Benefits of Rugged Tablets for Logistics and the Supply Chain

BLOG 1 Five-Logistics-Verticals-that-Need-Rugged-Tablets-TodaySimplifying logistics is an ongoing challenge faced by packaging, warehousing, and transportation companies, with speed and accuracy being top priorities and customer expectations continually tightening. Hand off and deliver windows continue to narrow, and logistics operators need high-tech, purpose built devices to manage, especially in holiday season when everything reaches fever pitch.

Handheld out-of-the-box and consumer grade data devices don’t allow for the customization and module implementation required to create true solutions for logistics. Durability, connectivity, and usability falter in the face of harsh environments and the demands of fast paced inventory systems and rush orders. Rugged tablets bring a variety of options to the table in the form of real-time connectivity and integration with existing systems to streamline processes and keep the supply chain moving.

Packaging facilities, warehouses, loading bays, shipping venues and highways or railways are all rugged environments that need devices with the strength and resistance to keep working even after dust, moisture, vibration, or impact takes place. Rugged tablets move seamlessly from a warehouse workers’ hands to the truck drivers’, and can be passed off at check points and used to check inventory and delivery expectations all along the suggested route.

The right match of software and hardware combined with a wide range of optional modules makes rugged tablets the ideal device for jobs on the supply line. Data capture can be achieved with a detachable keyboard for traditional entry; via a touch screen with a digital pen or fingertip, or via barcode, RFID, or image based scanning that delivers accuracy and verifiability in a single step.

A package, pallet, or shipment can be tracked from warehouse to final destination with the help of a portable tablet. Each device can be made capable of being mounted at the packaging floor, on a forklift, or in a truck with ease and speed, and the tablet can go portable on demand for checkpoints and hand-offs. Signature capture, payments, and shipment or package release are simplified with card scanner options and digital secure signature features that make handing off and verifying delivery and / or payment confirmation a snap.

Mapping both at an in-warehouse level or on the road is also simplified with rugged tablets. Directions for shipment and delivery can be appended at time of order, even for customized shipments, and items added and ticked off until the entire order is assembled and ready to go – or delays and backorders marked and shipments direct from third parties registered to keep the entire order on track and customers notified about the tracking process.  For time sensitive deliveries around the holidays, there’s no better way to keep customers apprised and satisfied than with rugged tablets in the supply line.