Six Rugged Tablet Accessories for Maximized Efficiency, Productivity, & Mobility

8 Benefits of Vehicle Mount Tablets for Military, Law Enforcement, and F...Rugged tablets are durable, portable, functional, and easy to use. The benefits of rugged tech for military, government, utility, healthcare, and retail uses are almost unlimited. Custom accessories for DT Research rugged tablets can enhance performance, improve efficiency, and provide new ways to integrate tablets into the workplace, whether in the office, in a vehicle, or in the field.


  1. Detachable basic keyboard. This keyboard can turn a touchscreen tablet into a small notebook in seconds, allowing operation instantly without switching or pairing. The function is ideal for users who want to seamlessly go back and forth between touchscreen operation and rapid data entry via a conventional, familiar keyboard, and is ideal for 2-in-1 applications.
  2. Cradle compatible keyboard. The cradle-use keyboard requires no batteries, is compatible with the DT Research vehicle/wall mount cradle, and features a foldable design to save space and provide tablet screen protection. It also has a backlit, multi touch keypad with a QWERTY lay out and a full row of F1 to F12 function keys.


  1. Battery charger. The DT Research battery charger allows multiple battery packs to be charged simultaneously, for quick hot swapping in medical facilities or busy government offices. The charger enables charging of up to six battery packs at a time.
  2. Tablet charging cabinet. The charging cabinet provides efficient charging for up to five rugged tablets at a time, with a simple locking connection, an internal fan for system cooling, and single wall-plug operation. It’s a convenient tablet charging and storage option ideal for first responders and military use.

Additional Accessories

  1. Digital pen. This easy to use active pen is designed with capacitive-coupled sensing technology for use with capacitive touch screens. The pen provides enhanced work efficiency by enabling a natural handwriting style that encourages in-the-field use and a seamless user experience.
  2. Carrying case. This case allows the rugged tablet to be used without removing it from the case. The tailored design transforms easily into a foldable tabletop stand which can be placed directly on any flat surface to quickly open-to-use in any location. Durable, waterproof and formfitting, the case securely protects the tablet from scratches, bumps, and drops.

Rugged tablets from DT Research are designed for supreme functionality in any and all locations and environments. These accessories can enhance user experience and heighten productivity.