How Medical Cart Tablet Systems Increase Hospital Safety

Medical Tablet Cart Systems

Hospitals are constantly moving, constantly changing environments that can become chaotic without proper organization. Medical cart computers are designed to be moved to where they’re most needed, and outfitting them with built-in all-in-one medical computers or rugged tablet systems can increase safety, organization, and communication.

Medical tablets have become an invaluable part of how many hospitals operate. Whether they’re in the hands of doctors, nurses, or patients, they offer a number of benefits that laptops and smartphones aren’t able to provide. Their versatility and functionality make them the ideal device for any working environment, especially in hospitals. Unlike laptops, tablets are lightweight and designed for carrying and handling, and hospital charting can be improved exponentially by outfitting carts with tablet systems.

Here are a few of the ways that tablets can benefit the design of mobile medical carts.

  • No misplaced devices. With the hectic pace of healthcare , a large influx of patients and increased activity can cause doctors and nurses alike to set down their devices and forget where they are. Outfitting medical carts with tablets can reduce this risk by keeping the device mobile yet easy to find.
  • No excess cords; no trip hazards. Tablets offer long-lasting battery life and hot-swappable options, so they rarely need to be plugged in. No charging cords, no dead units that can’t be used when needed, and no risk of a trip.
  • Durability against drops/falls. Medical laptops often find a perch on top of medical carts, and this can cause an issue if the cart is moved or jerked around. Tablets can be secured safely, and if they do fall, rugged tech is designed to take a beating.
  • Anti-microbial protection. In medical contexts, this is a necessity. There is nothing more dangerous than a device that’s festering with germs, especially when a nurse or doctor is working with immuno-deficient patients. Medical tablets can be outfitted with an anti-microbial coating that reduces the risk of germs spreading by contact, so doctors and nurses can handle them safely.
  • On-the-go information. Email, collaborative documents, schedules, and patient files can be accessed from any location quickly, and entire teams can stay updated and informed throughout the day.
  • Additional accessories. Options like RFID readers, Smart Card readers, and even barcode scanners can be invaluable. Without the need to carry around additional tools, nurses and doctors can move around unencumbered and work off of one central device.

Medical carts are just as mobile as the employees themselves, and they require a device that can keep up with the work. Purpose-built medical tablets are taking off in hospitals around the world, and for good reason. With medical tablets, many of the processes that used to take extra time can be streamlined and simplified. This reduces many employees’ workloads, and allows them to focus on giving care to patients.


Why Medical Tablet Cart Systems are an Ideal Choice for Military Medical Facilities

Why Medical Tablet Cart Systems are an Ideal Choice for Military Medical...Medical tablet cart systems are an important step forward for hospital and clinics, providing a continuity of care and level of professionalism unsurpassed by other solutions. Treatment facilities which see anywhere from a few thousand to a million patients per year can benefit from the power of medical- tablet cart systems to quickly and effectively enhance every step of the patient care process.

A medical-tablet cart system  makes electronic health records easier to review, double check for errors, update, and transmit seamlessly, providing any necessary information available, providing bedside viewing even of complex charts and scans, and permitting signatures and authorizations to be efficiently completed without the need to seek out another terminal.

A mobile medical- tablet cart system typically includes integrated hot swappable batteries for continual use, and the mobility to easily relocate with patients from room to room, floor to floor, and ward to ward.

Options like touch screen, finger or stylus writing, RFID/smart card reader, full integration with existing patient records systems, and real-time updates between the tablet and the rest of the medical facility’s system make medical tablet cart systems the superlative answer to many of the challenges presented by modern medical care standards.

Streamlining medical care for military personnel is even more of a challenge, and one that is met by these extremely mobile, durable, and connected machines. Medical tablet  cart systems can deliver the same quality of service in a base facility and in a veterans hospital, delivering instantaneous communication ability for consults and updates to patient files, and permitting service medical records to be safely and securely transmitted, stored, and shared for review among qualified medical professionals.

Patient care improves as errors are reduced, thanks to the ability to update notes and charts and check medications scheduled bedside. Since the tablet can be used both on or off the cart, it can move with the patient through the process of care, so there is no backtracking to find misplaced charts, confusion over hand written notes, or delays in crucial information making its way into a patient’s file.

Military medical care facilities are often crowded and understaffed, and medical tablet cart systems can streamline multiple processes to improve patient care and outcomes. Smaller bases can benefit from the ability to quickly seek assistance and advice from specialists and for pertinent information to be safely and securely shared to maximize the benefits of integrated care.

Medical tablet cart systems are helping military facility doctors excel at treatment, providing more immediate and accurate care based on the data provided by patient side PCs.


3 Advantages of the New DT Research Medical Tablet Cart System

20170130_165235 (2)Innovation is the core of our business and success for our clients. When we think of the next product to manufacture, we analyze the market’s needs and develop a plan to service those needs by delivering a product that is functional, sleek and includes all-in-one capabilities, to improve efficiency, workflow and productivity. We’re excited to announce our latest design, the Medical Tablet Cart System.

This mobile cart is an all-in-one system that combines the with a  sleek, lightweight rolling cart that allows healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor, record and retrieve patient information in a non-intrusive manner.

3 Reasons to Choose the NEW Medical Tablet Cart System:

  1. Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: This means extra power supply, with up to 14 hours in total operating time, the hot-swappable battery function maximizes performance and power longevity compared to other medical carts. The “swappable” function means data is not lost during the “battery transfer” process because the machine will stay on for up to 90 seconds while the transfer is being completed. No powering down needed.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Optional Mobile Broadband Connection: This built in capability makes data access more efficient and optimizes staff workflow, with less downtime.
  3. Secure Operation: The medical tablet cart can be used without the cart with the touch of a button and easily carried with a built-in hand strap, designed for comfort and minimal arm strain. Also complete with a locking tablet mount to keep the device stable  while in operation.

We’re improving the way medical carts do their business. With the launch of the medical tablet cart system, it is sure to turn heads with its sleek, professional design. Optional 3G//4G camera, RFID reader, 2D barcode scanner and Intel® RealSense™ front camera that supports gesture, facial recognition, and speech recognition are also available functions of the medical cart.

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