How the Navy Benefits from Rugged Tablets for Fleet Maintenance

Rugged Tablets Bring New Potential to the U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is using DT Research purpose-built rugged tablets for fleet maintenance, helping to streamline processes, improve workflows, and increase productivity.

Handheld devices have quickly become the mode of choice for immediate communications and information delivery on board Navy vessels. Tasks from inventory reconciliation to standard checks on board can be swiftly completed and confirmed.

Rugged tablets provide a card reader for secure CAC access. Depending on a servicemember or officer’s authorization level, authorization can be swiftly granted and files or data kept on any tablet unlocked for viewing or editing based on permissions and level of access based on their clearance.

A key benefit of shipboard rugged tablets is the advantages they grant to the fleet maintenance crews. Rugged tablets make fleet maintenance more efficient by streamlining processes and workflows among crewmembers and at administrative levels.

Tablets have already been put into service for gathering maintenance information on board destroyers and other vessels by:

  • Providing faster, more efficient way of handling admin-based maintenance tasks
  • Creating more compact files with several layers of security and redundancy
  • Automating many procedures including information collection, sorting, and retention

All of these improved processes can be translated to similar support for fleet maintenance of other types, including tanks, trucks, and planes. Multiple programs involving wireless devices are being analyzed and data collated in the Navy’s effort to achieve better connectivity and higher efficiency. As security fears resolve and wireless technology continues to advance, ensuring fleet maintenance crews and administrators can reap the benefits of proven methods and device deployment for increased productivity.

Specific areas in which tablet technology can aid in fleet maintenance and other ship-board operations include:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing, training, and data oversight

The U.S. Navy can continue to depend on DT Research rugged tablets for the technical excellence required to improve productivity and increase efficiencies across a range of field-to-office duties.