, civilian and police safety is the number one priority. When officers are well-informed and prepared for any situation, they can react faster and make sure the situation is resolved with the best possible results.

Data security has never been more important. More of our information is being stored online, and even individual files and devices need to be protected. Every rugged tablet comes with programs to verify identity, scan for threats, and even encrypt messages or files critical to security. Transferring data between devices, law enforcement branches, and even countries has become faster, more secure, and safer for all parties involved.

The age of technology has brought in a golden era for data access, sharing, and information storage. Integrating existing systems with newer, rugged technology can boost efficiency, eliminate paper clutter, and create a safer environment for civilians and officers alike.

DT Research Announces C1D2 Certification for the 301 Rugged Tablet

DT311COur rugged tablets are built to strict  standards, passing and surpassing military grade requirements and expectations. Our DT301 Rugged Tablet is now approved for C1D2 certification, which means a whole new range of uses under exacting conditions is now possible.

C1D2 certification stringently tests devices for intrinsic safety, ensuring devices under normal or abnormal circumstances are deemed safe to operate in areas where gases, vapors and other hazardous liquids may exist. Expected utilizers of the DT301 Rugged Tablet under this new certification include:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Utility gas plants
  • Power generation
  • Chemical manufacturing

With C1D2 classification, tablets can be safely operated in areas where potential hazards may exist. This means under a worst-case scenario, a malfunctioning tablet will not ignite the substance around it, causing an explosion or other catastrophe.

Gasses and vapors are broken into four groups under this classification including:

  • Acetylene
  • Hydrogen, gases or vapors of equivalent hazard
  • Ethyl-ether vapors, ethylene or cyclo-propane
  • Gasoline, hexane, naptha, benzene, butane, propane, alcohol

Integrating a rugged tablet into manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other environments streamlines workflow; increases productivity and efficiency; reduces human error, excess paperwork, and redundancy; provides instant, secure data transfer; enables real time communication; and improves processes like inventorying and time stamping.

The DT301 rugged tablet is an ideal tool for use by floor and plant managers; in warehouses and storage facilities; on loading docks or at ports;  around large machinery; in hazardous locations; on the road, or in the office, and more.

This tablet is equipped with rubber bumpers on each corner for better handling and protection, capacitive touch LED backlit screen, 4 GB of ram, an Intel processor, a built in microphone and speaker and multiple customizable hardware and software options, making it a device which can be tailored for the user, scaled to the size of the operation, and adapted to future requirements with a long operating life.