Versatility of the Medical Tablet Cart System

Medical Tablet Cart SystemsThe medical tablet cart system has been a giant step forward for emergency rooms, hospitals, and urgent care clinics, providing a continuity of care that is unmatched when it comes to mobility and efficiency. Increased professionalism and better patient outcomes occur when healthcare workers have the tools they need.

Integration with existing patient records systems means electronic health records (EHRs) are easier to review, update, and transmit seamlessly, providing any necessary information available to all members of a patient team and making it easier than ever to catch errors before they impact patient care.

Visual Output

Images and other data can be shared with patients using bedside viewing, allowing even complex charts and scans to be explained in detail with visual aids. Signatures, acknowledgments, waivers, and authorizations can be effectively completed on the spot without the need for a specific terminal or handheld option.


Integrated hot swappable batteries permit continual use which can be crucial to continuity of care, while additional features like touch screens, finger or stylus writing, and an RFID or smart card reader deliver a seamless work experience for healthcare professionals.


The medical tablet cart’s mobility allows it to be easily relocated with patients from ward to ward, room to room, or floor to floor, which is particularly helpful when sending a patient for scans or tests and results can be keyed in in real time by technicians and specialists can review on the fly with real-time updates between the tablet and the rest of the medical facility’s system.


A medical tablet cart can be wheeled rapidly and without fear ofs are given the best possible tools to do their job. A medical tablet cart has a small footprint and is lightweight so it can be efficiently moved and utilized, and eliminates tablets being misplaced or not used due to low battery power. It also improves staff mobility as the tablet can be used with or without the cart.

The power of medical tablet cart systems can enhance every step of the patient care process, in the following important ways:

Record Keeping

upsetting down crowded hospital hallways and parked unobtrusively by a patients bed when needed. Teams of healthcare professionals can work in tandem on a patient’s care since the information can be securely shared within their network and the patient’s private data protected.

Medical tablet carts are transforming the hospitals of today into the healthcare centers of the future, where care is highly individualized and synced perfectly through the entire system for excellent patient outcomes and professional satisfaction.

3 Advantages of the New DT Research Medical Tablet Cart System

20170130_165235 (2)Innovation is the core of our business and success for our clients. When we think of the next product to manufacture, we analyze the market’s needs and develop a plan to service those needs by delivering a product that is functional, sleek and includes all-in-one capabilities, to improve efficiency, workflow and productivity. We’re excited to announce our latest design, the Medical Tablet Cart System.

This mobile cart is an all-in-one system that combines the with a  sleek, lightweight rolling cart that allows healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor, record and retrieve patient information in a non-intrusive manner.

3 Reasons to Choose the NEW Medical Tablet Cart System:

  1. Hot-Swappable Battery Pack: This means extra power supply, with up to 14 hours in total operating time, the hot-swappable battery function maximizes performance and power longevity compared to other medical carts. The “swappable” function means data is not lost during the “battery transfer” process because the machine will stay on for up to 90 seconds while the transfer is being completed. No powering down needed.
  2. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Optional Mobile Broadband Connection: This built in capability makes data access more efficient and optimizes staff workflow, with less downtime.
  3. Secure Operation: The medical tablet cart can be used without the cart with the touch of a button and easily carried with a built-in hand strap, designed for comfort and minimal arm strain. Also complete with a locking tablet mount to keep the device stable  while in operation.

We’re improving the way medical carts do their business. With the launch of the medical tablet cart system, it is sure to turn heads with its sleek, professional design. Optional 3G//4G camera, RFID reader, 2D barcode scanner and Intel® RealSense™ front camera that supports gesture, facial recognition, and speech recognition are also available functions of the medical cart.

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