Rugged Tablets for Public Safety and Forensics

5 Benefits of 4G for Law Enforcement 1st RespondersRugged tablets are assisting with the swift and safe management of crash scene investigations, allowing law enforcement and first responders on scene to accurately map and record the site before rapidly clearing to restore normal traffic flow.

These tablets are designed to be used solo, or in conjunction with drones, providing the ability to immediately clear crash scenes after mapping, and helping to safeguard the lives of both those responsible for investigating and any passersby.

The high risks associated with working a crash site must be carefully balanced with the need for highly accurate documentation. In many cases, the site of a crash is also a crime scene, or at the least a scene which must be investigated to bring resolution.  Documentation must be thorough and accurate, and recorded in such a way as to provide records suitable for presentation in court, if required.

Rugged tablets help crash sites to be cleared with less risk to cleanup crews, an improved working environment and speedier conclusion for critical emergency management personnel, a level of accuracy that keeps any potential investigation from being compromised.

Instead of more lives being risked during a long and drawn out information gathering process at the scene using traditional methods of image capture, a rugged tablet can swiftly record the entire scene with incredible detail, allowing crash site reconstruction after the fact and helping minimize risk to emergency workers and onlookers alike.

When a rugged tablet with GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) system is utilized with drone capability for a bird’s eye view, the result is faster, more effective crash scene clearing. At the same time, all of the vital evidence required for a potential civil or criminal court proceeding is gathered with 1-2 centimeter accuracy and 3-D detail, at amazing speed.

Data recorded in this fashion can then be safely and securely transmitted on demand to third parties such as analysts, medical professionals, insurance carriers, law enforcement personnel, and lawyers. They can rebuild the scene and determine fault, if any, allowing further action to be taken if there is outside culpability, or the case to be successfully closed.  

The case for rugged tablets for crash site clearing, crime scene investigation, and forensic information gathering continues to expand, as law enforcement and first responders find new scenarios in which to test this technology and work safer and smarter in the field. 

Rugged Tablets Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

rugged-tablets-and-the-hospitality-industry-2Rugged tablets are transforming the way customers experience service. From common retail shopping situations to fast food drive-throughs to dine-in movie theaters, ordering and payment is being streamlined. The benefits of rugged tablets span multiple industries, disrupting verticals and increasing consumer expectations, while making it easier for service providers to do their jobs and creative positive consumer experiences.

Rugged Tablets for Hospitality

Rugged tablets are changing the face of hotel management, from internal processes like room assignments and cleaning, to visitor facing advantages like rapid check-in/check-out and room service. In-room services such as mini-bar inventories, pay per view, and linen requests can be swiftly and discreetly calculated, while individual payment methods and signatures can be captured immediately for services not covered by a business account.

Rugged Tablets for Movie Theaters

In-seat dining is becoming more common at boutique movie theaters and chains, but handling ordering and payment during a film can be disruptive to other moviegoers. With rugged tablets, viewers can order quietly and without the need for a hostess or server to repeatedly visit their seat. Instead, orders are relayed directly to cook-staff, refills can be requested without flagging down an usher, and payment handled without the need for additional assistance.

Rugged Tablets for Cruise Lines

Rugged tablets are transforming the cruise industry, allowing service to be consistent across all level of interaction and back end support to stay focused and effective. Activity waivers,, rooms, schedules and more can be networked across shipboard tablets, and passengers benefit from higher quality service overall.

Rugged Tablets for Retail

With rugged tablets capable of housing comprehensive inventory information, taking payments, and managing rewards cards and incentive based transactions, retail workers have all the tools they need at their fingertips. Buyers don’t have to wait while an employee disappears into the back to see if a size or color is in stock, and payments can be made on the floor without waiting in line.

Rugged Tablets for Drive-Throughs

When rush hour hits and lines stretch around the restaurant, rugged tablets allow employees to work the line and speed up orders, payments, and fulfillment by streamlining processes and moving short orders through quickly while waiting for long order completion. When an order can be completed and payment transacted in one interaction, lengthy drive-through waits become a thing of the past.

Rugged tablets will continue to improve customer experiences while providing productivity and efficiency benefits to workers. Barcode readers, card scanners, and signature capture modules all work together to take customer service to the next level.




Introducing the DT370CR Rugged Tablet

Four-Ways-Tablets-Revolutionize-Business (2)Slim, rugged, wireless, multi-functional computing is here, with a rugged tablet that provides excellent customer experiences and ease of use for operators in need of a powerful, purpose built devices. The DT370CR rugged tablet includes multiple features for productivity and efficiency, including:


The DT370CR features an Intel Quad Core processor to provide a powerful user experience comparable to a laptop in an easy to manage device. There are two available operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, or Android 6.0.1. The 7 inch LED backlight, high-brightness touch capacitive screen is outdoor viewable.


Multiple ports keep this tablet functional and adaptable, with a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5 mm headset jack, a DC-in port and a micro SD card slot. A U-blox GNSS module is available as an option. This tablet features a power button, trigger button, return button, and 4-way tactile button, as well as 4 programmable buttons.


Dual band WiFi (upgradeable to 4G LTE broadband) and 4.0 LE Bluetooth (upgradeable to Class 1 / 1,000 foot Bluetooth) provide reliable communications.


An AC/DC adapter allows charging and operation when plugged in. A hot-swappable battery can be combined with an optional gang charger to ensure fresh batteries are available at all times.


ABS + PC plastics create a strong enclosure, and fanless design reduces points of failure. The DT370CR meets military standard 810G for vibration and shock resistance and carries an IP65 water and dust resistance rating. The tablet can be stored at temperature ranges from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius and is operable between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.


If needed, extra options such as a 5 megapixel back camera or a 2D barcode scanner that also reads 1D can be added. Other external options include automobile power adapters and desktop charging cradles.

When rugged tablets are integrated into an industry vertical, the results can be game-changing. The DT370CR is a powerful rugged tablet designed to provide support in a variety of environments, and replace up to 5 or more pieces of equipment with one easy to use, all-in-one device that can be specifically customized for the end user.



Advantages of Rugged Tablet Deployment in the Military

six-things-to-look-for-in-a-military-grade-rugged-tabletRugged tablet deployment in the military is prompted by their durability and operability in harsh environments. Even more than their ruggedness, these mobile devices are capable of driving objectives to a successful conclusion by providing speed, accuracy, and insights at tactical, strategic, and operational levels. Real-time intelligence that becomes accessible when rugged military tablets are properly integrated can be crucial to the success of critical missions.

Communication During Tactical Operations  

On-location deployments require devices capable of delivering the precise directives and situational awareness that are critical to have in the field. Implementing mobile, purpose built devices with native Wi-Fi capabilities allow 4G and 5G connections to be maximized. RFID and Bluetooth capability make it easy to receive and transmit information, and CAC readers provide identification security measures. The main tactical benefit of rugged tablets is ability to communicate real-time data between field operatives and centralized locations to help drive informed decision making.

Strategic Benefits of Intelligence Evaluation 

Effective strategies can only be informed by integrating numerous data points and transmitting real-time field intelligence to centrally located analysts.  Data capture capacities expand rugged tablets’ ability to service these strategic needs, as barcode scanners, smartcard readers, and cameras can rapidly acquire and transmit critical information. Back office officials can then spot patterns and achieve a big picture view of conditions in the field, thanks to data sent in from external environments.

Operational Needs and Resource Allocation 

Operational needs correlate to the proper deployment of resources for fulfilling tasks. The Intelligence obtained from the field and analyzed to inform strategic decisions is acted upon at the operational level. This correlated to resource deployment, as information from active zones can clarify the need to mobilize personnel. By evaluating how events affect multiple remote units, resource apportionment can be conducted in such a way as to provide maximum benefit with minimum risk.

Data Transmission as a Facilitator

Receipt and transmission of low latency data can help provide optimal advantage, meaning rugged tablets can be invaluable as communication tools for implementing supportive action. Real-time data from remote locations with harsh environments can now be consistently sent and received, secure communication that can be invaluable for success at the tactical, strategic, and operational levels. The value of rugged tablets for realizing the military’s organizational objectives cannot be underestimated, and they have become a critical decision-making tool for facilitating communication, strategy, and ultimate actions.



From Warehouse Floor To Customer Door – Streamlining Logistics with Rugged Tablets

4-Benefits-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Railway-Freight-Transportation-and-Logi...Managing supply chains in real time depends on having real time access to data. Customer expectations for the logistics industry have changed, with ever tightening delivery commitment windows; demands for full visibility into the progress of manufacturing, packing, and shipment; and minute by minute tracking from warehouse to delivery point. To meet these demands, a higher level of technology is required.

With mere hours or even minutes existing for transfers and documentation, rugged tablets have stepped up to fill the gaps left by older logistics practices. With the ability to enter, match, verify, and update data in real time, the challenges of the supply chain become manageable, speed and efficiency is increased, and human errors are minimized.

In the Warehouse

Picking, packing, and sorting in the warehouse is sped up exponentially by rugged tablets, which can operate as hand held devices, stationed in a wall cradle or forklift mounted for ease of access. Inventory tracking and management is streamlined with instantaneous recording and information transmission, while bar-code scanning for inventory management and tracking is fast and easy with fully integrated 2D scanners which can update records in real time. Restocking and rectification of inventory discrepancies can be managed smoothly, with package damage noted and items reassigned from “new” to “open box” status. Losses can be documented in real time and adjustments made.

In Transit

Shipping and receiving staff armed with tablets can do the work of six or seven using older documentation and record-keeping methods, speeding workflows during seasonal rushes or during high traffic hours. Item, pallet, and container-level tagging and management can completed swiftly, and transfer accomplished without lag using vehicles with mounted rugged tablets. Stop by stop tracking can be enabled, and traffic or delay updates sent in real time.


Payment and signature capture options heighten efficiency at delivery points, allowing instant identity verification and confirmation of receipt. Real-time updating from tablet to HQ or dispatch keep the supply moving forward to the next destination, and helps plan routes for timed shipments for better productivity and higher customer satisfaction at the end of the line.


High end, purpose-built mobile devices with consistent connectivity lead to better outcomes in regard to successful delivery by relieving common pressure points and bottlenecks in the logistics flow. Rugged tablets for the supply chain enable more informed decision-making and improve order processing from the warehouse floor to the customer door.