6 Benefits of Vehicle Docked Rugged Tablets for Military Use

BLOG 2 6-Benefits-of-Vehicle-Docked-Rugged-Tablets-for-Military-UseWheeled vehicles are the most-used form of transportation, especially in the military field. They should be equipped with nothing but the best of technology, to make sure the people and cargo being carried get where they need to be. Military vehicles need to be fast, efficient, and able to get where they need to be with no hitches along the way.

Technology has made it easier to remotely keep track of the actual vehicles themselves, what they’re carrying, and where they’re going. Docking a rugged tablet inside a vehicle enables the driver or passengers to do a number of things they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish before. From GPS capabilities to communication, vehicle mounted rugged tablets can be used to the mission’s benefit in nearly any scenario.

6 benefits to docking a rugged tablet into a military vehicle.

  1. Tracking. A fleet of vehicles is only as good as their organization. When transporting soldiers, weapons, or resources, it’s important to know where every segment of the unit is from the moment they leave to the moment they get to their destination.
  2. Field communication. With a rugged tablet, it is easier than ever to establish a steady, protected connection with the rest of a group. Critical information, changes in plans, and other important notifications can be passed along quickly and efficiently, and disasters and misunderstandings alike can be avoided with a single message.
  3. Training. With rugged tablets, soldiers can quickly learn new skills while on the go. Videos can make it easy to assimilate new information, and a vehicle with a docked rugged tablet can play or stream videos on demand.
  4. Mission planning. A lot of strategizing takes place on the road. Keeping the unit updated across multiple vehicles is easy with tablet technology, and when the meeting takes place on the go, there’s no need to physically regroup to update everyone.
  5. GPS capabilities. Paper maps can be unreliable, especially when the plans and routes are ever-shifting. GPS technology can help soldiers navigate any field, and make sure they get to their destination safely and on time.
  6. Maintenance. Military grade tablets can help the driver keep up with the vehicle maintenance, and record any issues the vehicle may be having until they can return to base. This can also extend to include soldiers themselves, and injuries or medical needs which can be recorded and triaged until they can be treated.

Military vehicles that take advantage of tech like mounted rugged tablets can provide added efficiency and safety to every member of a unit.

Are Tablets the New Go-To for Military Operations?

are-tablets-the-new-go-to-for-military-operations-2Military-grade laptops are clunky and heavy, and can be cumbersome on any soldier. The bigger we make our communication systems, the harder it is to transport them from one place to another. With rugged, military-grade tablets, personnel can store all the potential of a laptop in something that can be carried in one hand.

Many divisions are already handing out rugged tablets to their soldiers, and for good reasons.

Small size, light weight

Big enough to hold all the necessary ports and information, but small enough to take virtually anywhere. These tablets are lightweight and compact, made for any field worker. Whether soldiers are on-foot or in trucks, these rugged tablets can follow them from fleet management to active zones with no trouble.

Handheld, vehicle-mounted or grab-and-go

Versatility is one of the key requirements for any military-grade device. Rugged tablets can be used in a variety of scenarios and ways, from mounted in a truck to carried out onto the field.

High-performance/Long Range Wi-Fi /3D video

With high-tech graphics and powerful processing, these tablets can make it easy to function and share data quickly and efficiently both at the base and in the field. Class 1 Bluetooth keeps wireless communications reliable at up to 1000 feet away.  

Readable screens

In the dead of night or the blazing light of day, rugged tablets screens offer a clear picture and full readable definitions. The LED screens do not wear out or go dim like many consumer brands, so workers can continue easily no matter what time of day it is.

Dependability in harsh conditions

With sealed ports and fanless cooling capabilities, you can take this tablet anywhere in the world with no trouble. Humidity, dust, dirt, and even water will not put these tablets down, and their shock resistance lets them keep working even after being dropped.

Expandability for future upgrades

Technology is always advancing, and our military needs to keep up so they can succeed in all fields. These tablets run on familiar software, making it easy to upgrade, replace, adjust, and fix for all needs.

When servicemen and women are out on the field, it’s important to know they are working with nothing but the best, most cutting-edge technology. Rugged military-grade tablets offer just that, while also offering protection and assurance to any soldier that their device is just as sturdy as they are.