6 Advantages of Tactical Rugged Tablets for First Responders & Fire Services

Five Ways Rugged Tablets Benefit Fire & Rescue Crews

Police and law enforcement personnel, EMS units, first responders, and fire services can now rely on rugged tablets to capture and share real-time critical data, informing their real-time decisions, and enabling them to take fast action. Here are six ways rugged tablets are designed to support first responders and fire services.

Real time information in emergency

Real time information can mean life or death in a situation  calling for first responders to move quickly into dangerous, evolving scenarios. Being able to coordinate with dispatch, other units, and assisting agencies with quick relay of data as things are unfolding can help keep first responders and fire service personnel safe during volatile situations.

Instant data transmission

With the ability to instantly view images, PDFs, documents, and maps, those with boots on the ground in active situations such as a developing fire can quickly get information they need from dozens of sources in a format that allows quick understanding and sharing of important data. This can help save lives since plans and decisions can be informed without waiting for a third party to arrive with in hand documentation.

Moment to moment updates

When fires are in progress or volatile situations are unfolding, first responders can depend on minute by minute updates from personnel in nearby locations, headquarters, dispatch, and cooperating agencies to manage the situation and bring everyone through safely. When everything depends on fast communications, rugged tablets stand up to the task and and increase the safety of all those involved.

Portability for vehicle to ground

Being able to take a tactical tablet from the office into a vehicle for mounting and again in hand for on the ground accessibility is one of the things that makes this tech so versatile and in demand. Having a single device capable of high levels of mobility keeps key persons informed at all times and able to relay important information quickly and securely.

GPS and GIS for accurate pinpointing problems

When accurate locator information is required, properly equipped rugged tablets can be invaluable. Tactical situations rely in appropriate, accurate intel, and tablets with GPS and GIS functionality can help first responders avoid areas of danger and quickly respond where they are needed most.

Options for air quality scanning, imaging, etc

For firefighters, options for air quality evaluation is just one way tactical tablets are perfect for the job of supporting them in their mission. For first responders, imaging can drive accurate diagnoses and help medical; staff back at the hospital engage and inform the actions of EMS personnel for best outcomes.

Fast, hands-on first response capabilities among EMS personnel, law enforcement, and fire service units a priority in even the most extreme conditions. Real-time data from tactical devices can help each of these responders to be effective at their jobs during critical moments, even in fire, rain, sleet, wind, or snow.