DT Research POS Tablets Provide Higher Service Levels for Hospitality and Retail

6-advantages-of-rugged-tablets-for-restaurant-operations-2The POS tablets from DT Research feature incredibly powerful processing power in lightweight, easy to carry and durable forms. These slim 8 inch and 10 inch tablets combine trusted software with the latest hardware to deliver technological capability that shines in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues.

DT Research POS Rugged Tablets provide the following features:

  • LED-backlight screen with capacitive touch – choose from 8” (DT318CR, perfect for one handed carry in fast paced restaurant settings) or 10” (DT310CR, ideal for larger screen needs in hotel back ends for floor and room management)
  • Intel® AtomTM processor – the high performance with low power consumption is designed for fast loading and action completion on the floor and off
  • Operational time is bolstered with long lasting batteries – which can be swapped on the fly for more floor life and no need to switch tablets between shifts
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise or Android 8.1 operating system provides a familiar system and a short learning curve for new employees who can be trained swiftly and efficiently in the use of the technology
  • Optional EMV® Chip-and-Signature card reader allows for POS actions on the floor or in the room, allowing fast processing and verification through all major payment gateways
  • Optional camera, magnetic stripe reader, and 2D barcode scanner to allow multiple points and routes of data capture and transmission

Restaurant Uses:

Slim, portable DT318CR tablets with extra batteries can be recharged on the fly, with no need to go through several tablets per shift. Parties and tabs can be tracked from the bar to table seating or al fresco dining and back again. These POS tablets are rugged and can withstand harsher conditions and drops in the sand or on concrete. Multi-functionality allows the tablet to be used by a server until closing than handed off to back end staff for inventory and all data can be integrated for clear reporting.  

Hotel Uses:

Slightly larger DT310CR tablets with more screen space can be utilized to review maps of the hotel and identify rooms in need of service, empty rooms, booking confirmations, and more. The camera option can also help afford accountability for room service with visual confirmation added to data input whether the bar needs restocking or for maintenance issues.

Handheld POS tablets easily convert to stationary POS terminals when docked in the cradles, allowing for several fixed points on a busy restaurant floor, or the ability to track floor by floor in hotel settings. Tablets also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration to ensure real time communication and hands free operation can be instituted for ease of use and higher productivity. From the restaurant floor to the hotel room door, rugged tablets are changing the face of hospitality for the better.


Rugged Tablets are Better than Luck for Hospitality Venues


You don’t have to be lucky to improve workflows this spring as business starts to ramp up. In the past, increased business came with its own set of challenges, including how to handle long lines and customer wait times. With a rugged tablet, you can streamline your entire process from order taking to fulfillment and payment.

As customers lines lengthen, you can successfully achieve “line busting’ by equipping staff with durable, portable rugged tablet technology. These purpose built tablets are designed to allow your workers to step into lines and take orders on the spot, sending them directly to the kitchen and bypassing the cash register.

This can effectively reduce lines and shrink customer wait times by allowing more staff to be directed to vital tasks in the food service line while your front end can be readily managed by a few key personnel with rugged tablets in hand.

With rugged tablets, fast food drive-through lines can be busted by staff walking to each car to take orders, which are then immediately sent to the kitchen, and payment can be handled on the spot. This reduces customers lost due to long lines at the drive through and a wait for the order window.

Hotels can make their check in and check out process many times faster by allowing a rugged tablet to be mounted for new arrivals to check in and get their details out of the way before approaching the desk to pick up their keys.

Outgoing guests can finish settling their tab and any other last minute details before turning their keys in and exiting – with valet service or a taxi ordered at the tap of a button without tying up the concierge’s time in busy hours.

Casinos can follow one person through their entire stay with a card swipe option that allows all purchases made to be automatically handled on the spot and signature capture done at a dining table or roulette wheel.

Cruise ships can use RFID tracking to make on boarding and off boarding easy and fast, scanning all luggage and matching passengers to rooms and luggage as they embark or disembark.

Rental car agencies can also benefit by collecting all needed information, allowing real time car selection for inventory on hand, and handling every step of the rental process short of handing over the keys.

In every case, luck gets taken out of the equation and expectations can be solidified when rugged tablets are brought into play. Every possible line in retail and hospitality can be effectively busted with rugged tablet deployment for order-taking and fulfillment, and the opportunities for implementation are almost endless.

The Benefits of Rugged Tablets for Dining Experiences

DT311_rightangle_win10_9415 (2)Dining out – whether at a restaurant, in a movie theater, or in a stadium setting – is part of the fun of a night on the town. All of these venues can enhance customer experiences and increase revenues by implementing purpose built tablets into their ordering system, making it easier and faster for wait staff to take and deliver food orders.

It’s also easier and faster for the kitchen and floor waitstaff to fulfill the orders, and provides ways for the venue to increase profits. Tablet technology allows waitstaff to better serve customers by making notes to customize orders and ensure the instructions are relayed to kitchen staff. The mobile tablet makes it easy to upgrade orders, and cross-sell or upsell other food items from appetizers to drink refills to desserts with a tap on the screen.

Waiting in line in a lobby or at a food vending kiosk in a movie theater or a stadium can minimize purchases, as it is time consuming and inconvenient and can require multiple trips and transactions (not to mention juggling armfuls of food back to a seat.) Waiting for wait-staff in a restaurant or a mobile vendor at a ball game can also be tedious and annoying. Rugged tablets carried by hand can streamline ordering experiences, improving service from both the waitstaff and consumers point of view.

Restaurant staff can utilize a handheld rugged tablet ordering system to take customer orders and send them directly to the kitchen. From drink and appetizer ordering to entrée choices, this makes service faster. The tablet software can be programmed to prompt the servers to offer automatic upsell and cross-sell options, like larger drinks, added sides, and more. Promotions can be highlighted, and drink refills or dessert added to the tab before calculation. Even payment can be made through a rugged tablet interface, using a card reader and signature capture.

At movie theaters, viewers can order before or during the movie, with wait time cut dramatically since the order goes straight from the waitstaff to the kitchen as each order is placed, and can be retrieved and delivered in short order. Outdoor bars at events and beaches can utilize rugged tablet ordering as well, allowing patrons to enjoy themselves while waiting for food delivery.

Vendors at stadiums can also benefit, with staff working through the seating sections and taking orders by seat number to send to kitchens. Completed orders can then be delivered and payment can be collected via card reader and signature capture as verification instantly done. This option is also ideal for discreet, rapid service in box seat lounges.

This option is also applicable to hotel room service, either en suite or poolside; and casinos and cruise ships can also leverage this easy form of food ordering. Fast food lines can be handled by a staff member on foot supplementing the ordering window to cut down on time spent waiting to order and speeding food delivery.

Rugged tablets for retail hospitality have never been more effective. DT Research continues to develop and deploy new tools for this industry, as the technology will only continue to advance over time, making waiting in line for food a thing of the past!

The Growing Attractiveness of Rugged Tablets for POS Applications

6-Advantages-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Restaurant-Operations (2)Mobile computing is swiftly becoming the go-to for POS applications across a wide range of verticals, most obviously in retail and hospitality. Customer interactions, customer satisfaction, and customer experience hinge on speedy, accurate, and simplified service, and the point-of-sale and point-of-service options provided by a rugged tablet create a streamlined experience. Integrating rugged tablets can also increase efficiency and productivity in processes within in almost any customer-facing industry, eliminating bottlenecks in the service workflow.

Rugged tablets are suitable for all working environments and can simplify operations across the board. Retail and hospitality sectors are served well by the vast toolbox of solutions for familiar issues that a rugged tablet brings to the table. The flexibility of a tablet means it works as well in a restaurant, a casino, and a hotel, with the durability to stand up to constant, rigorous use and the customizability to meet every unique need presented to supply ultimate convenience and customer satisfaction.

The tablets’ built-in RFID readers and barcode scanners enable employees on the floor to rapidly bring up product information on screen and check available inventory without disappearing into the back to search manually. Barcode or RFID tracking can then inform the employee exactly where the item is, allowing them to perform a fast, easy retrieval. Long lines for the register are bypassed and the sale can be completed on the floor instantly utilizing MSR and EMV smart card readers and secure signature capture. Item out of stock? Verify the product’s availability elsewhere, complete the purchase, and note shipping information to generate a tracking number on the spot.

Rugged tablets can be used in hospitality for everything from front desk sign-in and kiosk based check out to inventorying items on carts for room turnover, handling room service requests, tracking mini bar consumption, and settling the bill – even if it needs to be split between parties. For internal use, tablets can check linen inventories, follow rooms as they shift from occupied to turnover, to ready for use, note keeping to ensure special instructions are accurately matched to room number. Wireless capability allows communication with adjacent restaurants or casinos for a seamless customer experience, and hot-swappable batteries means a tablet can last the entire shift without powering down.

In restaurants and dine in theaters as well as casinos, tablets provide for at-table ordering to speed up the process, immediately transferring the order to the kitchen, allowing instant, secure payment, and following the customer through their night for swift and simple completion of their open ticket and settling of the final bill at their convenience. Crowded venues can track where a customer is in their meal, and anticipate tables opening up for more efficient seating and shorter wait times.

The need for rugged tablets for POS needs will continue to expand, and purpose built tablets can meet the ever changing demands of the retail and hospitality worlds.

Rugged Tablet Options for Retail and Hospitality


The hospitality industry does hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually, and accounts for one of the fastest growing markets globally. Finding ways to improve customer service and satisfaction is a continual priority, as competition is extremely high in this sector and consumers value speed, efficiency, and rapid resolution to any issues.

Likewise, retail is a fast paced business with a need for rapid turnaround to meet consumer expectations. Both industries require devices which can deliver desired results in real time. Customer experience can be improved in hospitality with the use of purpose built devices such as rugged tablets, which feature many benefits which can be used to the advantage of boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality and retail centric businesses.

Card Readers

For hospitality venues, this option can be invaluable for streamlining and improving customer experiences. A customer, client, visitor, or passenger can be issued a card tied to their account, room number, group, or payment source, to track their activities and expenditures in real time and make check-out as effortless as possible with an itemized, time stamped proof of each transaction and the ability to split the bill if needed. The card can be swiped any time a transaction or purchase is made, to keep billing untangled and clientele cognizant without interrupting the flow of the experience.

RFID / 2D Bar Code Scanner

One of the biggest challenges to retail and hospitality organizations is real time inventory tracking, especially during seasonal highs when customer patience is short, and supplies can run low in a matter of minutes. Scanners can turn rugged tablets into inventory trackers which update across every system automatically in real time and prevent customer disappointment or delays in service. Barcodes are still one of the most popular forms of item tagging or pricing information, and a scanner on a rugged tablet is fully integrated for reliability and can get fast answers in real time.

RFID tags can be attached to customer luggage or a bracelet, and used to track it through a hotel, on a cruise ship, or if it is being held in a retail center for retrieval later. They can also be used in hospitality or retail settings on the business side, to track inventory that is in transit or being moved inside facilities, or to monitor larger pieces of equipment in real time.

Other types of modules and scanners can also be added as needed to turn rugged tablets into the most valued additions to any retail or hospitality business. For inventory, customer service, and sales finalization, rugged tablets meet all the necessary parameters for functionality and security.