City Planning and Maintenance with Rugged Tablets

5-Ways-Rugged-Tablets-Benefit-City-PlannersIf there is one tool that has become important to city planners and managers, it is rugged tablets. Urban planners utilize rugged tablets to achieve the desired results when it comes to city planning, including the creation and management of coordinated utilities construction and maintenance, and the development of IoT technologies.

Multiple challenges present themselves in regard to city planning and management. Purpose-built rugged tablets offer urban planners a fresh perspective on how to manage and plan for their city’s future, both practically and financially:

Coordination. Keeping an entire team on track during the planning phases is crucial to planning a city that will be easily maintained and overseen, but when file sharing is clumsy, coordination suffers. Rugged tablets help by facilitating sharing and getting feedback within the team. Files can be updated across all devices simultaneously and blueprints or CAD records shared and  transmitted on demand.

Communication. Lack of real-time transmissions means utilities managers and construction site managers cannot seamlessly communicate with planners and architects during build phases, leading to confusion and downtime. Rugged tablets help by connecting command centers with in-the-field teams and third parties.

Security. Mobile devices used for communication (such as smartphones) often offer low or no level of encryption, making them a poor choice for handling sensitive information. Higher levels of security are required to provide sufficient defenses against access without proper authorization. Rugged tablets help by ensuring encryption and layers of authentication to provide authorization only to permitted personnel.

Accuracy: Real time data collection and sharing reduces miscommunication and delays due to clerical errors.  Rugged tablets help by allowing all team members to receive simultaneous updates, keeping city managers, utilities workers, construction teams and engineers on the same page.

Purpose built tablets are an ideal resource that city managers and planners, utility installation and maintenance teams, engineers and architects can use to coordinate for the planning and management of cities, especially smart cities and those connected to the IoT. The cities of the future require tech that is up to the task, and rugged tablets present the solution.