DT Research Rugged Tablets: Built to Order

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet SolutionsAt DT Research, we believe in creating the best product for your specific situation – you need purpose-built devices for purposeful use. Every tablet we send out is built-to-order, with the exact software and options needed to target the exact needs of your business and projects.


Our engineering team is made up of experts who have over 20 years of mobile computing experience. We leverage their knowledge and skills to create innovative tech in the mobile and rugged device space, bringing that experience to bear on our customers’ behalf.


We consistently strive to acquire and analyze customer feedback, finding ways to implement suggestions to deliver even more powerful, rugged devices that provide connectivity and real time usability. From built-in security and privacy options to practical benefits like hot-swappable batteries, our tablets are designed for performance when it counts.


Another priority is continually improving our offerings. A top goal is ensuring that we are maintaining software updates on our products for customer satisfaction. We’re also paying attention to updating existing and new models to ensure items like motherboards and other hardware are the latest and best available.


Our goal is to create devices with a long life, to cut down on cost of lifetime ownership, and fight obsolescence. Thinking outside the box allows us to pinpoint what modules will be most helpful to include on base models and which to make available as options for different verticals.


Cameras, RFID and barcode readers, touch screens, GPS, GNSS and more can all be utilized to deliver superior results for those who need support from a purpose built device. Tablets can be used in tandem with medical equipment, wearables, RFID chips, and smart devices to streamline workflows and provide the latest data in real time.


Rugged tablets are durable, reliable, and portable, moving from the office to a vehicle to the field with ease. With resistance to the elements, durability even if dropped or bumped, reliability even in extreme climates and connectivity that provides for pinpoint accuracy when using GPS or GNSS modules, rugged tablets are swiftly becoming the purpose built device of choice.


From first responders to the military, from utility crews to city government, from logistics to retail, purpose built tablets are paving the way for a more mobile, more connected workforce. With multiple customization options, companies, agencies and organizations can now outfit their teams with high end devices that have a long life expectancy and can improve productivity across the board.

The DT Research Rugged Tablet Difference

BLOG 7 What-is-a-Purpose-Built-Rugged-TabletAll rugged tablets are not equal – and they don’t have to be! Many consumer grade rugged tablets now exist, from basic tablets sold packaged in rugged cases, to sturdier tablets marketed as rugged for harder use.

However, the term “rugged tablet” has slowly become to mean something more specific, and is commonly applied to tablets designed for ruggedness from the inside out, to withstand the harshest environments for those working in various verticals:

Government. Local, city, state and federal agencies turn to rugged tablets for personnel at desks, behind the wheel, and on the field. Tablets provide a way for entire teams to stay connected in real time and deliver office-to-car-to-worksite flexibility.

Utilities. Field workers need tablets that will withstand the roughest use in the field, whether it be weather, exterior forces or temperature and moisture challenges. Tablets that provide one handed carry and digital pen or keyboard versatility are ideal.

Construction. Mapping and site evaluations are easier with GNSS rugged tablets that deliver highly accurate measurements and can be used to analyze and overlay data from multiple sources. Blueprints can be reviewed at anytime from anywhere, and changes made instantly communicated to and reviewed by other team members.

First Responders. Law enforcement and medical personnel can quickly access needed information during critical calls and save lives in the process. Vehicle mounted tablets provide for hands free operation and multi-functional usage, and have massive implications for the future of firefighting and crash site clearing.

Healthcare. Rugged tablets that pair microbial and bacterial resistance with HER security and compliance make it easy for multiple members of a care team to assess, communicate, and plan patient care. Compliance is easier when long term facility workers and patients can coordinate and track medication and vital signs, and outcomes are improved overall.

To achieve great things in each vertical, rugged tablets that are purpose built devices designed for hard use and functionality are critical. DT Research provides advantages in three key areas:

  • More processing power to enable high level programs to run, and better accessibility of information in a mobile device.
  • Wider range of storage, allowing large and complex data to be stored on the tablet instead of requiring access to a fixed in place desktop.
  • Better battery life and hot swappable options to maintain functionality through an entire shift and prevent loss of data.

Rugged tablets from DT Research provide cutting edge technology paired with leading rugged design to deliver compact, versatile devices that go above and beyond.