6 Benefits of Vehicle Docked Rugged Tablets for Military Use

BLOG 2 6-Benefits-of-Vehicle-Docked-Rugged-Tablets-for-Military-UseWheeled vehicles are the most-used form of transportation, especially in the military field. They should be equipped with nothing but the best of technology, to make sure the people and cargo being carried get where they need to be. Military vehicles need to be fast, efficient, and able to get where they need to be with no hitches along the way.

Technology has made it easier to remotely keep track of the actual vehicles themselves, what they’re carrying, and where they’re going. Docking a rugged tablet inside a vehicle enables the driver or passengers to do a number of things they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish before. From GPS capabilities to communication, vehicle mounted rugged tablets can be used to the mission’s benefit in nearly any scenario.

6 benefits to docking a rugged tablet into a military vehicle.

  1. Tracking. A fleet of vehicles is only as good as their organization. When transporting soldiers, weapons, or resources, it’s important to know where every segment of the unit is from the moment they leave to the moment they get to their destination.
  2. Field communication. With a rugged tablet, it is easier than ever to establish a steady, protected connection with the rest of a group. Critical information, changes in plans, and other important notifications can be passed along quickly and efficiently, and disasters and misunderstandings alike can be avoided with a single message.
  3. Training. With rugged tablets, soldiers can quickly learn new skills while on the go. Videos can make it easy to assimilate new information, and a vehicle with a docked rugged tablet can play or stream videos on demand.
  4. Mission planning. A lot of strategizing takes place on the road. Keeping the unit updated across multiple vehicles is easy with tablet technology, and when the meeting takes place on the go, there’s no need to physically regroup to update everyone.
  5. GPS capabilities. Paper maps can be unreliable, especially when the plans and routes are ever-shifting. GPS technology can help soldiers navigate any field, and make sure they get to their destination safely and on time.
  6. Maintenance. Military grade tablets can help the driver keep up with the vehicle maintenance, and record any issues the vehicle may be having until they can return to base. This can also extend to include soldiers themselves, and injuries or medical needs which can be recorded and triaged until they can be treated.

Military vehicles that take advantage of tech like mounted rugged tablets can provide added efficiency and safety to every member of a unit.

Maximizing Military Base Efficiency with Rugged Tablets

Maximizing-Military-Base-Efficiency-with-Rugged-TabletsMilitary base efficiency has skyrocketed with the advent and implementation of the latest technology now available: rugged tablets. Handheld, durable devices have revolutionized the way military bases are run, from office to training field to missions.

The way a military base functions depends heavily on communication and connectivity between personnel. Over the past few years, federal agencies began implementing more mobile devices which operate on closed networks, providing a safe, secure communication and data transfer system to streamline base operations and maximize efficiency.

The military and the armed forces in general benefit heavily from mobile rugged tablet technology. Ways tablets can be leveraged for efficiency on military bases include:

  • Reduction of paper document transfers. With tablet to tablet communication, data can be swiftly and securely transferred without waiting for documents to be hand carried from place to place. Instant delivery of information increases productivity and streamlines office to office communications.
  • Better functionality and durability than smartphones or consumer grade devices. Rugged tablets have higher processing capability, rugged builds to withstand challenging environments, and accessories that smartphones and consumer grade tablets don’t have, being designed specifically with today’s soldier in mind.
  • High level security options. Handheld devices are often seen as a privacy and security concern, but rugged tablets built to military standards provide security above and beyond that of consumer grade devices, as well as many options such as media blackout and other safeguards that protect military security on and off base.
  • CAC functionality. Card access fits perfectly with military base use when it comes to secured devices that are mobile and connected. Card readers provide the ability to deliver varying levels of access depending on the user of the moment, making rugged tablets more flexible and providing a way for quick handoff between staff members without worries about rank or level of security clearance being an issue.
  • Smart technology and apps. A high adoption of mobile devices means the need for apps that are tailored to end user needs and convenience. Rugged tablets can be loaded with customized applications designed for military use, such as situational awareness tools, field medical apps, augmented reality training modules, and more.

Military grade rugged tablets not only optimize military base efficiency, they boost productivity and increase security. Rugged tablet expansion to more military bases in all branches of service is a certainty over the next few years, as hardware and software solutions become more customized.


U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet Solutions

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet SolutionsVia a contract with Patriot Technologies, the U.S Navy has selected the DT Research DT311 Rugged Tablet to be deployed across various shipyards for use by U.S. Navy personnel.

The decision came after a series of rigorous tests designed to determine whether or not the tablets would provide the technical and physical superiority demanded by military users. Security was a top priority, followed closely by performance, durability, reliability, and usability.

Each purpose-built tablet will be put into use in one of the following verticals:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing and training
  • Other field-office data operations

The DT311 Rugged Tablet is the result of DT Research’s 20-year engineering and design commitment to purpose-built, handheld and mountable devices that incorporate sleek features with functional integration of programs the military relies on for security and safety.

The U.S. Navy depends on this level of technical excellence to improve productivity and increase efficiencies across a range of field-to-office duties. Users will be able to access data and images swiftly and securely in a wide variety of harsh and demanding environments, on a device that is simultaneously rugged and lightweight.

Practical Features of the DT311 Rugged Tablet

The military grade rugged tablets include a variety of features designed for security and practicality, including:

  • Smart Card/CAC Reader for multiple security level control
  • Full HD anti-reflective outdoor viewable screens for superior viewing in sunlight
  • Intel 5th Generation Core i5 CPU for high performance
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS security
  • Lock Down features to protect against malicious users
  • Media sanitization supportive of both NSA and USA-AF/Navy/Army standards

Additional options for added security include instant blackout and automatic Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi disable functions to turn off all radio capabilities under pre-configured conditions.

The DT311 Rugged Tablets are IP65-rated to meet durability and security standards required by the Navy and other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. These include being MIL-STD-810G & 461F and NIST compliant, HERO certified, and operational in extreme temperatures. Device Guard enterprise hardware and software security features are installed to limit the tablet to trusted applications with TPM 1.2 and 2.0 support.

This contract has been highly anticipated and is one in a series of military contracts, following a recent National Guard decision to deploy DT Research Rugged Tablets.

Six Things We Love about Military Grade Tech

1Tech designed for military use is a lot like the military itself – smart, strong, tough, and indispensable. Every military grade rugged tablet put in the hands of service members needs to enable them to do their job more efficiently, enhance the abilities they already possess, and endure the harsh and changing environments they find themselves in on a daily basis.

Military Strong

Rugged tablets created for use by military personnel are built to be strong and durable, meeting or exceeding exacting specs and resistance to shock impact, vibration damage, wind, rain, dirt, dust, and grime. They put up with demanding use and abuse in the field and transition seamlessly back to HQ for easy integration with desktop tech when required.

Military Smart

Tablet tech is smarter than ever, with customizable OS/software built to work on trusted platforms. Military grade rugged tablets can be configured to run analytics and calculate risks, provide computations in real time, and effortlessly combine reports and older data for updated records in seconds when timing is critical.

Military Secure

With connectivity comes security fears, but rugged tablets are outfitted with the latest security options, including access keyed to passwords, PINs, cards, and even optional fingerprint or retinal scanning. Tablets can be assigned to specific personnel, specific locations, or specific departments, allowing access at any level when authorized and secure hand-off between team members as required.

Military Seaworthy

With special requirements for maritime mobility, rugged tablets stand up to the challenge. From the Navy to the Coast Guard to the Marines, service members can depend on rugged tablets to resist water damage, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. The military keeps working come high seas and storms, and so does rugged tech.

Military Sensible

Built for portability, a rugged tablet can be customized for changing environments. They are easily transferred from office to the field and back again, with options for vehicle mounts and one hand carry. Screens are adaptable for changing light and indoor / outdoor use, and keyboards can be added or detached. Operation via a digital pen or with simple finger “writing” is also available.

Military Suitable

With hundreds of potential software upgrades (like GIS mapping and GPS guidance) and dozens of hardware add-ons (including barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access), rugged tablets can provide a single, easily transportable device that replaces 4 or 5 individual pieces of equipment. That makes the tablet a must-have for military techs who need multi-functional tools for speed, accuracy, and mobility.

Our military loves rugged tech, and we love our military. That’s why we constantly innovate and improve our offerings to stand up to the test.

Rugged and Reliable – Four Reasons Tablet Size Tech is Taking Over

Rugged-and-Reliable---Four-Reasons-Tablet-Size-Tech-is-Taking-Over (2)

The tablet revolution is here – with the advent of more durable, more powerful tablet computers, many are making the switch to using tablets as their daily go-to – with more capability than a smartphone but less bulk than a laptop, they are the perfect fit for those who want functionality in a portable package.


The ability to grab and go with a powerful computer in hand is appealing across a wide range of industries and tasks, providing managers and workers alike with the ability to be free from a fixed location while still able to utilize all the information they need. Tablets can be mounted in vehicles, set up at workstations, and carried by hand from place to place or passed off to another as needed.


Staying on top of data in real time and being able to instantly share, send, and receive information means that decisions can be made with the most recent data available. Secure networks add to this layer of convenience, taking the guesswork and the worry out of being in the loop. Data options or Wi-Fi can be used depending on the needs and security requirements of each connected device.

Hardware Features

Military rugged tablets can be touch screen or keyboard managed, with a dozen other options available to turn each device into a functioning camera, card reader, barcode scanner, GPS, and more. The ability to install modules to create multi use devices is part of what makes tablets so efficient. Instead of carrying around 4-5 devices for different purposes, the rugged tablet fulfills all needs in one portable option.

Software Abilities

Software and operating systems can be customized to include the most important features depending on the end user. Retailers will appreciate the ability to store massive inventory and employ easy to use payment options. Government workers can appreciate software that helps scale and screen 2D and 3D plans and track between blueprints and data collected on the ground.

Why Ruggedized?

Every benefit of portable devices is enhanced when durability and protection is added to the equation. Rugged tablets can keep performing long after commercial tablets must be replaced due to damage. Ruggedization can even meet exacting military standards, making rugged military tablets an attractive option for in-the-field use.

While smartphones are here to stay, laptops provide a comfortable, familiar option for many, and desktop PCs are ideal for stationary users, the tablet is the leading edge of technology when it comes to portable devices with extra power and functionality.