DT Research Announces C1D2 Certification for the 301 Rugged Tablet

BLOG 6 8-Reasons-Rugged-Tablets-Are-the-Most-Secure-Option-for-Mobile-UseOur rugged tablets are built to strict  standards, passing and surpassing military grade requirements and expectations. Our DT301 Rugged Tablet is now approved for C1D2 certification, which means a whole new range of uses under exacting conditions is now possible.

C1D2 certification stringently tests devices for intrinsic safety, ensuring devices under normal or abnormal circumstances are deemed safe to operate in areas where gases, vapors and other hazardous liquids may exist. Expected utilizers of the DT301 Rugged Tablet under this new certification include:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Utility gas plants
  • Power generation
  • Chemical manufacturing

With C1D2 classification, tablets can be safely operated in areas where potential hazards may exist. This means under a worst-case scenario, a malfunctioning tablet will not ignite the substance around it, causing an explosion or other catastrophe.

Gasses and vapors are broken into four groups under this classification including:

  • Acetylene
  • Hydrogen, gases or vapors of equivalent hazard
  • Ethyl-ether vapors, ethylene or cyclo-propane
  • Gasoline, hexane, naptha, benzene, butane, propane, alcohol

Integrating a rugged tablet into manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other environments streamlines workflow; increases productivity and efficiency; reduces human error, excess paperwork, and redundancy; provides instant, secure data transfer; enables real time communication; and improves processes like inventorying and time stamping.

The DT301 rugged tablet is an ideal tool for use by floor and plant managers; in warehouses and storage facilities; on loading docks or at ports;  around large machinery; in hazardous locations; on the road, or in the office, and more.

This tablet is equipped with rubber bumpers on each corner for better handling and protection, capacitive touch LED backlit screen, 4 GB of ram, an Intel processor, a built in microphone and speaker and multiple customizable hardware and software options, making it a device which can be tailored for the user, scaled to the size of the operation, and adapted to future requirements with a long operating life.