Don’t Fool Around with the Security of Your Business

Rugged-Tablets-–-Where-Mobility-Meets-SecurityWhen it comes to mobile, digital devices used in the healthcare, military, federal and state government offices, city planning, and utilities industries, safety and security are paramount. Rugged tablets can provide you with these important features, keeping data on lock down even if a tablet is misplaced or stolen, and allowing access only to approved personnel.

Healthcare companies have enormous databases filled with deeply personal data which must be protected as dictated by federal law. Healthcare workers need mobile, easy to use devices to safely share patient data and preserve their rights to privacy.

Military missions require security of data as a critical measure for base bound service members and those in the field. Rugged tablets are durable enough to be used anywhere, and secure enough to keep mission critical information under wraps.

Federal and state, and city government offices are often on tight budgets, yet are expected to maintain fully professional digital security and operational efficiency within their spending cap. Fortunately, rugged tablets can help fulfill these needs with integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities that can protect against data vulnerabilities when outside of a closed network.

Utilities industries require durability, security, and stability from devices that may need to be carried into harsh environments. Line workers can depend on rugged tablets for secure transmission of proprietary data to effect swift decision making in the field.

Additional benefits of using rugged tablets include additional safety and security features such as:

  • Card readers that allow access on a specified basis depending on card owner permissions, and Lock Down mode to allow for media blackouts if required
  • Wipe feature for situations when a tablet is lost or stolen, to permanently eradicate private data, and the ability to remotely disable the scanner/camera/radio/antenna
  • Windows 10 IOT OS with advanced security features, Device Guard enterprise hardware, and a TPM 2.0 support to deliver a trusted platform module
  • An encrypted SD card slot to allow sensitive information to be kept siloed

Rugged tablets protect various levels of government organizations, all branches of the military, multiple public utilities, first responders such as police, EMTs, fire and search & rescue services, and other field teams. Efficient guarding against data loss or theft and unwanted image transmission can provide security for many agencies concerned about hacking or data breaches.

In contrast to typical off-the-shelf consumer grade tablets – or worse, BYOD smartphones – rugged tablets provide the security required for all of these industries to be capably protected.


Top Advantages of Rugged Tablets for Retailers

6-Advantages-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Restaurant-Operations (2)Staying organized and streamlining processes is a top priority for most businesses and it can be vitally important in retail.

A rugged tablet can help improve productivity, increase security, and maximize sales while providing stability and a sensible approach to retail operations.


Long lines can stifle a company’s productivity, discouraging the next wave of customers who see a long line. Rugged tablets can enable instant service with employees jumping in for line-busting, finalizing purchases without the need for a physical encounter at the register. Hospitality centers in particular can benefit from the ability to provide guests with speedy completion of all steps for their visit from check-in to check-out, and room service or other amenities can be easily tracked via a customer side card to swipe or a room or suite number.


Encrypted signature capture delivers high end security and provides customers peace of mind when making purchases on a rugged tablet. The EMV (Eurocard / Mastercard / Visa) chip and signature card reader allow customers to easily and clearly sign on the tablet which provides additional protection against data theft and breaches of privacy. When these security options are offered to customers, the trust factor goes up and they feel comfortable shopping with a retailer or at a hotel gift shop again and again. Their card never leaves their sight, as even restaurants can use tablets at tables for payment at the end of a meal and the card stays secure in the possession of the diner at all times.


Sales can be increased with the use of rugged tablets, which can generate instant cross sell and up sell opportunities for retailers, offer additional items, beverages and desserts to diners, present room service or pay per view options for hotels, or inquire if an upgrade is needed for car rental services. Coupon codes can also be generated and supplied to customers to encourage repeat business, and data collected with consent for customers interested in future offers or being part of an email or mobile number list for real time discounts or geofencing opportunities.

A rugged tablet could be one of the best gifts a business owner can give themselves as they move into the new year, with additional options for inventory tracking, delivery confirmation, and more.


Top 10 Reasons to Gift Your Business a Rugged Tablet

rugged-tablets-and-the-hospitality-industry-2Your company deserves a holiday gift, one that will keep giving for many years by improving workflow, productivity, and accuracy. Here are ten reasons a purpose built rugged tablet could be the ideal gift for your business, help kickstart the holiday season, and get 2019 off to a great start.

  1. Utility companies can become more efficient during outages, when weather causes downed power lines or there are transformers to be checked. A crew that can stay in close contact via rugged tablet can get to prioritized areas quickly and work together to restore service.
  2. Retail outlets can service customers directly on the floor with rugged tablets, checking inventory and finalizing sales with card swipe payment and signature capture options to reduce holiday lines.
  3. Restaurants can also speed up every process, from seating to ordering to refills to paying the tab, with rugged tablets in the waitstaff’s hands. Extra items can be offered on the spot and gift cards sold without the need for an extra wait.
  4. Logistics becomes simpler whether you run a courier or traditional delivery service, with fast driver to headquarters updates and the ability to use connected tablets for everything from delivery confirmation to route planning in heavy holiday traffic.
  5. Manufacturing can be streamlined and sped up with rugged tablets on the warehouse floor, and packaging and shipping is faster and easier with rugged tablets helping to track inventory and shipments when order volume hits seasonal highs.
  6. Extreme weather is no problem for a rugged tablet, making them ideal for outdoor environments. GNSS capability can drive surveying and construction along, providing the ability for everyone involved in a project to see updated blueprints in real time.
  7. Medical clinics and offices can use purpose built tablets to manage and streamline patient care, from check-in to patient file updates to safeguarding sensitive data.
  8. Business owners and entrepreneurs across various service industries (such as landscaping, contractors, and pool maintenance) can use a rugged tablet to schedule appointments track inventory, take payments, capture signatures, and more. It’s a single device that allows a company to run at maximum productivity.
  9. Municipal managers can utilize tablets to keep office staff connected with field workers and help create smarter solutions for their cities.
  10. Law enforcement and emergency services can utilize purpose built vehicle mounted tablets to improve communication in the field, and even pair tablets with drone technology for search and rescue, crash site clearance, or fire management.

Rugged tablets sit at the leading edge of technology There are multiple choices when it comes to specifications and options meaning the tablet can be customized perfectly for your organization, company, or small business.

Selecting a Rugged Tablet from DT Research

Which Industry Verticals are Adopting Tablet Tech the Fastest and WhyIf you are in the market for rugged tablets, finding the best option may seem like a maze of too many – or too few – choices. At DT Research, we simplify the process with our product configurator. Starting from our wide selection of rugged tablets, GNSS tablets, medical tablets, all-in-one computers and other solutions, you can narrow down your product specifications and determine which optional modules you need to create the ideal device for your intended purpose.

Medical Verticals

If you need a medical tablet, anti-bacterial exteriors and hot-swappable batteries can be near the top of your must-have list. Also convenient are scanner options – barcode or RFID – which allow patient wristbands, medications, and other important items to be instantly recognized and logged. Card scanners can also be used to allow access to patient data while maintaining privacy, and mountable options can add to the ease of portability for staff on long shifts.

Military Deployment

Being able to rely on a rugged device in the field can mean the success of a critical mission. Rugged tablets from DT Research are built to military specifications, to withstand temperature changes, vibration, moisture, dust, and more. Choose from a wide range of scanners, cameras, connectivity options like Wi-Fi, broadband, and Bluetooth, and screen size that matches your specific needs. CAC readers keep sensitive information safe and efficiently allow varying levels of access as required. Ask about blackout options for emergencies, and remote wiping in case of theft or loss of a tablet.

Government and Utilities

City, county and state governments can use rugged tablets for everything from smart city planning to managing field employees. Look for tablets with multiple options for data entry, such as detachable keyboards, digital pens, and even fingertip writing on a touch capacitive screen. Inquire about card readers and camera options for quick data capture and information transmission between field workers and headquarters.

Supply Lines, Retail and Hospitality

Warehouses, transportation, and logistics require tablets that are sturdy, portable, and able to effectively manage inventory tracking on the go as well as delivery confirmation. Ask about EMV card reader options and secure signature capture, as well as RFID readers and barcode scanners to track everything from shipments to clientele. Retail outlets, cruise ships, movie theaters and car rental services can all benefit from having the right kind of tablet, whether you need to speed up service at the drive through line or scan pallets on a moving shipping container.

DT Research provides a full range of customizable tablets with the ability to design and launch a full complement of devices tailored to your organization’s needs. Explore the product configurator today.


DT Research Rugged Tablets: Comprehensive. Customized. Complete.

Commercial-Mobile-Tech-Jumps-to-Military-Deployment-with-Rugged-Tablets (2)When you are looking for a rugged tablet that is just right for your company, organization, business, or government agency, look no further than DT Research. Our line of tablets is designed with more options, more paths to customization, and more industry specific possibilities than the competition; instead of just two or three base models, we have over a dozen, with specialization for multiple industries.

Government, Retail, Hospitality, and Logistics

The DT311 rugged tablet is ideal for government, military, and utility use, featuring IP65 and MIL-STD-810G and 461F certifications, an integrated 11” capacitive touchscreen, and a high-performing, energy-efficient Intel® processor. Options include mobile broadband, 4G LTE/AWS, Wi-Fi, long-range Bluetooth, 5 megapixel camera (front and/or back), a 2D barcode scanner, and a U-blox M8 GNSS module. The durability and portability of this tablet means reliable operation in harsh, mission critical environments.

Ten other rugged tablet models ranging in screen size from 7 inches up to 14 inches provide the ideal size for any use, and allow law enforcement and fire service to better serve communities with devices customized for integration in their direct vertical. Durable tablets with RFID and barcode scanners make retail, hospitality and logistics verticals run more smoothly and improve customer experience.

Construction, Crash Site Reconstruction, and Search and Rescue

The DT301T-TR rugged tablet is perfect for construction and utility crews, featuring a large and 10.1″ 1920 x 1200 pixels, 800 nits high-brightness capacitive touch display and a fast, efficient Intel 6th Generation Core i processor. A high-end Hemisphere P307 GNSS module and built-in back camera deliver superlative results in the field. Hot-swappable battery packs keep crews moving without interruption, and a smart card reader makes it easy to gain access at appropriate levels to maintain security on and off site.

The smaller, 7 inch DT372AP-TR provides the same great level of service with a smaller, more portable exterior which can be pole mounted for stability. Tablets can be used in tandem with drones for crash site reconstruction and faster clearing of roads, and for search and rescue operations in unfavorable terrain.

Medical Services

The DT313H-MD and DT313C-MD have a large 13.3″ Full-HD capacitive touch screen, and features the speedy, effective and energy cognizant Intel 5th Generation Core i7 processor. A full-slot smart card reader, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes data access efficient and optimizes staff workflow, while anti-bacterial surfaces help keep patients safe. Additional options include a 3D RealSense Intel camera, various barcode readers and scanners, and multiple data entry options including a digital pen and detachable keyboard for speed and accuracy in fast-moving situations whether in an ambulance or an emergency room.

With nearly unlimited possibilities for customization, DT Research rugged tablets provide the perfect device for the precise job at hand, from the warehouse to the railway, and from the base camp to the front lines.