City Planning and Maintenance with Rugged Tablets

5-Ways-Rugged-Tablets-Benefit-City-PlannersIf there is one tool that has become important to city planners and managers, it is rugged tablets. Urban planners utilize rugged tablets to achieve the desired results when it comes to city planning, including the creation and management of coordinated utilities construction and maintenance, and the development of IoT technologies.

Multiple challenges present themselves in regard to city planning and management. Purpose-built rugged tablets offer urban planners a fresh perspective on how to manage and plan for their city’s future, both practically and financially:

Coordination. Keeping an entire team on track during the planning phases is crucial to planning a city that will be easily maintained and overseen, but when file sharing is clumsy, coordination suffers. Rugged tablets help by facilitating sharing and getting feedback within the team. Files can be updated across all devices simultaneously and blueprints or CAD records shared and  transmitted on demand.

Communication. Lack of real-time transmissions means utilities managers and construction site managers cannot seamlessly communicate with planners and architects during build phases, leading to confusion and downtime. Rugged tablets help by connecting command centers with in-the-field teams and third parties.

Security. Mobile devices used for communication (such as smartphones) often offer low or no level of encryption, making them a poor choice for handling sensitive information. Higher levels of security are required to provide sufficient defenses against access without proper authorization. Rugged tablets help by ensuring encryption and layers of authentication to provide authorization only to permitted personnel.

Accuracy: Real time data collection and sharing reduces miscommunication and delays due to clerical errors.  Rugged tablets help by allowing all team members to receive simultaneous updates, keeping city managers, utilities workers, construction teams and engineers on the same page.

Purpose built tablets are an ideal resource that city managers and planners, utility installation and maintenance teams, engineers and architects can use to coordinate for the planning and management of cities, especially smart cities and those connected to the IoT. The cities of the future require tech that is up to the task, and rugged tablets present the solution.

Show the Armed Forces the Love with Purpose Built Tech

Why-We-Love-Our-Military (2)At DT Research, respect, gratitude and love for our veterans and active servicemembers drives us to develop tools that can help keep them safe. Every military grade rugged tablet put in the hands of our military should enable them to perform their duties with efficiency, security, and speed.  Their harsh and changing work environments demand nothing less than the best when it comes to military tablet tech, and purpose built devices can be their saving grace in the theater of operations.

DT Rugged tablets are designed to be reliable, strong and durable, ideal for use by military personnel. They meet or exceed military specs and have strong resistance to shock impact, vibration, moisture, dust, and temperature variations. These tablets can both stand up to abuse in the field and be carried back to HQ for office integration. The customizable OS/software that functions on trusted and familiar tech gives soldiers confidence in the field. Since military grade rugged tablets can be configured to run analytics, calculate risks, compute in real time, and update records with lightning speed, they are a vital part of critical missions when safety is of paramount importance.

The connectivity rugged tablets provide is another massive feature that enables servicemembers to complete their tasks with ease. Security is achieved with up-to-date security options, including access level keyed to coded cards, and even optional retinal scanning. Since each tablet can be configured precisely depending on its intended use, assignment can be made to specific personnel, locations, or departments, with access at varying levels authorized to promote secure hand-off as needed.

The available options for vehicle mounts and one-hand carry make these tablets even more versatile. Keyboards can be attached or detached, chargers hold either the whole tablet or hot swappable batteries to ensure safety isn’t compromised in the field by failed power, and screens are adaptable for changing light and indoor / outdoor operation. Users can input data using a digital pen or with their finger.

GIS mapping and GPS guidance make these tablets the top choice when drones are needed to increase safety of personnel in dangerous situations or hazardous terrain. Drone tech can map unknown areas and serve as an advance surveillance team that gathers pertinent information from a safe distance, keeping our military members from undue risks.

Barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access can turn a rugged tablet into a multi-use tool that replaces nearly half a dozen individual pieces of equipment. Rugged tablets for the military really are the whole package, with safety and security always a top priority. We love our military, and that’s why we think they deserve the best!

Rugged Tablets Bring New Potential to the U.S. Navy

Rugged Tablets Bring New Potential to the U.S. Navy

As purpose-built tablets become more familiar to every branch of the military, new applications are being found on land and at sea. The U.S. Navy is turning to tablet tech to meet a variety of challenges, and rugged tablets are standing up to the challenge. Here are three important ways this particular type of mobile technology can change the productivity of this branch of our armed forces from the shipyard to the open sea.

  1. Recruit training at boot camp. In anticipation of wider adoption of tablets across the Navy, recruits at boot camp are being trained on the use of mobile tablets and introduced to important concepts using the devices’ compatibility with interactive training. Tablets have been used in a pilot program around the Great Lakes area to help introduce the idea of and inform recruits about human trafficking, to prepare them for situations that may involve such circumstances. In addition, all documents, manuals, and other important information normally supplied to recruits can be loaded on the tablet and studied in class or on the job.
  2. Potential for shipboard use. If such pilot programs continue to go well, the important issues of security and connectivity on board vessels will be addressed and tablets will likely become part of standard gear for Navy personnel. In time, most immediate communications and information delivery on board Navy vessels can be communicated using handheld devices. The potential for inventory reconciliation and base delivery is enormous.
  3. Destroyer maintenance. Tablets have already been pressed into service at administrative level when it comes to gathering maintenance information on board destroyers, providing a faster, more efficient way of handling admin-based maintenance tasks and creating more compact files with several layers of security and redundancy. The goal is to automate many procedures that formerly had to be done by hand when it comes to information collection, sorting, and retention. This can readily be translated to similar support for fleet maintenance including ships, planes, and other vehicles.

Overall, the Navy is planning on collating results from multiple programs involving wireless devices, and eventually merging them into a concerted push towards better connectivity and higher efficiency.  

Submarine based wireless technology, microwave antennae creating 4G networks, and tablet adoption are only three facets of a larger effort to improve and update the Navy’s use of mobile tech. As security fears are addressed and more options made available, sailors can expect to see tablets become part of normal shipboard routines.

Five Ways the Military will use Rugged Tablet Tech in 2018

DTR military image

Purpose built, rugged tablet tech for the military is some of the strongest, most durable, fastest computing options out there for use in the office or in the field. Here are five ways tablet tech is going to be used in the military over the coming year:

  1. Training exercises. Rugged tablets allow new recruits to get up to speed quickly and perform efficiently and accurately in high-pressure situations. Being able to depend on high-quality tech in the field and on missions is part of the way our military keeps soldiers safe.
  2. Ground transport. GPS and real-time communications combined with barcode scanning and RFID technology allows military transport units to be tracked in real time and confirm real positioning at any time. This can be crucial when supplies are on the road, or units need to meet up in a tight time frame.
  3. Military Maintenance. Staying on top of requisitions, inventory, vehicle maintenance, medical care and other key components of keeping a base running smoothly depends on having all of the right information available at any given moment. Administrative staff can benefit from mobile tablets that keep them connected.
  4. Note taking. When in the field, faced with less than ideal conditions, the ability to take clear notes quickly and easily can be vital to a mission’s success. Rugged tablets can be operated with a detachable keyboard, a stylus, a pen, and even a fingertip depending on the device setup and touch screen capacity.
  5. Docking for mobility. Docks for rugged tablets can now be mounted in almost any vehicle or piece of equipment on base or off. This flexibility allows the purpose-built tablet to be used in the vehicle, in the field, and in the office with ease.

Rugged tablets for military use are designed for harsh environments, constant use, and versatility. CAC readers can control access, moisture resistant exteriors prevent damage from the elements, and long battery life means round the clock use is not an issue.

As more branches of the military turn to military-grade tablets, their value stretches beyond administrative duties and into real world, critical situations. The Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines all recognize that the future of communications and digital access is mobile, and tablet tech is easily portable and highly connected.

From the base to the medical bay, from the field to the commissary, rugged tablets will help our military run more smoothly throughout 2018 and beyond.

Implementing Rugged Tablets for Water / Waste Management Operations

Implementing-Rugged-Tablets-for-Water-Waste-Management-OperationsWater and waste treatment plants were some of the first utilities to adopt technology into their line of work. Whether these devices were being used to log data, test samples, or keep track of schedules, the use of technology is vital for the success and safety of these operations.

However, there is always room to improve, and the integration of new systems can encourage progress.


When it comes to introducing new devices to an existing system, a lack of compatibility can stop progress before it starts. Many consumer-grade tablets may run on incompatible systems, and they are often crammed with bloatware and do not allow for reprogramming.

Purpose-built tablets are focused on the most necessary functions, and they are equipped with high speed processing power. They can be wiped and reprogrammed for seamless transition into a select field, allowing them to be used for almost anything.


Rugged tablets can move with a worker, whether it’s from one room to the next or between treatment plants. Equipped with powerful processors, they can be used just like laptops to collect data, communicate, and run large applications.

These capabilities can be important when a worker needs to stay mobile, but needs to run applications that aren’t compatible with devices like smartphones. Purpose-built tablets are also designed with input/output capabilities. Output ports can be used with water testing devices, making data collection easier and more efficient.


When investing in devices like laptop and tablet computers, the goal is to make money in the long run. This can be difficult when the device breaks or malfunctions on the job. Rugged tablets are built to last, and have specialized protection against environmental dangers. These tablets will continue to function even after being exposed to water, extreme temperatures, and drops.

Designed for hard work, rugged tablets can withstand the elements while still carrying the same workload as a laptop. The added mobility and versatility makes them the perfect device for any field agent who needs something that can work on the move. Purpose-built tablets are investments that last, reducing the overall costs of doing business.

Rugged tablets can boost productivity, reduce man-made mistakes, and withstand the pressures of their work environment, all while still remaining mobile. With top quality processing power and the mobility of a smartphone, rugged tablets are the perfect device for any working water or waste management technician.