Four Ways Tablets Revolutionize Business

Four-Ways-Tablets-Revolutionize-Business (2)The need for real time data within reach, across locations and in ever-changing environments is changing the way businesses are run. The need for mobile computing devices that can boost productivity via instant access to information can transform a company and its profit margin. Nowhere is this more apparent than the world of retail; from the storefront to the warehouse, tablets are making it easier for retailers to boost productivity, make employees’ jobs easier, and enhance customer satisfaction.  

Total Cost of Ownership

Rugged tablets meet two sets of standard. The first is durability; tablets are designed to put up with transport, harsh environments, dirt, moisture, shock, and vibration. The second is software – there’s capacity and flexibility to manage massive amounts of data, from retrieval to transmission and storage. The devices are created with an eye to longevity both physically and practically, to lower the need for replacement due to obsolescence or damage. The TCO of a rugged tablet can be as less than half of a non-rugged tablet annually, making them budget friendly.


Unlike notebooks or laptops which can be difficult to carry in the field or operate while standing, a rugged tablet is designed for quick, easy transport and access, with the ability to use on a flat surface or as a handheld device. A keyboard can be snapped on and off for ease of use; a stylus or fingertips can be utilized instead of a mouse or TypePad, and the tablet can be hooked into a wired connection or tapped into a closed Wi-Fi network as required. Rugged tablets can even be mounted in a vehicle or forklift, making them ideal for office to warehouse use or in the field.

Purpose-Built Devices

Rugged tablets can also feature many options not available in other mobile devices, without requiring extensive modifications. Cameras, barcode scanners (BCSs), magnetic stripe readers (MSRs), smart card readers and integrated NFC/RFID technology can all be implemented, as well as compatible OS such as Microsoft Windows. Rugged tablets can be specifically customized for deployment in various departments, or upgraded for use by upper levels of management who need their finger on the pulse of the company.


When intended for use across a wide range of purposes, applications that drive economies of scale with efficiency are welcome. Potential high value applications include inventory data collection, shipping and receiving, quality assurance, security, asset management and employee monitoring. Clunky legacy devices can collect data, but aren’t equipped to analyze it. In the storefront, tablets can meet customer expectations and improve retention rates by providing interfaces that are familiar and appreciated; for example, a sales associate can quickly check inventory availability, process payments, and generate a receipt on the floor without a wait for a register.  

Purpose-built rugged tablets are an ideal solution for businesses, from the stock room to the sales floor. They empower today’s business owners by providing the latest technology in a tool that is easy to implement and which pays for itself in heightened productivity.

Rugged Tablets and Construction Logistics

Tablets-and-Construction-Logistics (2)Rugged tablets are becoming continually more useful from a logistics perspective, particularly when it comes to construction. The main advantage rugged tablets bring to the construction and logistics verticals is the ability to “go stakeless” – avoiding the need for hours of labor and hundreds or thousands of dollars in physically staking out a site. The tablet instead provides a trusted topographical way to determine lines and grades in real time.

Automated Machine Guidance

Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) technology provides applications which can be used on the job site to immediately gauge line and grade parameters when building or repairing roads. GPS locating software is customized to create a positioning system, and this surveying application on the tablet allows 3D modeling technology to guide construction workers and enhance efficiency.

Stakeless Projects Mean Fewer Errors

Stakeless projects mean a smaller margin for error than physical staking, eliminating variances and reducing the mistakes made when previously set stakes get moved by weather, animals, or trespassers. Rugged tablets are durable enough for the harsh rigors of a cold, wet, muddy, or dust and grit laden job site. XML files can be readily displayed, allowing inspectors, contractors, and designers to access the same files and fulfill processes exactly as if traditional staking had been employed.

Additional Uses in Construction and Logistics

Purpose built tablets with the right software can also be used in major developments to ensure rapid completion of new roadways, sidewalks, driveways, and line laying without interfering with existing pipelines or drainage systems.  Municipalities which map their entire systems with positioning software can issue rugged tablets as needed for spot checks, inspections, and providing variances based on up-to-date, accurate information.

Leading Edge Software / Hardware Solutions

Survey grade RTK GNSS built into a tablet makes it accurate, up to +/0.05. A nine inch backlit capacitive touch screen lends itself to fast, easy use, while an optional external antenna and rod can be deployed if required. Each tablet is rated for water, dust, temperature, and impact resistance. Microsoft Windows OS make the tablets compatible with other devices and familiar for most users.

More projects will soon benefit from rugged tablet deployment, as the construction and logistics industries find new uses for the technology.

Public Safety Personnel and Rugged Tech

Public Safety Personnel and Rugged Tech-1Personnel in the field who are responsible for public safety must be flexible, effective, and able to handle rapidly changing situations. Capturing data/images, transferring and updating information, and ensuring access for key people on the ground is vital.

Communicating effectively can be difficult without a device that stands up to the test. Rugged tablets have the capability to do multiple tasks with one device, and the durability to stand up to stressors in the field and in transit. Minimum standards for devices are important, especially when they’re being handed off to different people and used across environments. A few things to look for before deploying new tech include:

  • Collecting data quickly and precisely. With options for data-capture, such as barcode scanner, camera, MSR, GNSS, CAC and NFC/RFID reader, information can be collected by just “one click” without any interference.
  • Sharing of information in real time. Communication is key in any cohesive unit. With the right people working in tandem with one another, almost anything is possible, especially when they’re able to instantly share data.
  • Collaboration potential. Files can be shared and edited by many. Information comes together during collaboration, and with a streamlined method of sharing text, images, and data, communication can become seamless.
  • 24/7 access to data from multiple devices. With mobile devices, a wealth of ever-updating information and communication is available. Being able to access documents anywhere from any device with the correct configuration can be invaluable to someone who is always on the move.
  • Compliance and security. Digital security is a must when dealing with sensitive intel. With software that scans for threats, encrypts messages, verifies identities, and even wards off cyber-attacks, each device comes with its own virtual army to protect critical information.
  • E-learning options for personnel. When travel funds are limited and time is under constraint, e-learning programs and access to online manuals and training guides make learning skills easier. Training personnel with digital content is faster, safer, and more efficient than having them learn on the fly.
  • Increase interoffice cooperation. When multiple agencies are involved in a public safety issue, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is being done, said, or discussed. Rugged tech and mobile devices make it easy to communicate between offices; when important information becomes available, any team member can access it.

Technology has taken speed, accessibility, and communication to the next level. With rugged tech, public safety personnel have every tool imaginable at their fingertips. From data collection to collaboration, rugged tablets streamline response and solutions.

New Year’s Resolution: Go Rugged in 2017

New-Years-Resolution-Go-Rugged-in-2017 (2)If there is just one thing you can do in 2017 to improve your business, going rugged is it. Tablets provide unique benefits that can tangibly affect productivity and bottom lines across a myriad of industries. Rugged tablets enhance those effects, providing a durable, long lasting solution to the ever-present need for connectivity.

Business Owners

Need to stay on top of a million things at once? Your rugged tablet goes with you from your office to your car to your home, allowing you to work remotely from almost any location and stay fully connected while still having the comfort and function of a desktop computer or laptop.

IT Directors

Working in IT means you need the latest technology at your fingertips. Recommending rugged tablets be deployed for all company personnel creates a cohesive, connected team and boosts productivity, streamlining everyone’s workday.

Warehouse Managers

From the manufacturing floor to the loading dock and everywhere in between, tablets help keep inventory straight and ensure every movement is accurately tracked. Rugged tablets can withstand a drop or two as well, making them last longer than consumer grade tech.

Field Workers

Logistics and traveling sales personnel can also enjoy the advantages of rugged tablets when on the go. Stay connected in real time with HQ even with last minute changes or stops, or navigate unexpected issues wherever they occur.

Government / Military

When security and speed are needed, rugged tablets combine the hardware and software required to get the job done. Military grade specs can be readily met, and government standard safeguards implemented on each device with card access for levels of internal security.

Public Sector

Local government services, emergency personnel, utility workers, and more can take advantage of the high-quality options available on rugged tablets. These include but aren’t limited to GPS, cameras, 3D mapping, and more.

Health Care

A busy ER staff or a paramedic unit can utilize rugged tablets on the go to get instant information crucial to a patient’s health and track consults, lab work, prescriptions, and more on the go – with a tablet on-duty, nothing gets missed.

Investing in rugged tablets makes sense from both a financial and a practical standpoint – almost any vertical you are in can be enhanced with the use of the latest technology in a durable package. Rugged tablets could make 2017 more productive and efficient than ever.

5 Things You Never Realized a Rugged Tablet can do

5-Things-You-Never-Realized-a-Rugged-Tablet-Can-Do (2)With rugged tablets, businesses can achieve success in all areas, from internal communications to customer service. Mobile data collection, analytics, storage, transfer, and management become easy with tablets designed to support and streamline workflows, and their integration could be the smartest move a company can make for the new year.

Here are just a few ways incorporating tablets can help any business improve.

  • Along with reducing productivity, technology-related issues and obsolescence  can incur big costs in repairs, IT assistance, wasted work hours, and continual upgrades or replacements. Highly efficient and rugged modern tablets can reduce this risk by merging with existing systems, making it easier to continue working even during times of change.
  • Time is wasted every time an order has to pass through another checkpoint in a long chain of command. Giving orders and receiving instruction can be easy when there is instant communication and near-instant approval at each point of contact, and getting employees on the same page can save time, effort, and money.
  • Clunky email services and heavy desktop setups make it hard to manage communications and get real time data and time sensitive instructions across quickly and efficiently. With a tablet system, staff members can contact one another, share information, and work together coordination to tackle any problem, no matter how complex.
  • People move around, especially in warehouse or customer service situations. The portability of a tablet makes it easy for workers to keep it with them wherever they go, making it easy to reach them. Communication is easier when everyone is connected, wherever they are, and the ability to share visual data with vendors, partners, customers, and logistics personnel make rugged tablets even more valuable across related industries.
  • Technology is constantly evolving, but rugged tablets are made to last in more ways than one.  With forward and backward compatibility, these tablets eliminate the need for constant replacement and multiple systems.

A complete turnover can be time consuming and accompanied by an initial expenditure, but integrating rugged tablets can benefit nearly all small and large companies in the long run. A successfully deployed tablet system can streamline the chain of command, increase productivity, and even help close important deals along the way.

Rugged tablets are revolutionizing the way people work and communicate across the globe, providing a futuristic level of control over every process with which they are connected.