Advantages of Rugged Tablets for City-Wide Utilities

Benefits-of-rugged-tablets-for-fast-response-utility-crews-during-outage...As we move into an era where both communities and cities are embracing the Iot system, public resources is one of the key areas where the focus should be to ensure efficiency.  Every expert that works within this sector should understand where and how endpoints around different communities in the city can be accessed.

Various plans and updates for a city’s infrastructure can benefit from rugged tablet technology:

  • New city plans with new utility networks
  • Expansion of networks in upcoming city centers
  • Reconstruction of an existing infrastructure so it can be up to standard

Whether the goal is to improve code compliance, the introduction of a new project in a new area, or updating to hook into the IoT, purpose-built rugged tablets can facilitate long-term utilities safety for all the plans that are underway.


It is important to know the condition of an area before setting up new infrastructure or improving on already existing infrastructure to avoid cutting lines or interfering with already reserved routes. With the help of a rugged tablet which is GNSS enabled, city planners and engineers will be able to acquire data pertaining to the area, from digital maps and blueprints to different stages of building information management (BMI) for works in progress.


Annually, inspection professionals in any given city can have issues being able to survey their communities’ utility properties including pipelines and cables. This is typically due to budgetary restrictions and availability of trained professionals.  With IoT connected utilities, more information can be gathered within a shorter time with the help of rugged tablets.


Utility workers are at their most efficient when they have advanced tools and up to date technology in their area of work. What is most convenient about rugged tablets is the fact that they are portable, easy to use, powerful enough to run needed programs, and it is possible to mount them on vehicles as well as utility cranes.  


Supervision and collecting of data from IoT sensors and smart meters is simplified through the use of purpose-built rugged tablets. The data is immediately collected, analyzed, and relayed to the relevant personnel, allowing informed decision-making and swift action in times of crisis.

In order for utilities in a city to be efficiently managed, purpose-built devices must be conceptualized and deployed. Rugged tablets are on the leading edge of utilities installation and management, and the IoT is driving innovation for the smart cities of the future.