How Rugged Tablets Reduce Errors for Logistics

Logistics is a complex and fast moving vertical. The arrivals, departures, destinations, origins, and manufacturers alike have to be logged down and kept track of, on top of employee records and customers. With all of this information, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of paperwork and begin lagging in service.

Almost all errors are human generated, so as we begin to integrate technology into everything we do, it’s becoming easier to avoid mix-ups and clutter. With portable devices such as laptops, smartphones, and purpose-built tablets, workers can begin taking their jobs on the go with ease, so their work can follow them wherever they go.

From increased communication to transparent, easily analyzed and collated data, tablets have completely reformed how logistics employees do their jobs. Streamlining processes while remaining user-friendly is the key to balancing customer service and speed, and tablets are the leaders in redefining how we work in professional situations.

Here are just a few ways that tablets reduce errors.

  • Unified communication. Before, workers communicated with each other and their superiors via telephone calls. This can be time-consuming and hard to keep up with, and hinders more mobile employees from doing their jobs. Rugged tablets are more durable and reliable than laptops or smartphones, so what used to require a lengthy conversation on the phone can now be handled with a quick email or instant message.
  • On-demand data. Everything an employee needs is right at their fingertips, whether it’s in a document or on the internet. They can make more educated decisions on the go, receive new information and details, and keep up with important warnings and notices in real-time.
  • Increased productivity. It’s easier to work when all the tools are readily available, and with the extra processes and applications offered by tablet technology, workers can streamline their workload and get it done faster and more efficiently than ever.
  • Cleaner data collection. Whether it’s just mandatory reports or GPS routes, tablets can record and collect important information to assist in decision making later. Peak traffic time, directions to common customers, info on scheduling efficiency, and even customer reviews and requests can be logged down quickly and without hassle. No more paper clutter, and no more losing track of important information.

Rugged tablets are the natural next step when it comes to investment and company growth, especially when it comes to fields such as logistics and field-service. With the added mobility and useful applications, rugged tech can completely revolutionize how employees and superiors work and communicate.

Why Rugged Tablets are a Perfect Fit for Tough Municipal Jobs

BLOG 8 Why-Rugged-Tablets-are-a-Perfect-Fit-for-Tough-Municipal-Jobs

A lot of day-to-day processes have been simplified by technology, and as mobile computers begin to enter the workplace, there has been an influx of interest in how, where, and when to use such devices most effectively.

From the military to cruise ships to construction sites, rugged technology continues to spread – and the arena of municipal government work is a natural next expansion. Rugged tablets can make it easy to stay organized from office to the field and back again, with durability to match functionality. Security and privacy measures are built in to these devices, and real time communication within secure networks makes them ideal for handling sensitive data on the fly.

Here are just a few ways tablet technology can boost productivity in the following municipal government related verticals:

  • Training and Education. From instructional videos to interactive lesson plans, tablets are useful in every aspect of education and training. Modules can be designed and applications created to enhance learning in the field or in the classroom, encouraging the adoption of and familiarization with new forms of technology. Documents can be readily shared, edited, and stored between teachers and students, and collaborative efforts are easy when everyone can work together even if none of them are in the same room.
  • Public Safety. Mobile, portable, purpose built computers, such as rugged tablets, can allow public safety workers communicate and develop plans on the move, access critical patient information, review protocols, and save lives.
  • Maintenance and Repair. GIS positioning, maps, blueprints, and more can be reviewed onsite, corrections made, verification requested and received, and permissions adjusted as needed with requests sent in real time and approvals received on the spot. Dirt, mud, moisture, impact and vibration are no obstacle to seamless operation of rugged built devices.
  • Public Transportation Services. More than 30 million people use public transport every week-day, and keeping track of them all is impossible. However, it is not impossible to help keep them all safe with proper precautions. Rugged tech can help with establishing routes, avoiding disasters, and providing reliable, open lines of communication among bus drivers, subway train staff, and railway conductors.

The advantages of rugged tablets for the municipal worker are almost endless. More uses appear every day, and with the growing popularity of purpose built tech, soon every city, county, and state can deploy rugged tablets designed specifically for the needs of their workforce’s at every level, no matter how tough the jobs to be done.

Rugged Tablets and Your Supply Chain – the Logistical Applications

When the ultimate goal is to get something from point A to point B in the quickest, most efficient, cost effective way possible, real time data can facilitate goods from one destination to another. Real-time, accurate data is vital to gaining efficiencies, increasing productivity and minimizing costs.

Rugged tablets allow you to access, process, and transmit data from anywhere to anywhere, giving both in-the-field employees, location based retail personnel, and warehouse workers access to information at every point on the supply chain.

Benefits of Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets can streamline logistics and make the supply chain flow smoothly from start to finish. Tablet features valuable to the process include:

  • Fast, efficient barcode and RFID readers that make tracking easy.

  • Wireless integration that keeps all the important data right at your fingertips.

  • Rugged builds that can survive handling around moving boxes, crates and packages.

Transportation and logistics applications start at the pickup point, whether it is the manufacturer to warehouse run, the warehouse to retail leg of the journey, or the direct to customer trip. If cargo must undergo cross dock transport, keeping track of it is easy with information passing rapidly between tablets at different points of access.

Yard logistics are simplified when loading, inventorying, and unloading, keeping the data trail intact. Finally, delivery can be verified and the ticket closed remotely, with all data sent immediately for confirmation online.

Rugged Tablet Extras

Extra mobility is added to the rugged tablet with the option of ports that can support various hardware and applications, and mounts and cradles that allow tablets to be secured to walls, forklifts, or inside vehicles.

The versatility allows each rugged tablet to be customized for a specific point of use in the logistics chain, and to be outfitted for crosspoint use and easy handoffs throughout the supply chain.

From the manufacturing facility, to the warehouse, to the road, rugged tablets are flexible and durable enough to take whatever the changing environment throws at them. Drivers can stay in touch with dispatchers regarding delivery details or any issues that arise while they’re in the field.

The bottom line? Increased productivity, less wasted time, and lower margins of error from the beginning of the supply chain to the end.