Six Ways Rugged Tablets Meet Military Needs

Military-Grade-Rugged-Tablets-Answer-the-Call-of-DutyPurpose built devices intended for military use require a design that mirrors the military – strong, versatile, and reliable. Military rugged tablets are expected to stand up to the harshest environments, keep working no matter what, and deliver above and beyond the call of duty.   

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Durable

Rugged tablets designed for military personnel must be built to be strong and durable. They have to meet exacting specifications and standards, to stand up to wind, rain, dust, mud, vibrations and static electricity. They will be enduring harsh environments and will be expected to withstand impact, moisture, and more while maintaining functionality.   

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Savvy

Tablet tech is becoming smarter each year, and customizable OS/software is being designed and specifically built to work on trusted platforms. Military grade rugged tablets that are configured to run analytics can calculate risks, and users in the field will be able to provide accurately computed results in real time and combine reports and older data to update records in seconds for teams on the ground in critical missions.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Provide Security

Rugged tablets outfitted with the latest security options prevent hacking and can be wiped remotely if lost or stolen. Tiered access can be keyed to passwords, PINs, cards, and even optional retinal or fingerprint scans. Tablets can be unlockable only by specific personnel or access can be allowed on a person by person basis with secure levels of data made available only to those with correct clearances. 

Military Rugged Tablets Must Work at Sea

Maritime mobility brings with it specialized requirements, and rugged tablets meet the challenge. The Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines can depend on rugged tablets to work even in conditions which could wreck a lesser tablet – water damage, corrosion, and extreme temperatures are expected, and rugged tablets must be able to remain functional.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Adaptable

Rugged tablets are portable and built for flexibility, with versatility that ensures they are suited for broad use on deployments.  Vehicle mounts and one hand carry options provide mobility, screens can be customized for sun or shade, and keyboards attached or detached at will to be replaced with a stylus, digital pen, or even finger writing used on the field.

Military Rugged Tablets Must Be Customizable

Software upgrades (like GIS mapping and GPS guidance) and hardware add-ons (like barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access), can turn a single rugged tablet into a multi-function device that replaces up to five or more individual pieces of equipment.

The military demands excellence, and rugged tablets from DT Research deliver on every conceivable front.


Advantages of Rugged Tablet Deployment in the Military

six-things-to-look-for-in-a-military-grade-rugged-tabletRugged tablet deployment in the military is prompted by their durability and operability in harsh environments. Even more than their ruggedness, these mobile devices are capable of driving objectives to a successful conclusion by providing speed, accuracy, and insights at tactical, strategic, and operational levels. Real-time intelligence that becomes accessible when rugged military tablets are properly integrated can be crucial to the success of critical missions.

Communication During Tactical Operations  

On-location deployments require devices capable of delivering the precise directives and situational awareness that are critical to have in the field. Implementing mobile, purpose built devices with native Wi-Fi capabilities allow 4G and 5G connections to be maximized. RFID and Bluetooth capability make it easy to receive and transmit information, and CAC readers provide identification security measures. The main tactical benefit of rugged tablets is ability to communicate real-time data between field operatives and centralized locations to help drive informed decision making.

Strategic Benefits of Intelligence Evaluation 

Effective strategies can only be informed by integrating numerous data points and transmitting real-time field intelligence to centrally located analysts.  Data capture capacities expand rugged tablets’ ability to service these strategic needs, as barcode scanners, smartcard readers, and cameras can rapidly acquire and transmit critical information. Back office officials can then spot patterns and achieve a big picture view of conditions in the field, thanks to data sent in from external environments.

Operational Needs and Resource Allocation 

Operational needs correlate to the proper deployment of resources for fulfilling tasks. The Intelligence obtained from the field and analyzed to inform strategic decisions is acted upon at the operational level. This correlated to resource deployment, as information from active zones can clarify the need to mobilize personnel. By evaluating how events affect multiple remote units, resource apportionment can be conducted in such a way as to provide maximum benefit with minimum risk.

Data Transmission as a Facilitator

Receipt and transmission of low latency data can help provide optimal advantage, meaning rugged tablets can be invaluable as communication tools for implementing supportive action. Real-time data from remote locations with harsh environments can now be consistently sent and received, secure communication that can be invaluable for success at the tactical, strategic, and operational levels. The value of rugged tablets for realizing the military’s organizational objectives cannot be underestimated, and they have become a critical decision-making tool for facilitating communication, strategy, and ultimate actions.



Streamlining Logistics with Purpose Built Rugged Tablets

Streamlining-Logistics-with-Purpose-Built-Rugged-TabletsSimplifying logistics is a definitive goal for the supply chain industry, but effective solutions have been hard to implement. Technological advances provide viable answers to the challenges that face packaging, warehousing, and transportation companies, and rugged tablets deliver flexibility and functionality.

Handheld out-of-the-box data devices don’t have customization, and consumer quality tablets have repeatedly failed to stand up to the demands of high energy logistics based environments. Rugged tablets are designed for both purpose-built functionality and durability, making the ideal solution for use in rugged environments, such as warehouses and loading bays.

Being able to assign a tablet to a dock, a vehicle, a shipment, or a specific vendor or delivery service can make tracking every item in a warehouse or system easy and effective.

Benefits of purpose built rugged tablets for logistics include:

  • Data capture via various formats, including keyboards, touchscreens, digital pens, barcode or RFID scanning, and image based instant code reading or image capture capability. Signature verification, payment or shipment / package release, onscreen input capture and card scanner options, and more.
  • Real time tracking and mapping, whether in the warehouse or on the road. Workers can track a crate, pallet, or box in the warehouse through the loading process, shipment, and delivery, all the way to its final destination. Multiple shippers are no problem, with updates on time or temperature sensitive deliveries and alerts about weather or traffic delays delivered instantly.
  • Communication between tablets and through a closed network to dispatch, vendors, carriers, and HQ are secure and private with encryption based on the latest technology. Lost or stolen tablets can be tracked or wiped remotely if required.
  • Documentation errors are minimized, data handoff seamlessly achieved, and duplication of work slashed to a minimum with immediate updates across systems.
  • Tablets can be handed off without fear of damage in rugged environments, mounted securely to vehicle dashboards or static terminals, used with docking systems for swift mobile to hand carry status, and even used in areas with high humidity, severe weather, and temperature extremes.
  • Screens that adjust to light availability allow easy indoor to outdoor transitions, and touchscreens, detachable keyboards, digital pens, and battery charging stations ensure the tablets can be used around the clock as needed.

Rugged tablets can be expected to keep providing superlative answers for the logistics industry, driving supply chains forward while improving productivity and speed.


Rugged Tablets for Hospitality – from Car Rental to Drive Through Window

Rugged-Tablets-for-Hospitality---from-Car-Rental-Lot-to-Drive-Through-Wi...Rugged tablets are streamlining hospitality and disrupting markets in a good way from hotels to car rental agencies to fast food spots and fine restaurants. The ability of rugged tablets to manage processes whether in hand or mounted for easy self-serve access is changing the way consumers use hospitality services and providing increased customer satisfaction.

Food Ordering at Drive Throughs

When the line of cars entering a drive through exceeds half a dozen, new customers may choose to drive away rather than wait for an extended time. Order takers can easily speed the commitment process by appearing at the car window, with a rugged tablet in hand to take the order and process payment. Once the order is placed, the customer can remain in line or be directed to side parking and their order rushed to them upon completion. This is particularly helpful when an order that is large, complex, or has a long cook time is clogging the line.

Table Ordering in Restaurants

Several large chains have already adopted tablets mounted on tables or at counters for speedy ordering and reduced wait times, especially during rush times like lunch or dinner. Every step of the process can be handled by the customer, from appetizer and meal ordering to drink refills, payment, and tipping, keeping the staff free to get food delivered and check in with guests. Many tablets also offer entertainment options to make the wait for food and drinks pass quickly.

Check-In for Car Rental or Hotel Reservations

Long lines at airport car rentals can be alleviated with staff equipped with tablets who can check in customers from any location, like directly in the car lot,.Customers can pick the car they want, and get the car tag scanned, payment processed, and get on their way quickly. The same concept applies to hotel check in, especially if travelling with a large group. Check in can be accomplished quickly from any location, like in a comfortable lobby or open air bar, and check out handled with while you wait for a taxi outside or in the garage while waiting for the valet. .

Casino and Cruise Ship Applications

Rugged tablets with RFID or bar code readers can be used at every step of the process to track a cruise passenger or casino visitor. Tabs can be run for everything from room service to activities, and personal belongings or baggage tracked. Individuals or couples can be linked to their room, their itinerary, and more.

Rugged tablets for hospitality can increase accuracy, speed every step of every process, improve customer satisfaction and feedback, and prompt swift, positive reviews to boost marketing efforts.