Four Reasons Field Service Technicians Prefer Rugged Tablets

Four-Reasons-Field-Service-Technicians-Prefer-Rugged-TabletsAs smartphones, computers, and real-time internet utilization is integrated into every aspect of our lives, companies are finding new ways to utilize technology in business contexts. Whether it’s a new version of PowerPoint in the office or a bar-code scanning smartphone, it’s becoming easier to use tech professionally.

With all of this growth comes to need for sturdier electronics. It’s no secret that smartphones and laptops are easily dropped and broken, and buying consumer-grade products isn’t always a great investment when employees are in the field and traveling. With many products, it can be difficult, expensive, or even impossible to ‘upgrade’ the devices and make them usable.

In cases like this, purpose-built technology is always better. Ruggedized tech is built from the hardware up to be durable, cohesive, integration compatible, and user-friendly. Here are four distinct functions field service agents need in rugged technology.

  1. Simplicity. No matter who’s working, the systems are made to be user-friendly and integrate with existing applications. This reduces any training period, and the familiar formatting can make it ideal for agents who don’t want to learn complicated processes and methods to keep doing their job.
  2. Functionality. Unlike laptops, tablets are durable yet lightweight. There’s no easily-broken hinges, and the screens are reinforced to take a beating. The large screen also makes it easier to read and work, so there’s no need for overly-complicated methods and applications for smartphones.
  3. Integration. Already have existing systems? Rugged tablets aren’t stuffed with bloat-ware or constricted to brand-only applications. Adding and designing custom applications is easy, and rugged tech can always be upgraded in the future. It’s made to be backwards and forward compatible, so they don’t become obsolete.
  4. Automation. Papers upon papers, ticket stubs upon ticket stubs. The clutter and hassle of manual work can easily be taken over by devices. From recording data to completing payments, tablets can be valuable and time-saving when it comes to simplifying daily processes.

Rugged tablets have become the go-to device for many professionals. Their resistance to damage and their upgradable features make them perfect for in-field jobs. They can withstand impact, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and water, and can even be mounted within vehicles for easy transport and GS capabilities.

Rugged tablets are designed for portability, durability, and usability. Field service technicians are always on the move, and having purpose built devices that can keep up with them is vital.

Industrial Automation and the Rugged Tablet

Rugged tablets are bringing a whole new realm of possibilities to the world of industrial automation. With in-place computers becoming part of warehouse and manufacturing plant builds, rugged tablets are replacing the clipboard in the hands of those responsible for keeping the systems running and “all operations go”.

Crowded warehouses and busy loading bays can be chaotic and lead to wasted time as mistakes pile up and are duplicated from worker to worker. Vital minutes are lost simply in the transport of data from one location to the next, and missing information can stall an entire process in its tracks.

Stacked containers in docks or holding yards create reams of paperwork and documentation. Sealing and unsealing, certifying and tracking takes thousands of staff hours and any errors can take hours, days, or weeks to discover and fix. Differing levels of security can require multiple copies.

With rugged tablets on the dock, in the warehouse, or around the bay, data can be scanned, recorded, transmitted, stored, and updated as needed, with connectivity to deskbound PCs so managerial staff can monitor, assess, and verify information in real time.

The tablet with camera, barcode scanner, RFID reader, and other data capture modules, provides a quick and easy way to check boxes, pallets, or containers by UPC, QR, or other codes. If additional checks are needed, they take only minutes with the ability to verify via image or video feed.

Rugged tablets can even be equipped with software for remote operation of machines and conveyors, making it easy to move items, start and stop production or labeling, capture data on the fly, and more. Automation means higher productivity and better use of staff time.

The extra mobility of the tablet and the option of connecting to other tablets or PCs on the network allows swift communication between locations, bases and personnel. At the end of each shift, tablets can be handed off with all the correct protocols and verifications for the next task at hand. Tablets can also be readily reconfigured if necessary to meet changing demands or production turnover.

Rugged tablets will revolutionize the industrial field and bring better, more efficient ways to manage logistics in warehouse, manufacturing, and shipping areas.