RTK Tablets for Crash Scene Investigations in Bad Weather

6-Features-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Law-EnforcementRugged tablets are helping with the rapid management of crash scene investigations in bad weather, providing ways to accurately map and record the scene before swiftly clearing it. These tablets are designed to be used in tandem with drones, delivering swiftly cleared sites and allowing restored traffic while helping to safeguard the lives of first responders and others on the scene. When crash sites can be cleared with less risk to critical emergency management personnel, and minimized danger to clean up crews, even bad weather doesn’t have to compromise any potential investigation.

There are extremely high risks associated with working a crash site, and inclement weather, including wet, slushy, or snow covered roads can increase this risk and delay reopening of lanes or roads. In addition, a crash scene is also often a crime scene, meaning careful documentation is expected and will need to be accurate and clear enough to stand up in court if need be.

While an initial crash may injure many people involved, additional victims are added to the toll each year in the way of first responders and cleanup crews on site who put themselves on the front lines of a crash site investigation, tending survivors, documenting the crash, and clearing the scene.

Drones used in combination with  GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablets can contribute to faster, more effective crash scene clearing, while still gathering vital evidence which is accurate enough to be used later if required for a civil or criminal court proceeding. Rugged tablets can receive and analyze data sent by drones flying over the scene in repeated sweeps from the same altitude to generate overlapping images, when properly combined, the images for a clear view of the crash site that is accurate to within 1-2 centimeters and delivers perfect 3-D detail.

The entire process takes only a fraction the time required for traditional crash scene documentation, allowing the site to be rapidly cleared and traffic to resume as officials o the scene move away from the documented scene and turn their attention to serving survivors and managing reports. The data collected by the drones and tablets can be recorded and distributed within acceptable privacy parameters to analysts, medical professionals, insurance carriers, law enforcement personnel, and lawyers to provide a clear picture of events and help determine any additional action if required.

The ability of rugged tablets to speed process and save lives continues to expand, and law enforcement agencies are adding them to tool-kits with ever increasing frequency.


Three Industries that Benefit from Rugged Tablets Purpose Built for Accuracy

Using-Handheld-and-Mounted-Rugged-Tablets-for-ConstructionPurpose-built computing solutions are creating cross industry disruption as they take multiple verticals by storm. The DT301X Rugged Tablet, is a military-grade tablet that is purpose-built to enhance the precision of measurements taken in a variety of situations, delivering a high level of accuracy that can be key to safe construction or relevant if a traffic accident develops into a lawsuit or investigation.

Crime and Crash Scene Reconstruction

The DT301X integrates the Intel® RealSense™ Depth camera, providing real-time 3D imaging which both shortens the workflow and creates extremely accurate measurements for crime scene forensics teams to utilize. This process delivers scientific grade data, which is important for court evidence that investigators or legal teams may later need to rely on. Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems allow flexible integration.

Surveying and Construction

The DT301X is also ideal for engineering, design, CAD and building plans, bridge and other construction inspections, and surveying. Many surveying tasks have been made easier and faster as well, with 3D camera technology that can be made available to a wider group of workers with information shared in real time. This technology allows depth perception to be fully integrated, providing the most accurate images possible to keep project specs consistent and fact based. The tablet can also help coordinate advanced workflows for data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting.

Utility Management

This rugged tablet delivers the detailed accuracy required for utility line location, and provides unparalleled functionality with the latest 3D camera technology in a single device that is rugged and field ready. The DT301X has MIL spec and IP ratings, is lightweight, features a high brightness 10.1” touch screen and 8th generation  Intel Core high-performance processors without sacrificing energy efficiency. The tablet goes from utility site to vehicle to the station in a vehicle mount that provides maximum mobility, and hot-swappable batteries so there’s no downtime.

This tablet can be supplemented with a detachable keyboard for ease of use, and equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time communications. Other optional modules include a 2D barcode scanner, a dual frequency GNSS module, 1000 ft range Bluetooth and 4G LTE mobile broadband.  From the electrical substation to the crash scene to the construction site, the DT301X is the perfect tool for field workers across multiple industries.

Rugged Tablets and Drones for Rapid Crash Scene Clearance

6-Features-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Law-EnforcementRugged tablets are changing the face of crash scene investigations by providing accurate mapping of crash sites with less risk to first responder and critical emergency management personnel and clearing sites faster for swifter return of flow of traffic and minimized danger to civilians and cleanup crews.

The massive risks associated with the aftermath of a crash site cause hundreds of additional accidents and injuries each year. Once a crash scene is in progress, every minute that elapses between the initial securing of the scene and complete clearing of the scene increases the chances of additional destruction and victims.

Pre-emptive planning and thorough, rapid research can contribute to faster, more effective crash scene clearing without compromising evidence that could later be required in a civil or criminal court proceeding. To achieve the goal of clearing a crash site and securing accurate, reliable, court acceptable readings and measurements, devices that are designed for pinpoint accuracy and speed are required.

More emergency operations are turning to rugged tablets as their portable device of choice over laptops and smartphones. Tablets deliver an easy-to-handle slate design plus expanded functionality and portability without sacrificing speed and power. GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) rugged tablets can capably record, analyze, and deliver all necessary data from a crash site, allowing teams to clear sites swiftly and restore normal traffic flow to prevent further incidents.

Law enforcement personnel who deploy GNSS-RTK rugged tablets with drones can rapidly obtain the necessary measurements for crime scene re-creation, while meeting legal requirements for evidence. The drones are capable of scanning from a set level in repeated sweeps that provide overlapping photos, delivering multiple reference points to obtain accurate measurements to within 1-2 centimeters.

Software can analyze and recreate the scene in perfect 3-D detail, in a tiny percentage of the time required for traditional site surveying methods, allowing the scene to then be cleared and regular traffic to resume. Data collected can later be used as required to satisfy insurance, law enforcement, and other legal procedures with reliable, trusted results that have science on their side.

From mapping scenes with scientific levels of accuracy to geotagging photos to recording notes created on the scene in real time, purpose-built rugged tablet are paving the way for crash site technicians to work faster, effectively, and more safely. Emergency managers who add rugged tablets paired with drones to their toolkit for crash scene management find their jobs are made easier and more lives are saved as a result.

Benefits of Rugged GNSS Tablets for Stakeless Construction Projects

Benefits-of-Rugged-GNSS-Tablets-for-Stakeless-Construction-ProjectsAs the modern Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) begins to gain traction, many construction companies and projects are beginning to forego physical stakes to take on “stakeless” construction projects. Mostly used while building or fixing stretches of road, this method utilizes technology to save time, money, and manpower.

However, this method requires technology that is capable of keeping up with both workers and planners. Computers and smartphones were not compatible with the projects, and consumer-grade tablets didn’t hold up to the stress of construction environments. This challenge requires a single solution: rugged technology. More specifically: rugged tablet technology.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Mobile

Tablets are ideal for mobile situations. With their intuitive slate-shaped design, user-friendly format, and strong processing power, they manage to combine mobility and usability to create the perfect device for both casual and professional situations. However, rugged technology takes these devices one step further.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Tough

Rugged tablets are designed from the bottom up for hard-use situations. From the hardware to the casing, they are built to withstand demanding environments, while still keeping up technologically. With protection against dust, dirt, sand, and even water, they are impervious to many threats that may cause malfunctions in a consumer-grade device. As well as having excellent debris-protection, rugged tablets are also well-protected against extreme temperatures, as well as drops and falls.

Rugged GNSS Tablets are Versatile

These construction ready tablets are also outfitted with 3G/4G connectivity, dual-core processors, built-in cameras, and LED backlit screens that can be used in both dim and bright environments. They are also compatible with a number of extensions and software, making it easy to integrate them with any existing systems. Many companies that have already invested in professional-grade tablets have already reaped the benefits, both financially and on the field.

Both in design and in performance, rugged tablets have shown that they can withstand the stresses of a professional construction setting, while still improving the working situations for employees.

Implementing technology into construction situations has been a successful experiment that has not only boosted efficiency and speed, but also reduced mistakes and on-site accidents. For “stakeless” construction projects, a team outfitted with rugged tablet technology can be invaluable to the project as a whole. GNSS capability takes on site construction to a new level by streamlining traditional processes and inventing new ways to complete tasks.

Cutting Edge Products for Verticals in Need of the Latest Technology

DT Research specializes in anticipating needs in various verticals and creating the ideal products to meet and exceed expectations. Each line of products is infinitely customizable, able to be scaled up as needed, and provides the best end user experience possible.

Military / Government

The Rugged Tablet is designed for durability, portability, and security in settings where being tethered to a desktop isn’t a viable option and laptops are too fragile and bulky. They perform indoors, outdoors, and in harsh environments, providing a larger than usual tablet screen, a shatter resistant exterior, and shock resistance built in to every device. Security features allow for varying levels of access with built-in card readers that recognize levels of clearance.

3 Main Industries DT Research Serves:

Construction / Utility Service

GNSS Tablets come standard with touch screens, high performance processors, and all the tools required for fast, accurate mapping, surveying, and positioning as well as many GIS applications. Mitigating the issues of lost paperwork, misplaced plans, or removed flags, information is stored safely in digital form, and can be quickly retrieved, reviewed and shared in real time. Options allow for three views per screen and allow overlays to be turned into 3D representations of actual blueprints. Our rugged tablets can be taken into the field or used in the office, delivering reliable performance whether mounted in a vehicle or forklift or in the hands of field staff.


Medical Cart Computers make data collection, input, review, transfer, and collaboration both mobile and secure. Hot-swappable batteries ensure there’s no interruption of patient care and no need to remember to plug in carts. With all-in-one efficient designs, these Medical Cart Computers offer touch screens adding to ease-of-use, high speed processors for top performance, and anti-microbial coating add an extra layer of protection.

Industrial / Manufacturing

More uses for Rugged Tablets exist in the world of high speed industry, from manufacturing to warehousing to the logistics of transport. Streamlined efficiency means no wasted trips back and forth carrying clipboards from field to office – data can be captured, transmitted, and updated immediately. A tablet dropped, stepped on, or knocked off of a truck doesn’t mean loss of data or functionality.

Whether it’s a need for durability, potential to safeguard lives on the line in a military or hospital setting, a need for high level mobile security on a government level, streamlined efficiency in an industrial or manufacturing environment, DT Research provides the highest level of quality and functionality in the rugged tablet market.