Why Rugged Tablets are the Best Device for Law Enforcement

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The ability to utilize laptop computing devices in police squad cars increases officer efficiency significantly, but laptops can be clumsy to handle in a vehicle or on the field.  Laptops can break at the hinges if held by the lid or base, and present portability issues.

Smartphones are more compact and easier to manage in the field, but small screens and fragility can mean losing multiple phones and they can also be more readily misplaced or stolen. Rugged tablets offer many advantages over laptops and smartphones when it comes to efficiency and mobility

Vehicle mounted tablets allow officers to enjoy hands free operation on a larger screen, charging while driving, and voice command functionality.  Tablets can be safely mounted in a small space that avoids airbag inflation in case of impact and reduces the chances of injury in a crash.

Tablets are also more ergonomic, allowing data entry from a portable standpoint since the tablet can readily be taken in hand and rapid entry and retrieval of data done in seconds without twisting, reaching or fighting an awkward position to complete the task.

Rugged tablet screens are durable, easy to read, and transfer from light to darkness to light against smoothly, making them invaluable in any weather situation. They also stand up against a wide range of temperatures and are impact resistant. Dust free, fanless design keeps the hardware in good condition, and software is designed to resist obsolescence.

Integrated barcode, RFID, smartcard or other types of data collection readers can be added to increase the value of a rugged tablet for a law enforcement officer. Handheld design means drivers license and insurance cards can be checked car-side, without having to return to the police vehicle.

On urgent calls with potential injuries, first responders can read QR codes, medical bracelet codes, prescription bottle data, or other important health related items. Enhanced mobile computing allows officers and forensic teams to survey and document scenes, record witness statements, scan IDs and fill out forms on the spot.

The functionality and flexibility of rugged tablets are what make them the best device for law enforcement. They supply the ability to keep up with paperwork on the fly, interact in real time with other personnel on the ground or at the station, and turn from a tablet to a notebook to a mounted computer with ease. Hot swappable batteries can be switched can be made in the field or in the car, for exceptional service day and night.


3 Ways Rugged Tablets are Revolutionizing Forensic Mapping

FR1Rugged tablets have become crucial tools in many industries ranging from the military and government work to hospitality, healthcare, and construction.  Purpose-built rugged tablets can save time and money, while driving outcomes that surpass traditional methods and usher in a new era of digitization.

Forensic mapping is being revolutionized by GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablets. Non-land surveying work is now possible at a higher level of accuracy, delivering scientific-grade results more quickly and easily than conventional surveying equipment can and at a smaller cost.  First responders to collisions, natural disasters and crime scenes can benefit by this technology, which provides them with additional safety on site while delivering exceptional results.

Law enforcement personnel can now deploy GNSS-RTK rugged tablets with drones to obtain the necessary measurements for crime scene re-creation and deliver pinpoint accuracy that is able to meet legal requirements for evidence. The centimeter-level measurement accuracies of forensic mapping with rugged tablets is aided by the incorporation of aerial photogrammetry software, allowing multiple photos of scenes to be taken and processed to create a point cloud. The data points can then be used to reconstruct a 3D version of the scene.

Rugged tablets contain the storage, computing power, and software to quickly complete these processes, and produce survey grade accuracy for documentation that will stand up in court if required. Comparable methods relying on laser scanners can be exorbitantly expensive but using RTK-GNSS enabled rugged tablets gets the job done at a fifth of the cost.

Likewise, conventional total station equipment can take several hours to complete when relying on GPS systems alone. The same task could be completed in 20-30 minutes by combining GNSS-RTK rugged tablets with drones.

When reconstructing crashes close to major roads or in rugged terrain, drone/tablet pairing allows data to be obtained swiftly so the scene can be cleared and traffic congestion relieved. Many states can qualify for grants for this equipment as it can improve incident management and first responder safety. Secondary crashes occur in one out of five accidents and are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of civilians, law enforcement officers, EMTs and rescue personnel. Clearing highway crash sites swiftly reduces the risk of such fatalities.

Conducting forensic mapping with GNSS-RTK rugged tablets and drones can improve not only the accuracy of data collected at non-land survey sites, but can mitigate negative downstream effects as well.



Integrating Vehicle Mounted Tablets for Rapid First Responder Deployment

5 Benefits of 4G for Law Enforcement 1st Responders

In times of emergency, every second is crucial. In order to do the best work they can, first responders need reliable tools with built in mobility. With rugged tablets, law enforcement, emergency medical teams, and fire and rescue units can reduce response times and get on site faster. Mobile technology has gone a long way in improving public safety, and the integration of office to field tech has made it easier for people to contact help while away from home base.

Rugged Tablets for First Responders

Rugged tablets take that a step further. Along with multi-functioning as a GPS system, communication device, and computer, rugged tablets can also serve as vital tools for first responders. Both on and off the field, they can be important assets to firefighters, paramedics, and emergency vehicle drivers alike.

Mountable Tablet Tech

With tablet mounts, first responders can keep their tablets on-hand for immediate use. Whether they’re driving or on the move, they can mount and dismount their tablet quickly. While mounted, the tablet can offer directions, real-time weather and traffic updates, and information on the ongoing emergency.

Multiple Use Devices

The passenger or driver can quickly eject the tablet to carry it manually, or pass it to other people in the car. Once unmounted and back in the office, they can be used to play training videos, send information to other teams, or write reports. Medical data can be accessed as well, making it easy for first responders to prepare for a medical emergency on-scene.

Fire and Rescue

Firefighters can access floorplans with rugged tablets, preparing themselves for the job ahead. This can save their lives as well as others, preventing further disaster. By arming our first responders with the tools they need, we can protect them and help them protect others.

In Transit Flexibility

Because the device and mount are separate (allowing for fast docking and undocking), the tablet can be safely used and passed around the vehicle while the driver focuses on the road. The mount can also spin and swivel, preventing any vision problems for the driver. By streamlining data into one device, it’s easier for first responders to get the information they need.

Mobility and functionality are hard things to find in an all in one device, and tablets are filling that niche. Durable, reliable, and multi-functional, . The world we live in is dangerous and unpredictable, so it’s crucial that our rescuers are well-prepared to navigate it.


6 Features of Rugged Tablets for Law Enforcement


Like many field operatives, law enforcement officers require a device that can follow them onto the field and offer information, support, and high-speed connection on the go. Tablet computers offer the portability and functionality necessary in a professional context, and ruggedized technology is built from the ground up to fulfill the needs of field agents. Integrating tablet technology into any police force can improve productivity, safety, and response times.

Here are just a few features that rugged tablets can offer police operations.

  1. Security. Where consumer-grade tablets leave more to be desired in this aspect, purpose-built tablets are designed to protect sensitive information. They can be encrypted further and protected with fingerprint scanners, passwords, and PIN locks. The protection of vital information is top priority, and all devices used to collect and communicate sensitive data should be locked down.
  2. Durability. Rugged tablets’ primary feature is their durability. They are built for hard use, and are protected against a number of environmental threats. If a device is to be used in harsh situations, it should be adequately protected. Rugged tablets can withstand extreme temperature, vibration, shock damage, drops, falls, and water damage.
  3. Ease of use. If smartphones and laptops were a spectrum, tablets would lie in the middle. Their size and innovative slate design makes them easy to carry around, mount in vehicles, and pass off to other officers. Likewise, their size makes them ideal for viewing documents, maps, and images.
  4. Battery life. Many laptops have short battery life which is not useful in the field, and smartphones don’t provide the same features as a computer. Purpose-built tablets are designed with long-lasting battery life, hot-swappable battery packs, and multiple chargers.
  5. Wireless capability. Rugged tablets can connect to hot spots, high-speed data, and wireless networks with ease. They also offer 3G and 4G connection, allowing for real-time communication, traffic and weather updates, GPS, and options like video calling and streaming.
  6. Input / output. The versatility of tablets allows them to adapt and connect to various other devices, many of which can prove valuable. With a range of ports such as USB, HDMI, headset jack, and RS-232, rugged tablets can easily add on peripherals needed to focus on required tasks.
  7. Instant Data Capture. Rugged tablets with fully integrated data capture provides efficient options to read barcodes, RFID tags, and CAC or smart cards, transmitting the information directly to the office to check against a database. When time is of the essence, every second counts.

Rugged tablets offer a variety of benefits to field operations like law enforcement, and have a number of features that set them apart from consumer tablets. In professional contexts, purpose-built technology will always hold up better than consumer-grade tech.

The Three Types of First Responders Who Need Rugged Tablet Solutions

The Three Types of First Responders Who Need Rugged Tablet Solutions

Public safety and rapid-response officials spend over half of their career on the field, both on the road and on a case. This means that many of them require a device that can move with them and keep up where smartphones and laptops cannot. In situations like these, the most reliable mobile computer available is the tablet computer.

With an innovative slate design and the portable processing power of a laptop, rugged tablets are purpose-built to keep up with even the busiest first-responder. Here are three types of first-responders who need rugged tablets, and how including purpose-built technology can benefit them:

EMS/EMT Personnel

Whether they’re on the road to an emergency call, transporting a patient to the hospital, or just doing a routine run, EMS officials are almost always on the move or inside an ambulance. The cramped quarters and lack of elbow room makes it hard for them to use laptops, and smartphones may not carry the processing power necessary when pulling up a patient’s health records.

In these cases, a ruggedized tablet can be the only logical choice when it comes to mobile devices. EMS personnel do not stop working during the rain, snow, or hail, and neither does ruggedized technology. The tablets are protected against extreme temperatures, water damage, fall damage, and the vibrations from being rattled around inside vehicles during transport, making them the ideal device for any EMT.

Fire & Rescue

Like EMS/EMT Personnel, these professionals rely on technology to help them save lives every day, so a dependable device isn’t just necessary, it’s crucial to the success of their jobs. With ruggedized technology, F&R officials can receive important updates, directions, and instructions for every job.

Having real-time communication can boost situation awareness and not only help them save others’ lives, but protect themselves in hazardous situations. Whether the tablet is being used en-route, to record or send data to superiors, or even in the hands of a coordinator, purpose-built technology is designed to keep up.

Law Enforcement

Police officers require a large degree of technology to accurately investigate cases, assess threats, and communicate with each other. With purpose-built tech mounted in their cars, in their hands, and in their offices, they can do all of these tasks and more.

Tablets can be used to map routes, collect evidence, write reports, and record situations. Patrols, emergency calls, and strategic response planning become easier with the assistance of a rugged tablet, and officers can focus on getting the job done.

While rugged tablets can be a useful upgrade or handy tool in many industries, they are becoming an obvious necessity for first-responders. By providing a way to access a wealth of information, serve as a communication hub, and collect and record data on the spot, they can literally become lifesavers in immediate situations.