4 Benefits of Rugged Tablets for Railway Freight Transportation and Logistics

4-Benefits-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Railway-Freight-Transportation-and-Logi...With the utilization of digital data management, some processes have been complicated beyond paper-based systems. While these digital methods are faster and more effective, there are few field options for data entry. Smartphones may not have the necessary processing power, while laptop and desktop computers are harder to transport and handle, which complicates their use.

This presents a problem for railway mechanics and technicians. They need a device that can easily collect data, sign off on forms, and generate work orders. While many of these workers still use clipboards and simply transcribe the data when they return to their work station, this process can be simplified for efficiency. With a rugged mobile tablet computer, they can accomplish nearly all of their tasks in one spot with one device.

Wireless Connectivity

With wireless connectivity, purpose built tablet computers can pick up a signal almost anywhere. The built-in WiFi and high-speed data connections allow a technician to go mobile and still remain connected, so they can easily update documents, send them back to the office, and access files.

Easy Data Entry

Whether they are using the tablet itself or attaching a portable keyboard extension, tablet computers make it easy to enter data into forms and work orders. By skipping the transcription step, they can avoid mistakes in their work and avoid delays in communication. Tablet computers can be used anywhere, both on the move and in the workplace, so there’s no need to travel back and forth between an office and the repair site.

Added Mobility

With a sleek, lightweight slate design, tablet computers are the perfect middle ground between laptops and smartphones. They have the processing power to complete almost any task, but they can also be carried, passed around, and mounted into vehicle cradles. Wherever the technician goes, their mobile computer can follow.

Rugged Design

For a device to last in the freighting industry, it requires a degree of durability against a number of factors. Dust/sand damage, vibration damage, and water, just to name a few. Rugged tablets can take the heat, both literally and figuratively. Protected against everything from extreme temperatures to impact damage, these tablets are purpose-built for hard work.

Railway technicians are required to move quickly, efficiently, and complete jobs with a precise accuracy. The longer a railcar is out of commission, the more revenue a company or private owner is losing. Maintenance standards must be met for the car to travel, and many mechanics work on thousands of railway cars over the course of their career.

A device that fits their line of work is a necessity, especially in the wake of the tech boom. The earlier workers become accustomed to working with new technology, the better they can adapt to their jobs.


9 Benefits of Rugged Tablets for Transportation and Logistics


Transportation and logistics are two fields that require a large degree of organization and flexibility. Without the proper equipment and training, the chain of communication and transport can be broken. To avoid accidents, misunderstandings, and other complications, many companies are utilizing technology to assist in the process.

By going digital, information can be transferred from person to person in a moment’s notice. Purpose-built technology like tablets are helping with that process, among many other factors of the industry. Here are nine of the many benefits that rugged tablets bring to the table:

  1. Eliminate mistakes and data entry errors. Integrated barcode and RFID scanning, image capture, and the ability to seamlessly edit documents makes it easier to safely, accurately, and reliably collect information and take inventory.
  2. Communicate in real-time. Wireless LAN and WWAN connectivity allows these tablets to connect to the fastest Wi-Fi and data networks available, making it easy to communicate and collaborate in real time.
  3. Optimize asset utilization. With GPS capabilities, long-lasting batteries, and the functionality of a modern computer, tablets can help workers save time, accurately communicate, and use applications previously limited to bulky desktop/laptop computers.
  4. Barcode scanning and signature capture. RFID readers and barcode scanning/signature capture are built seamlessly into the device for everyday use, and other easy-to-use accessories can be added.
  5. Reduce paperwork. With digital documents, data collection, and digital coding, paperwork can be reduced by over two thirds after full integration of the tablet systems.
  6. Capture images/video of damaged items. Color cameras allow for workers to take pictures of damaged goods. These pictures can be attached to files, emailed to clients, and collected as evidence.
  7. Improve customer service. Real-time communication and improved data collection make it easier to talk to clients, send photos and tracking information, and keep them updated on their goods at all times.
  8. Track container locations. GPS capability allow for easier location, and containers can be marked and organized with barcodes and RFID for better tracking.
  9. Minimize downtime. Productivity is almost guaranteed to rise exponentially after the utilization of tablets. Without the need to print/fax paperwork, fetch various devices, and use outdated technology, workers can work faster and more efficiently.

Rugged tablets are designed to handle the demanding work. With protection against extreme temperatures, shock and impact damage, vibration, and water, these tablets are purpose-built from the motherboard up to withstand hard conditions. Whether the tablet is being used by an on-the-road trucker, on a plane, or shipping ports, they’re the most worthwhile devices to have in the hands of an employee.

5 Uses for Rugged Tablets for Public Transportation


The public transportation industry is one that is always moving, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. In order to keep up with the constantly changing customer base, landscape, and location, workers need to be adaptive, and so do their devices. Smartphones may not be appropriate when the job requires a higher degree of efficiency, and laptops are too bulky and fragile to work in transportation contexts.

The middle ground is a purpose-built tablet computer, a device that combines the portability of smartphones and the functionality of a laptop. They can be used to boost productivity and organization in a variety of contexts, including:

Many applications can be used to handle ticketing and payment. Scanners and card readers can be integrated into tablets, so the entire process can be done at once while on the move.

  • Passengers, especially those with hearing problems or disabilities, can benefit from having visual displays around the bus/train/subway. It can save them stress, and tablets can be mounted to show display times, stops, prices, and locations.
  • For buses in high-traffic areas like cities, routes may change depending on traffic, roadwork, and other factors. Tablet computers can be used to plan those routes with real-time information and GPS capabilities, so drivers can plan en-route and stay on schedule.
  • Conductors and engineers can keep track of passengers, repairs, necessary fixes, and other factors with the help of a tablet. Preventative work can be done earlier, problems can be spotted faster, and the company can save money by getting things rolling as soon as possible.
  • Tablets can be connected to Wi-Fi and high-speed data sources, making them the ideal device in an emergency situation. They can broadcast their location, access and collect important information, and be used to contact local authorities during an emergency.

Purpose-built tablets can be tailored to fit the exact needs, with all the necessary programs and accessories. They are made to last, and are protected against both obsolescence and physical damage. Rugged tablets are made to withstand drops, falls, vibration, extreme temperatures, and water. They can be mounted to prevent theft, locked against intruders, and carried personally from location to location.

In a job where things are constantly moving, employees and conductors need a reliable device that can keep up. Settling for a consumer-grade device is not an option, especially when he long-term benefits of purpose-built technology are considered.