How Rugged Tablets for Utilities Streamline Field Operations


Field operations often need to move quickly, especially when they can be stalled by rain or traffic, or impeded by clashing deadlines. There’s no time to waste, and workers need to be able to work quickly, efficiently, and reliably until the job is done. Whether paving a road, building bus stops, or installing/repairing utilities, field workers are responsible for keeping the world running. If their devices cannot keep up with their pace and offer the help they need, they’re practically useless.

Computers can be used to store information, communicate with others, and keep track of scheduling. But they are even more valuable in the hands of field workers, especially when they are purpose-built to help them during their day-to-day operations. Tablet computers are built for portability and functionality, and professional-grade tablets are designed to withstand with the hard work.

Here are just a few of the ways rugged tablet computers can be used in the field to boost productivity, organization, and communication.

Pictures, video, and notes can be taken quickly and efficiently with handheld tablets.

  • GPS and geo-tagging. Whether the operation is on the move or working in one specific area, location-tracking capabilities can help pave the way. Photos can be geo-tagged for organization, and there’s no need to double up on devices when a tablet can do everything that a GPS-only device can.
  • Who is working, where they are working, and what they are doing can all be recorded for easy hours, payout, and organization.
  • Real-time collaboration. Managers and workers alike can access the same document at the same time, make changes, and hold discussions over the content. The sleek slate design of the tablet also makes it ideal, as it can be passed from person to person without effort.
  • With a purpose-built tablet, jobs can be recorded and kept organized. What has been done, when, and who the order should go to is in one spot, and accessories can be added for easy billing.
  • Sensitive information is safe, especially when the tablet is encrypted and used with additional security. Both physical intruders and digital ones can be safeguarded against.
  • On-hand information. News about accidents, emergency contacts, worker information, and real-time weather updates can all be accessed via rugged tablets both on and off the field.

Rugged tablets can handle the physical aspects of intense use, including shock damage, extreme temperatures, and impact damage. Not only that, but they can be used to streamline field operations in a way never seen before when it comes to portable devices.