High Accuracy GNSS Rugged Tablets are Ideal for State DOT and More

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GNSS Rugged Tablets are proving to be ideal for transportation construction projects as well as biology, geology, roadway and wetland projects on a state level. In Oregon, this has been increasingly true as DT Research tablets have been rolled out to offices across the state. DT Research worked closely with ODOT to design purpose-built GNSS positioning tablets that provide GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies. These tablets, which meet rigorous requirements for in-the-field state-employed workers, are now used daily to complete their tasks and achieve accurate geospatial measurements

These rugged tablets have many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Save time and effort on the part of survey crews, by making the process fast, easy, and achievable with minimum requirements on the part of a field team.
  • Reduce costs thanks to being able to achieve survey-grade measurements without the need for a professional surveyor for every task.
  • Improve accuracy of projects through ‘digital-as constructed’ measurements, due to built-in dual frequency GNSS modules. Each module is designed to provide stand-alone sub meter accuracy to centimeter level accuracy thanks to integration with Real Time Kinematics from GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellites.

The tablets are also compatible with existing survey and GIS software for mapping applications. When placed in the hands of field experts, they simplify and streamline the processes and workflows associated with data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting. Instead of a multiple-person team on the ground trying to achieve accurate measurements, now a one-person survey crew can utilize a DT Research tablet to accurately calculate and record measurements even for highly complex construction projects.

The tablets also deliver a reliable, accurate contract verification system, since each digital-as-constructed measurement can be delivered immediately and stored forever. Billing discrepancies can be disputed and rectified without the time consuming and costly method of independent re-measurement checks.

Other features of these excellent purpose built tablets include:

  • Storage The DT Research GNSS tablets can store up to 1 Terabyte of data.
  • Runtime Users can avoid down-time with a high capacity hot-swappable battery pack, delivering 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous use.
  • Communication Tablets offer 4G mobile broadband plus Long Range Class 1 Bluetooth, powering wireless connectivity up to 1,000 feet.
  • Flexible DT Research tablets are Windows® based with familiar user interface that can easily integrate with other applications, allowing state workers to be trained in their use in as little as two hours.  

DT Research tablets are military-grade durable, lightweight but packed with options and multiple accessories such as external antennas, pole mount cradles, detachable keyboards, battery charging kits and digital pens. They are ideal for state transportation and works departments, and can shape the future of DOT in many states.

RTK and GNSS Tablets for Crash Reconstruction & Traffic Enforcement

The Three Types of First Responders Who Need Rugged Tablet Solutions

Rugged tablets have become crucial tools for law enforcement and first responders as well as for court officials, allowing for rapid, accurate mapping of crash scenes and reconstruction to help determine the causes and outcomes of such crashes.

Purpose-built rugged tablets equipped with the latest in survey quality technology can save time, money, and lives, delivering new ways to perform dangerous tasks and minimize risk to the lives of countless officials and civilians.

Many states can qualify for grants for this equipment, and thus improve incident management and traffic enforcement safety at dangerous crash sites. Since secondary crashes occur in one out of five accidents, causing the deaths of hundreds of civilians, law enforcement officers, EMTs and rescue personnel, being able to utilize the latest technology to swiftly clear highway crash sites can significantly reduce the risk of such fatalities.

This new era of digitization is presented perfectly in the development of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablet. Forensic mapping is being revolutionized by the tech that allows non-surveying work to be completed swiftly and with the high level of precision, delivering accurate mapping that is within 1-2 centimeters of accuracy and is thus considered scientific-grade results.

Conventional surveying equipment delivers slower results at a much higher cost (conventional total station equipment can take several hours to complete relying on GPS systems alone.)  In contrast, new technology allows first responders to collisions, natural disasters and crime scenes to capture all pertinent data in minutes and allows scenes to be cleared quickly for resumed traffic flow and personnel safety.

GNSS-RTK rugged tablets are deployed by law enforcement on the ground and matched with air support from drones programmed to capture images from above.  The forensic mapping software obtains and transmits the necessary measurements for crime scene re-creation. The level of accuracy provided by the resulting 3D version of the scene meets legal requirements for evidence.

Conducting forensic mapping with GNSS-RTK rugged tablets improves not only the accuracy of data collected at non-land survey sites, but can mitigate negative downstream effects as well, safeguarding lives and delivering results in court that can bring closure to the families of victims. The crystal clear crash site reconstructions that are possible with these rugged tablets can be a game changer in the world of forensics and traffic enforcement.

The Importance of Rugged Tablets to Military Supply Lines

The-Importance-of-Rugged-Tablets-to-Military-Supply-LinesThe purpose of military supply lines is to rapidly and efficiently transport goods from one place to another. A primary goal is to speed up this process and make it more effective, while still maintaining the quality of the goods and the safety of the transporters.

Rugged Tablets Enable Better Logistics

With rugged tablets, military officials can successfully track their shipments with real-time data and communication. From origin to destination, shipments can be tracked and handled safely. Whether in the office or on the field, portable tablets can follow both employees and shipments from start to finish.

Here are just a few features that can benefit supply line personnel:

  • Rugged, sturdy designs that can withstand the pressures of travel and loading/unloading crates and packages.
  • Confirmation and tracking for shipments can be displayed online, so all people involved have a good idea of their delivery status.
  • Orders can also be completed digitally, to reduce the hassle accompanied with papers and physical documents.
  • Barcode and RFID scanning to organize, sort, and keep track of shipment contents without having to repeatedly open them.

Rugged tablets don’t have to be limited to the warehouse or on the road, however. They can be mounted, carried, or used in office or home settings as well. Whether the tablet is being used inside a forklift, secured to a wall for check-in, check-out, or passed off from one employee to the next, it is made with the ultimate portable design.

Communication Facilitation

Drivers can stay in touch with their employers no matter where in the country they are, and rugged tablets are also designed to withstand the worst conditions. From cold snow or rain to extreme temperatures, a ruggedized tablet is made to last. With long battery life and GPS functions even in airspace or on back roads, employers can keep close eyes on their shipments wherever they go.

Scalability is Key

Whether a logistics problem involves 5-15 personnel or over a thousand, tablet technology makes it easy to keep track of all of them and their assignments. No job is too small to be made more efficient, and real-time communication can assist with deliveries, pickups, and the travel along the way.

Paperwork, inaccurate maps, and lost/late deliveries can be avoided when the process becomes completely digital. By taking the next step in streamlining supply lines and improving rapid response and accurate logging, progress can be ensured with a few taps to a touchscreen of a purpose built rugged tablet.

Benefits of Rugged GNSS Tablets for Stakeless Construction Projects

Benefits-of-Rugged-GNSS-Tablets-for-Stakeless-Construction-ProjectsAs the modern Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) begins to gain traction, many construction companies and projects are beginning to forego physical stakes to take on “stakeless” construction projects. Mostly used while building or fixing stretches of road, this method utilizes technology to save time, money, and manpower.

However, this method requires technology that is capable of keeping up with both workers and planners. Computers and smartphones were not compatible with the projects, and consumer-grade tablets didn’t hold up to the stress of construction environments. This challenge requires a single solution: rugged technology. More specifically: rugged tablet technology.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Mobile

Tablets are ideal for mobile situations. With their intuitive slate-shaped design, user-friendly format, and strong processing power, they manage to combine mobility and usability to create the perfect device for both casual and professional situations. However, rugged technology takes these devices one step further.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Tough

Rugged tablets are designed from the bottom up for hard-use situations. From the hardware to the casing, they are built to withstand demanding environments, while still keeping up technologically. With protection against dust, dirt, sand, and even water, they are impervious to many threats that may cause malfunctions in a consumer-grade device. As well as having excellent debris-protection, rugged tablets are also well-protected against extreme temperatures, as well as drops and falls.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Versatile

These construction ready tablets are also outfitted with 3G/4G connectivity, dual-core processors, built-in cameras, and LED backlit screens that can be used in both dim and bright environments. They are also compatible with a number of extensions and software, making it easy to integrate them with any existing systems. Many companies that have already invested in professional-grade tablets have already reaped the benefits, both financially and on the field.

Both in design and in performance, rugged tablets have shown that they can withstand the stresses of a professional construction setting, while still improving the working situations for employees.

Implementing technology into construction situations has been a successful experiment that has not only boosted efficiency and speed, but also reduced mistakes and on-site accidents. For “stakeless” construction projects, a team outfitted with rugged tablet technology can be invaluable to the project as a whole. GNSS capability takes on site construction to a new level by streamlining traditional processes and inventing new ways to complete tasks.

Cutting Edge Products for Verticals in Need of the Latest Technology

DT Research specializes in anticipating needs in various verticals and creating the ideal products to meet and exceed expectations. Each line of products is infinitely customizable, able to be scaled up as needed, and provides the best end user experience possible.

Military / Government

The Rugged Tablet is designed for durability, portability, and security in settings where being tethered to a desktop isn’t a viable option and laptops are too fragile and bulky. They perform indoors, outdoors, and in harsh environments, providing a larger than usual tablet screen, a shatter resistant exterior, and shock resistance built in to every device. Security features allow for varying levels of access with built-in card readers that recognize levels of clearance.

3 Main Industries DT Research Serves:

Construction / Utility Service

GNSS Tablets come standard with touch screens, high performance processors, and all the tools required for fast, accurate mapping, surveying, and positioning as well as many GIS applications. Mitigating the issues of lost paperwork, misplaced plans, or removed flags, information is stored safely in digital form, and can be quickly retrieved, reviewed and shared in real time. Options allow for three views per screen and allow overlays to be turned into 3D representations of actual blueprints. Our rugged tablets can be taken into the field or used in the office, delivering reliable performance whether mounted in a vehicle or forklift or in the hands of field staff.


Medical Cart Computers make data collection, input, review, transfer, and collaboration both mobile and secure. Hot-swappable batteries ensure there’s no interruption of patient care and no need to remember to plug in carts. With all-in-one efficient designs, these Medical Cart Computers offer touch screens adding to ease-of-use, high speed processors for top performance, and anti-microbial coating add an extra layer of protection.

Industrial / Manufacturing

More uses for Rugged Tablets exist in the world of high speed industry, from manufacturing to warehousing to the logistics of transport. Streamlined efficiency means no wasted trips back and forth carrying clipboards from field to office – data can be captured, transmitted, and updated immediately. A tablet dropped, stepped on, or knocked off of a truck doesn’t mean loss of data or functionality.

Whether it’s a need for durability, potential to safeguard lives on the line in a military or hospital setting, a need for high level mobile security on a government level, streamlined efficiency in an industrial or manufacturing environment, DT Research provides the highest level of quality and functionality in the rugged tablet market.