Purpose-Built Rugged Tablets for Accurate Real Time Measurements

Applying-Mobile-Solutions-to-Construction-Mapping-and-SurveyingThe latest from the DT Research line of purpose built tablets is the DT301X-TR Rugged Tablet, a lightweight military-grade tablet designed to enhance the precision of measurements for 3D surveying, underground utilities mapping, bridge and construction inspections, and crime/crash scene reconstruction.

This tablet features:

  • Ability to perform in many industries and environments
  • Compliance with MIL spec and IP ratings
  • A 10.1” high-brightness capacitive touch screen
  • Choice of Intel 8th generation Core i5 or i7 processor
  • Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating system
  • Optional Intel® RealSenseTM Depth camera
  • High capacity 60 or 90 watt hot-swappable batteries

The RealSense camera is the most significant upgrade available for professionals who need real-time 3D imaging. With this technology, depth perception is integrated to keep images accurate, factual and consistent. The camera can swiftly and precisely create measurements for CAD, engineering, design, utility and project management, and crime/crash scene forensics.

For cases in which precision measurement is a legal necessity, or scientific grade data will help ensure best outcomes for building or excavation plans, the integration of the 3D camera with a rugged handheld tablet allows both specialists and non-credentialed workers to capture highly accurate 3D imaging.

The DT301X-TR also features multiple other integrations and optionals data capture options for superior work in the field. These include:

  • A GNSS multi frequency RTK with carrier phase for real-time mapping and positioning
  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS support
  • An optional foldable antenna to supports high-accurate measuring field work
  • A 2D barcode scanner for equipment/location tags
  • Long range Bluetooth with a 1000ft range
  • 4G LTE mobile broadband
  • A bright LED light that can be attached and stay consistently on for up to two hours

The flexibility for set up and use is enhanced in the DT301X-TR rugged tablet delivering an advanced workflow, improving the mobility of workers, and allowing easy access to small, hard-to-reach spaces. Measurement, real- time scanning, and positioning present in a single device lessens the amount of items which must be carried in the field, and enables projects to be quickly set up, tracked, and completed in the office or on the site.

3D technology and the ability to process and transmit collected data to owners, general contractors and subs in real time allows the as-built status of projects to be tracked and documented for shorter project cycles and payment cycles. The ability of non-experts to capture verifiably accurate data improves the overall BIM (Building Information Modeling) for faster infrastructure implementation.  

This rugged tablet delivers exceptional, detailed accuracy combined with the latest 3D camera technology in a purpose built device that is ideal for enabling data-driven decisions anywhere, anytime.

New Year, New Goals, New Processes

Connection-Between-Effective-Time-Management-and-the-Rugged-TabletAs January marches forward, consider the resolutions you made for your business. If you decided that 2019 is the year you are going to improve your business processes, it’s time to find the tools you need to make that goal a reality.

Rugged tablets can be integral to the achievement of streamlined business operations. Improving the technology you use in your business can change the way all of your internal procedures are completed, by aligning every piece of data and using automation and communication to make your bookkeeping dovetail with your production, inventory, shipping, and billing.

Rugged tablets that are designed for business use can include the following features to make your company processes speed up and become more accurate.

Systems Integration

With a rugged tablet that houses the latest in operating systems and the most flexible outlook when it comes to compatibility with other key programs, you can sync your accounting, inventory, employee tracking systems and more. When everything from your schedule to employee schedules, accounts payable to accounts receivable, payroll, shipments, and more are brought together in a mobile device, you’ll have an up to date view of business at all times. The tablet can also be carried from location to location to check inventories and reconcile accounts in the field.

Efficiency and Productivity

With rugged tablets, processes become more efficient and employee time becomes more productive. Tasks can be completed in a fraction of the time, and synced across all platforms, reducing repetition and redundancies as well as cutting down on multiple requirements for data entry or report sending and downloading. Departments can work together seamlessly to share, analyze, and take action on data captured via bar code or RFID scanners, and end point actions like delivery confirmations and signature capture become as easy as ensuring each employee in the field has a tablet on hand.

All of your business tasks can benefit from the integration of rugged tablets into your company plan, and 2019 can be the year you make the huge leap in effectiveness that frees your time for expansion and growth while you increase employee and customer satisfaction. Whether your company focuses on retail, telecommunications, hospitality, construction, transportation or logistics, healthcare, or management, rugged tablets can make both running your business and improving your impact a reality over the coming year.


What Does Purpose Built Mean in the Rugged Tablet World?

BLOG 7 What-is-a-Purpose-Built-Rugged-TabletIn the world of modern technology and rugged, portable devices, purpose built means our clients get custom designed tablets that are built based on their needs. Instead of visiting a brick and mortar or virtual store and choosing a pre-established tablet model, DT Research customers can define precisely what their needs and specifications are.

This is a huge step forward for device implementation and deployment across a wide range of industries and organizations. Each industry, vertical, and individual organization can select and specify their unique requirements for rugged, mobile devices.

Military Branches

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines can benefit from rugged tablets for critical missions, with security options that prevent breach of crucial data in cases of tablet sharing or theft, and communications options that expand range and keep field teams in close contact with base command.

Government Entities

Federal, state, county, and city level employees can utilize tablets for cohesive management, from smart city planning to oversight for agencies with massive reach and requirements. Vehicle mounts and chargers make mobility simple.

Manufacturers and Warehouses

Production, picking, packaging, and labeling is streamlined with purpose built rugged tablets which can be paired with shoulder straps for mobility, kept stationary with wall mounts to help monitor conveyer belts, or mounted on forklifts and equipped with barcode scanners to enable quick inventory reconciliation on the floor.


Packages and shipments can be tracked end to end throughout entire supply lines, handed off at each checkpoint or mounted in trucks for continual monitoring during entire long haul trips. Signature capture modules even allow delivery confirmation.


Ticketing, scheduling, and changes can all be tracked across complex and intersection transportation routes with rugged tablets, and cards or tags scanned with ease, making transport of people or goods by bus, plane, or ship more effective


Tablets can be employed in stores and shops or at events and trade shows to check inventory, read credit or debit cards for payment in line or on the floor, and track customer satisfaction with integration for reviews and survey taking.


Restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, and movie theaters are all deploying purpose built rugged tablets to take orders and instantly send to the kitchen, provide convenient payment and tipping options from any location, sign and manage waivers, tally room service expenses, and even track luggage with RFID technology.


Hospitals, clinics, home health and telemedicine providers can all benefit from devices which provide quick easy communication and file sharing while protecting patient data and privacy. Long lasting batteries and bacteria-resistant casings make tablets the ideal option for healthcare providers from the ER to the ambulance.

Public Works

Workers devoted to utilities ranging from electrical grid to water to gas to telecom can stay connected, receive service orders, and effectively handle outages. Sharing information can be accomplished in real time whether working in a waste treatment plant or on an electrical pole.

First Responders

Vehicle mounts, card readers and more make tablets an integral part of a first responder’s tool kit; firefighters, police, EMT, search and rescue, SWAT, and other crucial teams can provide aid more quickly and communicate safely across secure networks in times of crisis. Multiple battery chargers ensure everyone always has access to a spare and shift change managers can implement policies to keep everyone on full charge.

Construction and Surveying

GNSS modules allow on-site use with integrated blueprints and existing maps for highly precise surveying. Drone compatibility means even crash sites or rough terrain can be quickly and accurately recorded and facts established without endangering personnel.

Are your ready for purpose built tech? Contact us today to go over your specific needs and we can build a tablet that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

The DT Research Rugged Tablet Difference

BLOG 7 What-is-a-Purpose-Built-Rugged-TabletAll rugged tablets are not equal – and they don’t have to be! Many consumer grade rugged tablets now exist, from basic tablets sold packaged in rugged cases, to sturdier tablets marketed as rugged for harder use.

However, the term “rugged tablet” has slowly become to mean something more specific, and is commonly applied to tablets designed for ruggedness from the inside out, to withstand the harshest environments for those working in various verticals:

Government. Local, city, state and federal agencies turn to rugged tablets for personnel at desks, behind the wheel, and on the field. Tablets provide a way for entire teams to stay connected in real time and deliver office-to-car-to-worksite flexibility.

Utilities. Field workers need tablets that will withstand the roughest use in the field, whether it be weather, exterior forces or temperature and moisture challenges. Tablets that provide one handed carry and digital pen or keyboard versatility are ideal.

Construction. Mapping and site evaluations are easier with GNSS rugged tablets that deliver highly accurate measurements and can be used to analyze and overlay data from multiple sources. Blueprints can be reviewed at anytime from anywhere, and changes made instantly communicated to and reviewed by other team members.

First Responders. Law enforcement and medical personnel can quickly access needed information during critical calls and save lives in the process. Vehicle mounted tablets provide for hands free operation and multi-functional usage, and have massive implications for the future of firefighting and crash site clearing.

Healthcare. Rugged tablets that pair microbial and bacterial resistance with HER security and compliance make it easy for multiple members of a care team to assess, communicate, and plan patient care. Compliance is easier when long term facility workers and patients can coordinate and track medication and vital signs, and outcomes are improved overall.

To achieve great things in each vertical, rugged tablets that are purpose built devices designed for hard use and functionality are critical. DT Research provides advantages in three key areas:

  • More processing power to enable high level programs to run, and better accessibility of information in a mobile device.
  • Wider range of storage, allowing large and complex data to be stored on the tablet instead of requiring access to a fixed in place desktop.
  • Better battery life and hot swappable options to maintain functionality through an entire shift and prevent loss of data.

Rugged tablets from DT Research provide cutting edge technology paired with leading rugged design to deliver compact, versatile devices that go above and beyond.

Streamlining Rugged Tablet Maintenance

DT Research rugged tablets

Maintaining mobile devices can add significantly to lifetime cost of ownership. Consumer grade rugged tablets can be easily damaged, overheat, become obsolete or require repeated upgrades to remain useful longer than a year or two.

Purpose built rugged tablets are designed to be useful for years, with planned defenses against obsolescence, operating systems that can be expected to retain support for years to come, and multiple design features intended to lengthen their life and make them operable even in harsh environments.

Sturdy housing with water, dust, and vibration resistance  mean rugged tablets are ideal for use in the field, including in work intensive surroundings with high risk of drops, falls, and impact such as construction, manufacturing, warehouse work, and logistics. Having a rugged tablet that can meet the challenges and stresses of these working environments means less time lost to damaged devices and more time spent on meeting deadlines.

Another major issue facing these same industry verticals is the fact that shifts often run around the clock, with no downtime allotted for charging devices. Instead of having to charge the entire device, DT Research rugged tablets allow batteries to be “hot swapped” without losing power or data.

This valuable feature permits batteries to be swapped by each incoming shift member, with the depleted battery being inserted into a multi battery charger and the tablet carried into the next shift. Not having to switch out the entire tablet means less tablets needed per shift, and the batteries can be recharged before reaching a critically low charge, causing disruption to the workflow.

The hot swap feature is also convenient for other verticals when time is of the essence and a simple battery swap can save critical moments. Military personnel in the field can benefit from having extra batteries ready to swap as needed, without having to worry about extra devices.

Likewise, medical staff can easily swap a battery at any station with a charger and continue with their tasks without having to sign into a new device or wait for it to boot-up. Being able to recharge on the go can increase efficiency and productivity and reduce wasted steps or time lost if a battery dies in the middle of a patient case log.

DT Research rugged tablets are designed for ease of use, simplified short and long term maintenance, and support for devices that can provide years of service with minimal requirements to keep them in working order.