Rugged Tablets for Manufacturing Help Achieve Company Goals

Customizing-Manufacturing-Workflows-with-Rugged-TabletsManufacturing companies face distinct challenges when it comes to efficiency, work processes, waste, productivity, inventory management, and cost overruns.

Rugged tablets for manufacturing factories and plants can help streamline workflows and resolve many issues thanks to key features that overcome obstacles to high level production. They are ideal for companies that have a focus on reducing waste, improving efficiency and  enhancing overall business models.

What purpose built tablets provide for manufacturing is a mobile technology that can be deployed in warehouses, utilized in the office, and taken outside where dust and extreme temperatures can have an adverse effect on consumer grade devices.  Off the shelf, mass manufactured tablets typically stand up poorly to rain and snow, cannot withstand dust-coated manufacturing areas, and fail to provide clear visibility when used in direct sunlight or taken from sun to shade and back again.

The DT301 is a 10 inch rugged tablet with a capacitive touch outdoor-viewable display, featuring an Intel processor and a rugged casing that is durable enough to meet all demands in the warehouse, on the manufacturing line, and even when mounted on forklifts. High-capacity, hot-swappable battery packs ensure that downtime is minimized or eliminated, and a 6 bay battery charging station can keep up to 6 batteries charged at any given time.   

The DT301 has met or exceeded military standards (MIL-STD) for shock and vibration resistance (810G) as well as EMI and EMC tolerance parameters (461F). The tablet has also passed the IP65 rating to resist water and dust, and can continue to operate in extremely harsh conditions, including geographical challenges such as heat, humidity, ice, and snow.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth deliver seamless communications, and a smart card/CAC readers provide for efficient data capture and variable, customized security access level verification. An optional, fully integrated 5 megapixel back camera can capture and analyze images in real time, and transmit them on demand from the manufacturing floor to the office on demand.    

Manufacturers can utilize these features to facilitate real-time capture of receiving inventory, to improve the speed of taking inventory and enhance safety audits. A USB port or Bluetooth driven external long range barcode scanner can accurately read codes 12-15 feet away, and workers can utilize an optional shoulder strap for hands-free carrying between office, manufacturing floor, and the warehouse or loading docks.

Continuous improvement goals are now possible, as rugged tablets streamline workflows for multiple business functions across all locations, providing and verifying real-time data on inventory, receiving, manufacturing and safety audits. With the adoption of the DT301 tablet, the manufacturing industry is better equipped to leverage technology and experience unprecedented growth.