Purpose Built Rugged Tablets Elevate Air Force Logistics

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All branches of the military, including the Air Force, are utilizing purpose-built rugged tablets for fleet maintenance, helping to streamline processes, improve workflows, and increase productivity. These portable, high powered tablets have quickly become a way to swiftly and competently manage tasks from inventory reconciliation to standard checks.

Advantages of rugged tablets for plane maintenance include their capability for streamlining processes and workflows among crewmembers and at administrative levels. CAC readers make it easy for multiple members of any group to effectively use the tablet at their own level of data access. Features like cameras, GPS and GNSS modules, and more allow for real time data in multiple formats to be captured and relayed to specialists for support in the field.

Tablets enhance fleet maintenance and management by:

  • Providing facilitation of admin-based maintenance tasks for speed and efficiency
  • Creating several layers of security and redundancy for sensitive files
  • Automating information collection, sorting, and retention for faster data analysis

All of these improved processes can provide maintenance support across multiple fleets, including planes, ships, tanks and trucks. Wireless tablets can be pressed into service to feed data from multiple points continuously, providing an accurate picture of the entire fleet and exact, real time data concerning specific machines.  

This can provide Air Force maintenance crews with better connectivity and higher efficiency, with proven data capture and transmission methods and purpose built tablet deployment for increased productivity for the following tasks:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing, training, and data oversight

While civilian use of tablets has included swift adoption and innovation, the sensitivity and security of military information delayed full deployment of rugged tablets until experienced designer-manufacturers like DT Research focused on military grade feature development. Each rugged tablet is built to exacting military specifications for  durability and security protocols.

Maintenance and software in military aerospace is now able to benefit from this specification and customization. Touchscreen interfaces and long life batteries with hot swap capability are present in the newest ruggedized systems, allowing flight-line maintenance processes for military aircraft to be continually digitized and improved. There are multiple benefits in the air and for reconnaissance, transport, and theater  situations as well, with satellite communications (SATCOM) connectivity delivering situational awareness through mapping data, images, and videos.

Full utilization of rugged tablets for fleet maintenance and management in the Air Force brings the concept of a cyber-controlled military one step closer to fruition, guarding the lives of service members and making every process in the line of duty safer.  

Military Grade Rugged Tablets Enhance Navy Logistics

Rugged Tablets Bring New Potential to the U.S. Navy

Purpose-built tablets are gaining ground in every branch of the military, with new applications continually found. The U.S. Navy is utilizing rugged tablets in a variety of ways to improve logistics in dock and at sea. Being able to rapidly fulfill requests completely and efficiently is one of the challenges faced by these experts, and having rugged tablets on hand to facilitate these processes allows heightened productivity and better outcomes.

Logistics specialists must continually maintain military supply stores. Their many and varied responsibilities generally include open purchasing and procurement, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and issue of equipment, repair parts, tools, consumable items (paper, pens, toilet paper, batteries, etc.), hazardous materials or anything else obtained through the naval supply system.

Another fact of the logistics vertical within the Navy is the requirement to accurately manage inventories and issuance of repair parts (aircraft and ships) and of general supplies and specialized supplies (e.g., personal flight gear for naval aircrews or specialized combat equipment for Navy SEALs or Naval Military Construction Battalion “Seabees”).

These duties are combined with former postal clerk duties as custodian of postal effects and monitoring designated mail orderlies. Logistics personnel must also be able to sort and distribute all official and personal mail for naval ships, submarines, aviation squadrons, and information for shore-based activities in a timely manner.

Finally, the documentation side of logistics is also aided by purpose built tablets capable of running high level programming at lightning speed. Logistics professionals can take advantage of tablet technology to connect to and utilize financial accounting and database systems, efficiently performing inventory and financial management functions. Management of money order and stamp inventories is made simple, as is the maintenance of financial and inventory reports.

Tablets have already been utilized in the Navy at administrative level for destroyer fleet maintenance. Since there is significant overlap with logistics processes, all related tasks that connect logistics with fleet maintenance can be connected and streamlined. Many procedures that formerly had to be done by hand when it comes to information collection, sorting, and retention can be automated, and results from multiple programs collated for a broad topical view at all times that benefits every level of command.

In the Navy, if logistics break down, everything grinds to a halt. Rugged tablets allow for accurate, real time inventory, tracking, and confirmation of supplies, parcels, and mail, providing a streamlined system that can keep everything rolling smoothly.

Honoring Our Service Members by Giving Them the Tools They Need

Happy-Memorial-Day-3The men and women who serve in the various branches of our military work in an environment that is both challenging and inconstant. They need a purpose-built rugged tablet that provides safety and security to help aid them in their day-to-day military operations.

At DT Research, we appreciate what our military service members do for our country, and the self-sacrifice and loyalty they portray. We dedicate ourselves to creating devices that will aid in keeping them safe while performing in the line of duty. When it comes to rugged tablets for the military, our soldiers deserve one that enhances their performance for the better and ensures they are secure.

Military grade rugged tablets are devices that our armed forces can rely on, designed to meet or exceed requirements of the military in the field and in the office. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, these tablets are resistant to dust, temperature extremes, and moisture. They are also strong enough to withstand impact, with shatter resistant screens and a durable casing.

These purpose-built tablets are both efficient and effective in missions which are either on or off the field. Their obsolescence resistant design enables the military personnel to stay up to date with the recent security software. The tablets are customized for specific use and access, meaning that layers of security are in place and protocols required to allow access only to authorized personnel via two level authentication or card access depending on the qualifications and work specification of each personnel.

It is easy for military service members to use the tablets since they can be carried in one hand, used with a detachable keyboard, written on with a fingertip or digital pen, and mounted in a vehicle. The screen light on the tablet can be adjusted depending on whether the tablet is being used in an indoor or outdoor setting.

With the help of drones, military personnel can carry out their surveillance on unknown territory and pick up on any signs of danger. Seamless communication between team members and command helps ensure safety and security protocols allow for blackouts on demand or wiping of information if the tablet is lost or falls into the wrong hands.   

Our goal as a developer of military grade tablet tech is to help save lives, and bring our men and women in uniform safely home. We remember and respect all our military heroes this Memorial Day.

Rugged Tablets Protect Military Data Security during Army Deployments

Using-Rugged-Tablets-for-Effective-Military-LogisticsMilitary operations call for a high level of data protection. However, data security still remains to be the main cause for concern among military commanders. The integration of BYOD has taken deep root in the corporate world, but there have been security concerns that come with the use of these mobile devices.

The military, while acknowledging the importance of technology in its operations, has been slow in the adoption of mobile devices. However, purpose-built tablets designed with high-end security features provide an ideal solution for military mobility when deployed throughout a unit.

Rugged tablets have proven to be durable and they offer the much-needed flexibility required for military operations, but where they truly shine is with exceptional security options. Peace of mind and an enhanced user experience are the key features of high quality military-grade rugged tablets, which are customized to offer efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

Secure rugged tablets can help ensure increased productivity of military units while reducing the security risks that are associated with the use of mobile devices. Each tablet comes with a range of security features which can include:

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Software Security
  • Lock Down features for protection against malicious attacks
  • Special Device Guard permissions that only allow applications that are supported by TPM 2.0
  • Media sanitization options, instant blackout, Wi-Fi, RFID and Bluetooth auto-disable functions and remote radio disablement capability.

The ability to securely access military data in real time is one of the highlights of military-grade rugged tablets. The CAC reader feature allows information to be accessed depending on the level of clearance a user has. This is a valuable feature, especially if you have different team members with different levels of clearance that have to use the same tablet, as it eliminates the need to repeatedly reconfigure. Each user is simply granted access to data and information based on their card clearance.

Rugged military grade tablets are designed to withstand harsh conditions without the need for constant repairs. DT Research tablets are IP65 rated and meet MIL-STD-810G standards, designed from conception to completion to resist impact, vibration, and moisture. They are also NIST compliant and operate efficiently in extreme temperature conditions.

The use of purpose-built tablets for military operations via a secure, closed network limits the risks of security breaches. This ensures that military data is well protected regardless of whether the unit is on base, in transit, or in the field.

Military Mobility Demands Purpose Built Devices with Built In Security

Local Government Security - How do you Protect your Data with Rugged TabletsRugged tablets provide the best option for successfully achieving a variety of military driven goals, including protecting vital data and safeguarding troops deployed in response to in-theater conflicts. Mobile devices for military use have to be military strong – both when it comes to physical construction and in regard to resistance to  security breaches.

The success of training exercises, peace-keeping missions and reconnaissance operations as well as routine logistics and supply chain maneuvers require real-time data access in order for leaders to receive crucial, time-sensitive intelligence, make informed decisions, and initiate actions that are swift and sure, informed by the latest and most accurate information available.

Purpose built, mobile tablets that are resistant to extreme conditions are vital to the success of our troops in the field. DT Research rugged tablets are created with the requirements of the military in mind, providing trusted solutions for the dual challenges of harsh operating environments and the utmost need for secure communications and data transfer.

DT Research has become a trusted solution provider for multiple military branches, delivering tablets that match powerful computing with durable housing that meets military standards across the board. Our military grade rugged tablets provide MIL-STD-810G, and have been tested for IP65 compliancy using real world situational testing to ensure our troops don’t experience loss of the all-important ability to maintain communication and data gathering activity during a crucial mission.

Each tablet is designed to:

  • Retain compatibility with other military technology systems, while securely storing and transmitting mission critical data via secure networks and resisting harsh environmental challenges like moisture, dust, and vibration
  • Protect both information and valuable personnel in real time situations, with media blackout options for sensitive data and the ability to remotely wipe tablets completely in case of loss
  • Provide new ways to streamline the ongoing transition into modern military requirements when it comes to mobile devices, and train both new recruits and veteran service members for a cohesive tech experience

Data defense is key in today’s cyber, ground, sea, and air strategies. A mobile computing solution capable of providing real time, mission critical support is vital at sea, in the air, and on the ground.  We believe all military service members should be equipped with devices that won’t fail them in the line of duty, and that’s why we create trusted rugged tablets that are strong enough to be carried and utilized by the best and bravest.