RTK and GNSS Tablets for Crash Reconstruction & Traffic Enforcement

The Three Types of First Responders Who Need Rugged Tablet Solutions

Rugged tablets have become crucial tools for law enforcement and first responders as well as for court officials, allowing for rapid, accurate mapping of crash scenes and reconstruction to help determine the causes and outcomes of such crashes.

Purpose-built rugged tablets equipped with the latest in survey quality technology can save time, money, and lives, delivering new ways to perform dangerous tasks and minimize risk to the lives of countless officials and civilians.

Many states can qualify for grants for this equipment, and thus improve incident management and traffic enforcement safety at dangerous crash sites. Since secondary crashes occur in one out of five accidents, causing the deaths of hundreds of civilians, law enforcement officers, EMTs and rescue personnel, being able to utilize the latest technology to swiftly clear highway crash sites can significantly reduce the risk of such fatalities.

This new era of digitization is presented perfectly in the development of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablet. Forensic mapping is being revolutionized by the tech that allows non-surveying work to be completed swiftly and with the high level of precision, delivering accurate mapping that is within 1-2 centimeters of accuracy and is thus considered scientific-grade results.

Conventional surveying equipment delivers slower results at a much higher cost (conventional total station equipment can take several hours to complete relying on GPS systems alone.)  In contrast, new technology allows first responders to collisions, natural disasters and crime scenes to capture all pertinent data in minutes and allows scenes to be cleared quickly for resumed traffic flow and personnel safety.

GNSS-RTK rugged tablets are deployed by law enforcement on the ground and matched with air support from drones programmed to capture images from above.  The forensic mapping software obtains and transmits the necessary measurements for crime scene re-creation. The level of accuracy provided by the resulting 3D version of the scene meets legal requirements for evidence.

Conducting forensic mapping with GNSS-RTK rugged tablets improves not only the accuracy of data collected at non-land survey sites, but can mitigate negative downstream effects as well, safeguarding lives and delivering results in court that can bring closure to the families of victims. The crystal clear crash site reconstructions that are possible with these rugged tablets can be a game changer in the world of forensics and traffic enforcement.

Rugged Tablets for Public Safety and Forensics

5 Benefits of 4G for Law Enforcement 1st RespondersRugged tablets are assisting with the swift and safe management of crash scene investigations, allowing law enforcement and first responders on scene to accurately map and record the site before rapidly clearing to restore normal traffic flow.

These tablets are designed to be used solo, or in conjunction with drones, providing the ability to immediately clear crash scenes after mapping, and helping to safeguard the lives of both those responsible for investigating and any passersby.

The high risks associated with working a crash site must be carefully balanced with the need for highly accurate documentation. In many cases, the site of a crash is also a crime scene, or at the least a scene which must be investigated to bring resolution.  Documentation must be thorough and accurate, and recorded in such a way as to provide records suitable for presentation in court, if required.

Rugged tablets help crash sites to be cleared with less risk to cleanup crews, an improved working environment and speedier conclusion for critical emergency management personnel, a level of accuracy that keeps any potential investigation from being compromised.

Instead of more lives being risked during a long and drawn out information gathering process at the scene using traditional methods of image capture, a rugged tablet can swiftly record the entire scene with incredible detail, allowing crash site reconstruction after the fact and helping minimize risk to emergency workers and onlookers alike.

When a rugged tablet with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) system is utilized with drone capability for a bird’s eye view, the result is faster, more effective crash scene clearing. At the same time, all of the vital evidence required for a potential civil or criminal court proceeding is gathered with 1-2 centimeter accuracy and 3-D detail, at amazing speed.

Data recorded in this fashion can then be safely and securely transmitted on demand to third parties such as analysts, medical professionals, insurance carriers, law enforcement personnel, and lawyers. They can rebuild the scene and determine fault, if any, allowing further action to be taken if there is outside culpability, or the case to be successfully closed.  

The case for rugged tablets for crash site clearing, crime scene investigation, and forensic information gathering continues to expand, as law enforcement and first responders find new scenarios in which to test this technology and work safer and smarter in the field. 

Purpose-Built Rugged Tablets for Accurate Real Time Measurements

Applying-Mobile-Solutions-to-Construction-Mapping-and-SurveyingThe latest from the DT Research line of purpose built tablets is the DT301X-TR Rugged Tablet, a lightweight military-grade tablet designed to enhance the precision of measurements for 3D surveying, underground utilities mapping, bridge and construction inspections, and crime/crash scene reconstruction.

This tablet features:

  • Ability to perform in many industries and environments
  • Compliance with MIL spec and IP ratings
  • A 10.1” high-brightness capacitive touch screen
  • Choice of Intel 8th generation Core i5 or i7 processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system
  • Optional Intel® RealSenseTM Depth camera
  • High capacity 60 or 90 watt hot-swappable batteries

The RealSense camera is the most significant upgrade available for professionals who need real-time 3D imaging. With this technology, depth perception is integrated to keep images accurate, factual and consistent. The camera can swiftly and precisely create measurements for CAD, engineering, design, utility and project management, and crime/crash scene forensics.

For cases in which precision measurement is a legal necessity, or scientific grade data will help ensure best outcomes for building or excavation plans, the integration of the 3D camera with a rugged handheld tablet allows both specialists and non-credentialed workers to capture highly accurate 3D imaging.

The DT301X-TR also features multiple other integrations and optionals data capture options for superior work in the field. These include:

  • A GNSS multi frequency RTK with carrier phase for real-time mapping and positioning
  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS support
  • An optional foldable antenna to supports high-accurate measuring field work
  • A 2D barcode scanner for equipment/location tags
  • Long range Bluetooth with a 1000ft range
  • 4G LTE mobile broadband
  • A bright LED light that can be attached and stay consistently on for up to two hours

The flexibility for set up and use is enhanced in the DT301X-TR rugged tablet delivering an advanced workflow, improving the mobility of workers, and allowing easy access to small, hard-to-reach spaces. Measurement, real- time scanning, and positioning present in a single device lessens the amount of items which must be carried in the field, and enables projects to be quickly set up, tracked, and completed in the office or on the site.

3D technology and the ability to process and transmit collected data to owners, general contractors and subs in real time allows the as-built status of projects to be tracked and documented for shorter project cycles and payment cycles. The ability of non-experts to capture verifiably accurate data improves the overall BIM (Building Information Modeling) for faster infrastructure implementation.  

This rugged tablet delivers exceptional, detailed accuracy combined with the latest 3D camera technology in a purpose built device that is ideal for enabling data-driven decisions anywhere, anytime.

Honoring Our Service Members by Giving Them the Tools They Need

Happy-Memorial-Day-3The men and women who serve in the various branches of our military work in an environment that is both challenging and inconstant. They need a purpose-built rugged tablet that provides safety and security to help aid them in their day-to-day military operations.

At DT Research, we appreciate what our military service members do for our country, and the self-sacrifice and loyalty they portray. We dedicate ourselves to creating devices that will aid in keeping them safe while performing in the line of duty. When it comes to rugged tablets for the military, our soldiers deserve one that enhances their performance for the better and ensures they are secure.

Military grade rugged tablets are devices that our armed forces can rely on, designed to meet or exceed requirements of the military in the field and in the office. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, these tablets are resistant to dust, temperature extremes, and moisture. They are also strong enough to withstand impact, with shatter resistant screens and a durable casing.

These purpose-built tablets are both efficient and effective in missions which are either on or off the field. Their obsolescence resistant design enables the military personnel to stay up to date with the recent security software. The tablets are customized for specific use and access, meaning that layers of security are in place and protocols required to allow access only to authorized personnel via two level authentication or card access depending on the qualifications and work specification of each personnel.

It is easy for military service members to use the tablets since they can be carried in one hand, used with a detachable keyboard, written on with a fingertip or digital pen, and mounted in a vehicle. The screen light on the tablet can be adjusted depending on whether the tablet is being used in an indoor or outdoor setting.

With the help of drones, military personnel can carry out their surveillance on unknown territory and pick up on any signs of danger. Seamless communication between team members and command helps ensure safety and security protocols allow for blackouts on demand or wiping of information if the tablet is lost or falls into the wrong hands.   

Our goal as a developer of military grade tablet tech is to help save lives, and bring our men and women in uniform safely home. We remember and respect all our military heroes this Memorial Day.

Rugged Tablets Protect Military Data Security during Army Deployments

Using-Rugged-Tablets-for-Effective-Military-LogisticsMilitary operations call for a high level of data protection. However, data security still remains to be the main cause for concern among military commanders. The integration of BYOD has taken deep root in the corporate world, but there have been security concerns that come with the use of these mobile devices.

The military, while acknowledging the importance of technology in its operations, has been slow in the adoption of mobile devices. However, purpose-built tablets designed with high-end security features provide an ideal solution for military mobility when deployed throughout a unit.

Rugged tablets have proven to be durable and they offer the much-needed flexibility required for military operations, but where they truly shine is with exceptional security options. Peace of mind and an enhanced user experience are the key features of high quality military-grade rugged tablets, which are customized to offer efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

Secure rugged tablets can help ensure increased productivity of military units while reducing the security risks that are associated with the use of mobile devices. Each tablet comes with a range of security features which can include:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software Security
  • Lock Down features for protection against malicious attacks
  • Special Device Guard permissions that only allow applications that are supported by TPM 2.0
  • Media sanitization options, instant blackout, Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth auto-disable functions and remote radio disablement capability.

The ability to securely access military data in real time is one of the highlights of military-grade rugged tablets. The CAC reader feature allows information to be accessed depending on the level of clearance a user has. This is a valuable feature, especially if you have different team members with different levels of clearance that have to use the same tablet, as it eliminates the need to repeatedly reconfigure. Each user is simply granted access to data and information based on their card clearance.

Rugged military grade tablets are designed to withstand harsh conditions without the need for constant repairs. DT Research tablets are IP65 rated and meet MIL-STD-810G standards, designed from conception to completion to resist impact, vibration, and moisture. They are also NIST compliant and operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions.

The use of purpose-built tablets for military operations via a secure, closed network limits the risks of security breaches. This ensures that military data is well protected regardless of whether the unit is on base, in transit, or in the field.