The Accessories and Features that Make Point-Of-Sale Rugged Tablets Ideal for Retail

tablets-and-your-salesforce-five-benefits-you-can-count-onRugged tablets for POS verticals provide durability, flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use. The benefits of rugged tech for hospitality and retail uses are endless. The many accessories and features available for DT Research rugged tablets can enhance your purpose built devices’ usefulness, improve workflows, and increase customer satisfaction by providing unmatched experiences.


Rugged tablets need to be mobile to be effective. Carrying cases can protect tablets when being transported from one location to another, vehicle mounts can allow supervisors to stay connected and apprised of activity, and counter cradles allow tablets to be displayed and accessed easily from a restaurant counter or hotel front desk.


The DT Research battery charger allows up to six battery packs to be charged simultaneously, for quick hot swapping on a busy casino floor or restaurant area. A tablet charging cabinet can deliver fast, efficient charging for up to five rugged tablets at a time, and implements a simple locking connection, an internal fan for system cooling, and single wall-plug operation. This allows tablets to be grabbed by arriving workers on the way in, permit card reader access or PIN access for authorized users, and the tablet can be returned at end of shift for the next user to pick up.


A detachable basic keyboard can turn a touchscreen tablet into a small notebook immediately and allow instant operation, without switching or pairing. Users who need to seamlessly go back and forth between touchscreen operation and rapid data entry will love this 2-in-1 application. Alternately, the cradle-use keyboard requires no batteries, is fully compatible with both vehicle and wall mount cradles and was designed to be foldable to provide screen protection and save space. A backlit, multi touch keypad with a QWERTY lay out and a full row of F1 to F12 function keys make this accessory a must-have for many users.


Accessories and features can be applied to customize a rugged tablet even further, An active digital pen designed with capacitive-coupled sensing technology can make interacting with the tablet’s capacitive touch screens an enhanced work experience, since it allows a natural handwriting style for in-the-field use. Optional modules like a magnetic card strip reader, 2D barcode scanner, RFID or NCS readers and high quality cameras allow for speedy inventory of supplies or equipment on the fly.

Rugged tablets from DT Research are designed for supreme functionality in any and all POS environments, and the multiple accessories and features available  both streamline worker processes and enhance customer experiences.

Rugged Tablets Provide for Autonomous Material Handling in Warehouses

BLOG 7 How-Logistics-can-be-Simplified-with-Rugged-Tablet-Applications

With the booming progress of the eCommerce industry, many online retailers have begun shifting their focus towards automating their necessary processes. While we’re a long way away from completely automating all of our warehouses and deliveries, giving human employees better tools is a step in the right direction. Rugged tablets can eliminate paperwork, reduce downtime, and boost productivity, all while streamlining existing processes and making it easier for employees to do their jobs.

Here’s a few reasons many warehouses are switching to industrial-grade tablets, and why they’re better off because of it.

Faster, More Efficient Repairs

Machines will fail, it’s inevitable. But with the proper equipment to maintain them, repairs can become easier and more efficient. Once a machine breaks down, tablets can be used to notify employees, contact the necessary help, and identify the issue.

Tablets can also be used to monitor machines and their efficiency, so problems can be identified and dealt with before production comes to a halt. No more downtime, and no more scrambling to bring production back on track.

Better Tracking 

With the amount of product moving from one place to another, keeping track of merchandise is important. RFID tags and barcodes can be used to mark and sort shipments, and rugged tablets make scanning and tracking easier. Customers can stay updated on the status and location of their orders, and warehouses can stay organized.

With the added mobility of tablet computers, any unsorted package can be quickly scanned and identified by any tablet-carrying employee. No more confusion, and no more lost products. It’s the ideal set-up for busy logistics operations with multiple hubs.

Industrial-Grade is Industrial-Strong

While consumer-grade tablets can be easy to acquire, they can be harder to maintain. A consumer-grade tablet isn’t designed for hard use, especially within a warehouse. Rugged tablets are protected against drops, falls, and other forms of shock damage.

Protection against extreme temperatures, water, and dust/sand is also included, making them hardier than your average tablet. Along with being physically strong, purpose-built tech is designed to last. Both easy to maintain and update, these tablets can survive years of hard use and resist obsolescence.

How DT Research Can Help

Trusted by the US Army, Navy, and Air Force, DT Research has spent years designing the perfect rugged tablet. Military standards ensure that these devices are up to the test, and constant innovation means that newer, better products are being put out every year.

Slim and portable, these tablets can resist almost all forms of physical damage while still maintaining better runtimes and functions than most laptop computers. Rugged tech is built for hard use and warehouses are the ideal environment to showcase their benefits.


Five Ways Barcode Reading Helps the Cruise Line Industry

Five-Ways-Barcode-Reading-Helps-the-Cruise-Line-IndustryCruise lines have a number of unique challenges when it comes to data collection, verification, tracking, and confirmation. Rugged tablets with barcode readers and other scanning functionalities can provide exceptional solutions to many problems faced by the cruise industry, including any or all of the following:

  1. While previous barcode technology was deemed too slow for mass transit, updates to the tech involved make reading barcodes faster than ever. Aides stationed at boarding areas for cruise liners can quickly process passengers with printed or phone scanned passes for swift, efficient boarding.
  2. Lost or misplaced luggage is less of a worry when a barcode reader can be employed to instantly match passengers and bags. A system that included the entire manifest with passengers, bags, and room numbers all synched can make for easy delivery of luggage when required from holding areas or if a bag is left unattended or misplaced.
  3. Room Service. Barcodes for each room that correspond with passengers can be scanned for room service to easily track orders and extras for billing purposes, whether it’s food and beverage delivery or in-room bar replenishment. Tablets carried by staff can be used to quickly enter data and assign to the correct passenger with a quick scan.
  4. VIP Events. Barcodes can also be scanned on wristbands for entry into special events on board, providing a quick way to ascertain which guests require admission, and even verifying legal age in instances when family events may include alcohol availability. Barcodes can be printed on wristbands or on badges for easy access.
  5. Off-Ship Trips. Badges or wristbands with barcode printing can again be used for day trips on shore, to ensure all passengers are accounted for when off and on-boarding. Codes can be generated that are vehicle specific if the group is large enough to require more than one mode of transport, or for specific activities if there are varied options for groups going ashore.

As a type of portable terminal, rugged tablets are ideal to use in harsh environments. They can withstand vibration, bumps, impact, and drops, are versatile enough to be customized for specific duties or functions, and deliver a secure experience that is compatible with existing security and closed networks for guest safety and privacy.

Rugged tablets with integrated barcode scanners are easily transportable, can be held in one hand, provide instant access to data and a quick way to verify identity, and can streamline many cruise line activities and procedures. This helps ensure the safety of the passengers and can keep billing simplified for those who take advantage of items or activities not included in the cruise base cost.