Reconciling Big Data, Security, and Mobility with Rugged Devices


Although Big Data mining was originally utilized primarily for marketing purposes, it has now spread to industries like manufacturing and logistics. Highly automated factories can use data to support customization and optimization of assemblies, analyzing, adjusting, and maintaining everything from jet engines to telecommunications systems.

Big Data is now being referred to as a critical part of “Industry 4.0”, enabling advancements in manufacturing and utility fields. This trend is spurred by the increasing mobility of workforce’s across verticals, making rugged devices the go-to for easy access in the field and in the office.

Individual pieces of machinery can be optimized and controlled using remote devices such as tablets from any location, or mounted directly in the warehouse or manufacturing floor for easy access by various personnel. Monitoring builds, refining adjustments, and routing parts becomes easier when digitized information is continually updated in the system.

Field workers are now becoming IT workers as machines are digitized, and they need tools that will stand up to harsh environments. Factory floors, loading docks, warehouse picking and packaging / shipping logistics can be streamlined and easily tracked and improved when devices can be carried anywhere and handed off.

High tech mobile devices are needed that can be used in secure networks, providing the ability to transmit, access, share, and update information in real time. Encryption and various levels of identity confirmation can be implemented, as well as access levels that permit various personnel up and down the chain of command to readily view and edit sensitive data when needed without leaving it open to anyone with tablet access.

The rugged tablet is an important part of the Big Data world, and ideal for streamlining operations. It is fully mobile, and can be easily connected to reliable communications networks via RFID, barcode, serial ports, and remote signal.

Each device is also built to survive the workday, with extended battery run-time, ruggedness, and additional hardware and software options. Rugged tablets can be operated with a keyboard, stylus, or finger, and screens can be adjusted for outdoor or indoor use.

While Big Data may still feel new to many in manufacturing, telecom, and utility spaces, companies should move now to create a system that will keep up with changes, providing flexibility over time and resisting obsolescence. They are the best tools for the rapidly expanding “Big Data” workforce, and can adapt to changing demands to provide long term support.