What Are the Benefits of Medical Tablets with Hot-Swap Batteries?

5-Reasons-More-Healthcare-Professionals-than-Ever-Choose-Medical-Tablets...In the medical field, seconds can count when lives are on the line. Having devices that deliver real time updates, mobility, and long lasting battery life can mean the difference between a patient save and a loss in the field, in an ambulance, or in an ER.  Rugged medical tablet computers with hot-swappable batteries increase the productivity of and effectiveness of emergency response technicians, ambulance medics, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals on a daily basis.

Medical tablet computers can replace a variety of other necessary devices. Instead of four pieces of equipment plus a communications device, medical tablets can go from hand held to vehicle mount in seconds, and hot-swappable batteries ensure they don’t fade out just when they are needed most. From the ambulance to the ER to the ICU, medical tablets are changing the face of medicine.

What does hot-swappable mean?

A medical tablet or other computing device equipped with hot-swappable batteries allows users to switch out the battery while the device is “hot”, or in-use, without loss of connectivity or power. Instead of requiring a cord to plug into or precious moments lost to downtime, doctors, nurses and medical teams in the field can stay on task and simply swap the battery on the go. No data will be lost, no time wasted, and a patient’s life could be saved thanks to the speed and continuity of care.

What about cost efficiency?

Formerly, doctors and nurses would have to simply wait for a charge, find an outlet to plug into, or swap the entire device for a charged one then log back in and find the data they were using. With a hot-swappable battery, medical professionals don’t need to switch out their tablet for another one and ambulances and hospitals don’t have to double up on tablets – just batteries. The result is lower cost and better efficiency. A fast, seamless battery swap, and work continues as normal.

What about mounting options?

Medical tablet computers can be mounted on a medical cart, in a vehicle, or to a wall. With a hot-swappable battery system in place, tablets can be set on a mount and taken handheld as needed, instead of being tethered to a charger. For emergency situations, a tablet can track a patient through their entire journey of care, going from floor to floor and diagnostic room to treatment room or operating theater.

What about real time information?

Every person on a patient’s health care team will have the latest information ready on hand at all times, with updates instantly delivered to all tablets and devices from the centralized system, and any data entered by health professionals instantly added to the main database. If a tablet needs a new battery, there’s no need to stop and save data – just hot-swap and continue.

What about EHR compatibility?

Rugged medical tablets are also Electronic Health Records (EHR) compatible. Medical tablet computers can be synced to EHR systems, for fewer health tech errors, and faster, more complete data availability. Nurses and doctors can access information, digitize records, and share important patient information with specialists safely and securely over closed networks.

Medical tablet computers and hot-swappable batteries are just one way modern technology is improving the field of medicine and advancing patient care. Mobility and communications are key, and medical tablets provide these and more to professionals in all areas of treatment and care.


Seven Ways Rugged Tablet Mobility and Usefulness is Maximized


Rugged tablet mobility is continually being improved, with features and benefits that make each device more useful and easier to use. These seven things in particular make rugged tablets the device of choice for dozens of verticals that demand the latest and best in mobile technology to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and improve workflows:

  1. Carrying cases that convert into rugged tablet stands offer portability from office to field, convenience with the ability to function on any surface, protection against damage when being transported or used in the field, and an extra layer of security.
  2. Detachable keyboards provide the option for those who prefer a keyboard to work quickly and familiarly with tools they know and prefer. Removing the keyboard turns the device back into a handheld, touchscreen operable device that can be used with fingertip writing or a digital pen with ease.
  3. Fully integrated data capture options include bar code and RFID scanners that can quickly register and record data. CAC scanners, card swipe functionality, QR code readers and signature capture add more options for data capture for multiple uses and from multiple sources.
  4. Multiple battery chargers can allow extra batteries to be kept charged at all times and provide centralized and satellite stations where a fresh battery can always be accessed. Likewise, tablet charging cabinets can also be used if preferred.
  5. Hot swappable batteries allow rugged tablets to be recharged without losing power or data, ideal for intensive work environments from construction, warehouses and logistics to medical, military, and first responder teams.
  6. Vehicle mount cradles and vehicle chargers make mobility simple, allowing rugged tablets to convert from handheld to mounted and charging in seconds then back to handheld when on scene. Connectivity is uninterrupted and data transmission is secure.
  7. Fanless designs remove a common point of failure, preventing problems often seen with fan using devices when the fan fails or cannot prevent overheating, or is damaged when debris is sucked into the fan. Less points of failure means higher reliability on and off the field.

DT Research rugged tablets are designed for functionality, ease of use, durability, security, and reliability. Having extra features makes each tablet fully customizable for the job at hand and increases the usefulness and lifespan of each device.

Benefits of Medical All-In-One Computers with Hot Swappable Batteries

Medical Tablet Cart SystemsIn hospitals, every minute is valuable. Lengthening the life of necessary equipment can go a long way in saving time and lives in the long run, and it can increase the productivity of both nurses and doctors alike. Without the tools they need, it can be difficult for anyone to do their job, medical professionals included.

All-in-one computers can replace a variety of other necessary devices, and hot-swappable batteries ensure they last longer without a cord. Trying to charge necessary devices while they’re needed can be troublesome, and trying to swap devices can be equally frustrating. With hot-swappable batteries, doctors can continue working seamlessly through several shifts.

  • Why hot-swappable? “Hot-swappable” simply means that the batteries can be switched out for new ones without shutting down the device. This saves work from being lost, and allows the user to continue working without plugging in/shutting down the computer.
  • Better cost efficiency. Doctors and nurses don’t need to switch out their computer/tablet for another one when the charge is dead, and there’s no need for the hospital to buy additional devices or costly cart batteries.
  • With hot-swappable batteries, doctors and nurses can achieve seamless, uninterrupted work. Instead of shutting the computer down or leaving it to charge, they can simply switch the batteries and continue working.
  • All-in-one computers can be mounted onto a mobile cart, and with hot-swappable batteries, the cart can be lighter and smaller than one with a cart battery, making the cart easier to maneuver.  A set of batteries can be left to charge while the computer is being used, and there’s no need to tether the device to a wall outlet or charging station.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) compatible. All-in-one computers can be synced to EHR systems, which allows for easy digitization, fewer errors, and better data availability. Nurses and doctors can access all the information they need quickly, and they can collaborate and communicate with other employees at a moment’s notice.

All-in-one computers and hot-swappable batteries are just a few of the advancements made with medical facilities in mind, but they’re arguably two of the most important. The ability to work uninterrupted and move freely is important, especially in a hospital. During emergencies, the added efficiency of these devices can help save lives and reduce stress in doctors and nurses. Reliable equipment is one of the best things to offer a medical professional, and there’s no better tool than a versatile, hospital grade all-in-one computer.

How Rugged Medical Tablets are Revolutionizing Emergency Medical Services

How Rugged Medical Tablets are Revolutionizing Emergency Medical Service...

The technological shift from bulky, stationary desktops to handheld computers has been slow to move into hospitals, police stations, and field operations. However, the widespread success of tablet computers has greatly impacted how emergency medical services transfers information and communicates both on and off the field.

The innovative, portable design of tablets make them the perfect fit for any mobile professional, and their processing power grants them the freedom and usability that smartphones have lacked. Many hospitals and private companies have begun moving away from paper-based operations to digital recordkeeping, and tablets have facilitated that shift.

Mobile computers make it easy to pull up data on patients, update existing files, record new information, capture pictures and video, and communicate with coworkers and patients alike. Where doctors, nurses, and other personnel were confined to desktop computers and paper files, they can now expand their operation to include high-speed communication and database access.

This has revolutionized how EMS/EMT professionals do their jobs. Where paperwork previously hindered how fast and accurately they could record data, they can now record and collect vital information faster than ever before. Reports on injuries, care administered, and personal medical data can be quickly collected and transferred to ER staff before arrival, so by the time the patient arrives, they are given the exact care needed quickly.

Purpose-built, ruggedized tablets are built for the job. With protection against vibration and fall damage, water, extreme temperatures, and even microbial dangers, they are the ideal device for emergency medical personnel. Medical tablets are lightweight and can be carried, mounted, or passed from one person to another, making them the most versatile mobile device on the market.

Their quad-core processing power, HD display, and high-speed connectivity ensures that they can run multiple applications, display photos and video, and offer real-time information both on the road and inside the healthcare center. Their design also includes long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries providing zero downtime and a variety of charging options for charged batteries are always ready to go.

Where other mobile devices like laptops, smartphones, and consumer-grade tablets fall flat, medical tablets are designed for demanding use. Both physically and digitally, purpose-built technology is built to handle stress. Information-gathering and communication has never been easier, and many emergency medical personnel may find themselves working in a new era of technology in the coming years.



8 Benefits of Vehicle Mount Tablets for Military, Law Enforcement, and Field Service Personnel

8 Benefits of Vehicle Mount Tablets for Military, Law Enforcement, and F...When on the move or in the field, there’s always a need for tools and devices that can operate with mobility. The functionality of a computer or tablet is limited when it cannot handle hard travel, both on paved roads and all-terrain.

Durable technology is becoming essential for any operation that may find itself on the road for long periods of time, and ruggedized, mounted tablets are the solution to many of the design flaws found in consumer-grade tablets and laptops.

Here are a few of the added benefits of using purpose-built tech, and how vehicle mount tablets specifically can benefit the military, law enforcement, and field service operations.

  1. Communication. Seamless, real-time data is a necessary requirement for field operations, no matter the goal. With fully integrated GPS, the driver can accurately navigate, and 4G LTE keeps communications running smoothly.
  2. Speed. These tablets’ Quad Core processors enable them to run a number of programs simultaneously, without sacrificing performance quality or battery life. No matter how heavy the workload, these tablets can carry the weight for reliable operations.
  3. Versatility. Whether used within a vehicle as a real-time GPS or communications hub, or in the hands of a field agent, the tablets can be mounted, discharged and carried, attached to a keyboard, or even plugged into other devices, moving smoothly between handheld operation and in-cradle use.
  4. Battery life. With a variety of charging options for both hot swappable batteries and the tablet, downtime is not an issue, and operating time can be lengthened with vehicle mounts that allow charging on the go.
  5. Durability. Protection against extreme temperature, water, shock damage, and even vibration damage is built into the design, making them usable in any context — rough terrain and harsh weather included. Stable mounts mean less chance of damage when traversing rough terrain.
  6. Reliability. On the field, a device is only as useful as it is reliable. Lightweight and innovative with extraordinarily long battery life, high-speed connectivity, and the processing power of a computer, rugged tablets are the only way to go when it comes to portable technology.
  7. Display. With a full HD display, not even the smallest detail will go unnoticed. The screen is backlit with LEDs and purpose-built for use in the brightest sunlight or the dim interior of a vehicle.
  8. Additional features. Adding to the flexibility, ruggedized tablets can be paired and upgraded with accessories. Keyboards, optional cameras, digital pens, and even RFID readers and barcode scanners are just a few of the time-saving accessories for professional, purpose-built tablets.

Where many other mounted devices are bulky and hard to use in real-world situations, rugged tablets with versatile vehicle mounts are designed to be used in a variety of situations, providing seamless transitions between in-hand and in-vehicle use.