Commercial Mobile Tech Jumps to Military Deployment with Rugged Tablets

Commercial-grade level tech has proved to be a boom across a wide range of civilian industries. Commercialization provides low-cost production of mobile devices, and has made mobile technology more affordable than ever. However most commercially produced mobile devices cannot withstand the physical demands of military deployment.

To meet this need, a new breed of tablet has emerged; it combines the best features of commercial-grade tablets with a new form of ruggedization that meets exacting military standards.

Ruggedization was the natural next step in developing tablets for military use. With increased processing power comes the need for increased durability, and when a device is bound to see action under challenging conditions, design changes must be made to ensure that it stands up to the test.

To be considered ‘rugged’ for military use, a device must meet several specifications including the MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards. This ensures that each device can withstand moisture, sand or dust, shock, vibration, electronic interference, and more. Tablets can be designated for field or office use, but the ability to travel between environments is key for devices intended for military deployment.

A tablet offers more functionality than a smartphone, but is still small enough that it can be carried in one hand or kept in a pocket. Tablets can be passed from one person to another, mounted in a variety of vehicles, and relocated from the office to the field and back again.

Many missions depend on real-time communication. Orders and data from headquarters needs to be sent quickly, so teams in the field can take action as soon as they receive direction. With the same instant communication capability, reports from the ground teams can be sent back, analyzed, and used to drive and form decision-making back at HQ.

Having a variety of device configurations to choose from provides each unit with the specialized software and hardware solutions they need for successful mission completion. Some tablets can be equipped with features such as GIS models and cameras, while others may require a smart card, barcode, or RFID reader. Each configuration can be specifically customized for the user’s unique requirements.

The revolution started by commercialized mobile technology continues with the development of specialized devices that are more appropriate for military deployment. Utilizing these forms of mobile technology paves the way for better outcomes on and off the field.

The Top 10 Benefits of the Rugged Tablet

Rugged tablets are skyrocketing in demand as various industries realize their value and get on board with superior hardware to go with ever evolving software. The rugged tablet isn’t just an oversized smartphone that comes with a fancy case; it’s a ground-up, technologically advanced purpose-built tablet that combines function and security into a highly mobile, multi-use device.

Benefits of rugged tablets include:

  1. Mobility. With a rugged tablet you are untethered from the desk and office, able to take your data with you in the field or on the road.

  2. Security. With features like built in card readers and multi-step authentication software, each device allows access only to authorized personnel, and can differentiate between levels of clearance.

  3. High Performance Processing. Each tablet is equipped with a high performance processor, whether it’s an Intel dual or quad-core processor or above.

  4. Screen Size. Whether you need a compact 7 inch tablet or a large 13.3 inch screen, we have the rugged tablet for you.

  5. Sunlight Readability. When moving in and out of doors, a non-glare screen can keep your tablet screen readable.

  6. Capacitive Touch Screens. Use a fingertip or stylus for maximum portability. Rugged tablets are designed to pick up on touch movement even in cold or hot conditions.

  7. Temperature Resistance. Whether triple digits in the desert or below 20 degrees, a rugged tablet can keep going without freezing up or over-heating.

  8. 3G / 4G Connection Modules. Access your data network on the go, with an ever widening range of mobility.

  9. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Functionality. Tap into the closed network on the job and enjoy hands free operation to improve productivity and enable better logistics.

  10. Compatible Operating Systems. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and share, transmit, store, and view data in familiar frameworks.

Additional Features

Besides the benefits listed above, rugged tablets can be customized to meet nearly any requirement. A camera, a smart card reader, an RFID chip, a barcode scanner or other data capture module, and charging cradles, keyboards, and multiple or split screen functionality are all options.

The rugged tablet is the device of the future, so don’t get left behind – enjoy all the advantages of a mobile device with all of the benefits of a PC with rugged tablets designed for functionality, mobility, and strength.