9 Advantages of Tactical Devices for First Responders

Empowering Law Enforcement with Digital Options (2)

Many first response units have chosen the rugged tablet as their primary tactical device, and for good reason. They encourage better communication, unit cohesiveness, and situational awareness. Their purpose-built design makes them ideal for any tactical unit. Here are a few of the aspects that set rugged tablets apart from consumer-grade technology.

  1. Connectivity. A spotty connection puts everyone at risk. With high-speed connectivity, first responders can access vital reference materials, collaborate on documents, and communicate wirelessly to successfully coordinate large-scale operations.
  2. Flexibility. Rugged tablets can successfully replace other devices (desktop PCs, smartphones, and separate GPS systems) and fulfill many other purposes, including those of a camera or card reader.
  3. Integration. If there is an existing system present, it can be difficult to integrate new devices into it. Rugged tablets eliminate this issue entirely. Running off of the traditional Windows OS, they can be designed to interface with many existing systems, including computer-aided dispatch and remote-management systems.
  4. Mobility. Combining the functionality of a computer with the mobility of a smartphone, tablets can be picked up, passed around, and mounted in vehicles for easy transport.
  5. Compatibility. Unlike commercial-grade technology, rugged tablets’ software agnosticism makes them compatible with almost any application and software necessary. Safety equipment and tracking devices can be synced to tablets for easy monitoring, and custom-designed applications can be effectively incorporated.
  6. Cost. Along with being durable and cost-efficient, rugged tablets are easy to update and protect against obsolescence. Rugged tech is a long-term investment, and it’s one that’s guaranteed to pay off.
  7. Security. Information is one of the most easily stolen assets, and should be protected adequately. Multiple security modules are available for rugged tablets, including CAC card readers, barcode/magnetic stripe scanners, and PIN locks.
  8. Standardization. With an all-in-one, fully integrated device, first responders can rely on one device instead of three. This standardizes the workplace and reduces the likelihood of technical failure.
  9. Durability. Protected against drop/fall damage, shock damage, water/humidity, heat, and sand/dust, rugged tablets are designed to withstand hard use. For first responders, this kind of reliability can be invaluable during a tactical mission.

In the event of a disaster, no hands or time can be spared to handle tech failures and faulty equipment. Rugged tactical tablets prevent these issues by remaining functional and reliable no matter what the situation. With the added benefit of cost-effectiveness and compatibility, they can successfully replace less-reliable devices and streamline any system.

Rugged Tablets and the Hospitality Industry – What Happens Next?

rugged-tablets-and-the-hospitality-industry-2In the fast paced world of retail, new digital solutions are needed to keep customer satisfaction high and error rates low. Rugged tablets can fill this need with ease. By giving employees mobile computers to help them with their jobs, companies show they are trusting them with the technology to boost their productivity and morale. Here are just a few ways rugged tablets can improve the hospitality work-space.  

Food order taking and food safety

Rugged tablets for the hospitality industry, makes orders easier to record and fill, orders are completed and delivered faster boosting customer satisfaction. With a USB thermometer, food temperatures can be quickly tested and recorded for improved food safety.

Seat allocation program

When the seating of a restaurant or stadium changes every day, it can be hard to remember what goes where, and when. Keep track of reservations, current seating, and order locations to reduce confusion in the serving area.


It is much easier to speed up table and room turnover when employees know exactly where to go. Requests for cleanup can be placed quickly and efficiently, and managers can see exactly what tables or rooms are ready the minute the employee is done cleaning.

Reduced error rates

Machines are much less likely to make mistakes than humans, and with data collection and entry, accounting departments can make plans for the month with no hassle or paperwork.

Mobile check-in and check out

Lines are unenjoyable for everyone, including the employees. Venues can shorten or even eliminate lines by making it quick and easy to place orders, make payments, check-in, receive seat locations, and check out.

Concierge or attraction purchases

By making information accessible instantly, operators can redirect many customers’ questions to the tablets, saving both clients and employees time and effort.  

Facilities management

Communicating with multiple departments or individuals has never been easier for a manager. Reach the rest of the team quickly and easily, and spread information across your network with ease.

With US consumers shifting the way they shop to a virtual experience, rugged tablets provide a way to meet their needs in ways that excite, satisfy, and reward them for their patronage. Give your restaurant, hotel, or entertainment venue a technology advantage creating a more sophisticated atmosphere that customers will want to return to.