High Accuracy GNSS Rugged Tablets are Ideal for State DOT and More

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GNSS Rugged Tablets are proving to be ideal for transportation construction projects as well as biology, geology, roadway and wetland projects on a state level. In Oregon, this has been increasingly true as DT Research tablets have been rolled out to offices across the state. DT Research worked closely with ODOT to design purpose-built GNSS positioning tablets that provide GPS locating and 3D modeling technologies. These tablets, which meet rigorous requirements for in-the-field state-employed workers, are now used daily to complete their tasks and achieve accurate geospatial measurements

These rugged tablets have many benefits, including the ability to:

  • Save time and effort on the part of survey crews, by making the process fast, easy, and achievable with minimum requirements on the part of a field team.
  • Reduce costs thanks to being able to achieve survey-grade measurements without the need for a professional surveyor for every task.
  • Improve accuracy of projects through ‘digital-as constructed’ measurements, due to built-in dual frequency GNSS modules. Each module is designed to provide stand-alone sub meter accuracy to centimeter level accuracy thanks to integration with Real Time Kinematics from GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO satellites.

The tablets are also compatible with existing survey and GIS software for mapping applications. When placed in the hands of field experts, they simplify and streamline the processes and workflows associated with data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting. Instead of a multiple-person team on the ground trying to achieve accurate measurements, now a one-person survey crew can utilize a DT Research tablet to accurately calculate and record measurements even for highly complex construction projects.

The tablets also deliver a reliable, accurate contract verification system, since each digital-as-constructed measurement can be delivered immediately and stored forever. Billing discrepancies can be disputed and rectified without the time consuming and costly method of independent re-measurement checks.

Other features of these excellent purpose built tablets include:

  • Storage The DT Research GNSS tablets can store up to 1 Terabyte of data.
  • Runtime Users can avoid down-time with a high capacity hot-swappable battery pack, delivering 60 or 90 watts for up to 15 hours of continuous use.
  • Communication Tablets offer 4G mobile broadband plus Long Range Class 1 Bluetooth, powering wireless connectivity up to 1,000 feet.
  • Flexible DT Research tablets are Windows® based with familiar user interface that can easily integrate with other applications, allowing state workers to be trained in their use in as little as two hours.  

DT Research tablets are military-grade durable, lightweight but packed with options and multiple accessories such as external antennas, pole mount cradles, detachable keyboards, battery charging kits and digital pens. They are ideal for state transportation and works departments, and can shape the future of DOT in many states.

Rugged Tablets for Field Staff

DT380CR_IMG_APPSW_1906334Field staff need tools, software, and rugged mobility meeting requirements not only for job tasks but also for rigorous environments. Rugged tablets are ideal for utility management, city fleet vehicle maintenance, parks management, and other government management applications.

State, city and county services as well as public works, utilities, and transportation all can benefit from rugged tablets that deliver an optimal mobile experience with powerful computing and communications, ongoing operation, easy to read screens, and accessories that allow them to go from office to vehicle to onsite locations easily and functionally.

It’s time to embrace everything that mobile tech offers to field operations, and the public sector can benefit in many ways by getting on board sooner rather than later.

Rugged tablets deliver a fundamental, adaptive, and obsolescence-resistant mobile computing platform. They provide a long-term investment protection for government agency initiatives, with a lower CAPEX and higher ROI than any other mobile computing solution, as well as long term use and easy integration with existing systems.

Field staff can access what they need in any location, collecting data and collating reports for a fast, cost effective way to manage projects. This can minimize costs and losses associated with false starts, lapses in oversight, cost overruns, repeated delays, or any of the many obstacles which can be posed by aging infrastructure. They can also help build out city projects, allowing “smart” functionality to be built in from day one.

With a rugged tablet, you get multiple functionality in one device. Instead of field workers being forced to carry a separate camera, barcode scanner, GPS device, mag stripe reader, and monitor, you have an all-in-one tablet built-to-order for specific needs. Additional options like vehicle mounts, battery charging stations for hot swappable batteries, keyboards, and digital pens make these tablets even more mobile and adaptable.

The latest in compatible software is implemented and each tablet built with an eye to reduce replacement costs. This built in longevity and durability lowers the total cost of ownership.

Security is also at a premium with these purpose built tablets. Sensitive data is safe in a closed network with wireless encryption that cannot be hacked through traditional wired access points. All of these features are reasons why federal, state, and municipal organizations should be outfitting their field teams with mobile, secure, and flexible rugged tablets.

Purpose Built Rugged Tablets Elevate Air Force Logistics

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All branches of the military, including the Air Force, are utilizing purpose-built rugged tablets for fleet maintenance, helping to streamline processes, improve workflows, and increase productivity. These portable, high powered tablets have quickly become a way to swiftly and competently manage tasks from inventory reconciliation to standard checks.

Advantages of rugged tablets for plane maintenance include their capability for streamlining processes and workflows among crewmembers and at administrative levels. CAC readers make it easy for multiple members of any group to effectively use the tablet at their own level of data access. Features like cameras, GPS and GNSS modules, and more allow for real time data in multiple formats to be captured and relayed to specialists for support in the field.

Tablets enhance fleet maintenance and management by:

  • Providing facilitation of admin-based maintenance tasks for speed and efficiency
  • Creating several layers of security and redundancy for sensitive files
  • Automating information collection, sorting, and retention for faster data analysis

All of these improved processes can provide maintenance support across multiple fleets, including planes, ships, tanks and trucks. Wireless tablets can be pressed into service to feed data from multiple points continuously, providing an accurate picture of the entire fleet and exact, real time data concerning specific machines.  

This can provide Air Force maintenance crews with better connectivity and higher efficiency, with proven data capture and transmission methods and purpose built tablet deployment for increased productivity for the following tasks:

  • Technical maintenance management
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Field testing, training, and data oversight

While civilian use of tablets has included swift adoption and innovation, the sensitivity and security of military information delayed full deployment of rugged tablets until experienced designer-manufacturers like DT Research focused on military grade feature development. Each rugged tablet is built to exacting military specifications for  durability and security protocols.

Maintenance and software in military aerospace is now able to benefit from this specification and customization. Touchscreen interfaces and long life batteries with hot swap capability are present in the newest ruggedized systems, allowing flight-line maintenance processes for military aircraft to be continually digitized and improved. There are multiple benefits in the air and for reconnaissance, transport, and theater  situations as well, with satellite communications (SATCOM) connectivity delivering situational awareness through mapping data, images, and videos.

Full utilization of rugged tablets for fleet maintenance and management in the Air Force brings the concept of a cyber-controlled military one step closer to fruition, guarding the lives of service members and making every process in the line of duty safer.  

Military Grade Rugged Tablets Enhance Navy Logistics

Rugged Tablets Bring New Potential to the U.S. Navy

Purpose-built tablets are gaining ground in every branch of the military, with new applications continually found. The U.S. Navy is utilizing rugged tablets in a variety of ways to improve logistics in dock and at sea. Being able to rapidly fulfill requests completely and efficiently is one of the challenges faced by these experts, and having rugged tablets on hand to facilitate these processes allows heightened productivity and better outcomes.

Logistics specialists must continually maintain military supply stores. Their many and varied responsibilities generally include open purchasing and procurement, shipping and receiving, inventory management, and issue of equipment, repair parts, tools, consumable items (paper, pens, toilet paper, batteries, etc.), hazardous materials or anything else obtained through the naval supply system.

Another fact of the logistics vertical within the Navy is the requirement to accurately manage inventories and issuance of repair parts (aircraft and ships) and of general supplies and specialized supplies (e.g., personal flight gear for naval aircrews or specialized combat equipment for Navy SEALs or Naval Military Construction Battalion “Seabees”).

These duties are combined with former postal clerk duties as custodian of postal effects and monitoring designated mail orderlies. Logistics personnel must also be able to sort and distribute all official and personal mail for naval ships, submarines, aviation squadrons, and information for shore-based activities in a timely manner.

Finally, the documentation side of logistics is also aided by purpose built tablets capable of running high level programming at lightning speed. Logistics professionals can take advantage of tablet technology to connect to and utilize financial accounting and database systems, efficiently performing inventory and financial management functions. Management of money order and stamp inventories is made simple, as is the maintenance of financial and inventory reports.

Tablets have already been utilized in the Navy at administrative level for destroyer fleet maintenance. Since there is significant overlap with logistics processes, all related tasks that connect logistics with fleet maintenance can be connected and streamlined. Many procedures that formerly had to be done by hand when it comes to information collection, sorting, and retention can be automated, and results from multiple programs collated for a broad topical view at all times that benefits every level of command.

In the Navy, if logistics break down, everything grinds to a halt. Rugged tablets allow for accurate, real time inventory, tracking, and confirmation of supplies, parcels, and mail, providing a streamlined system that can keep everything rolling smoothly.

Investigating with Digital Forensics Enabled Rugged Tablets

5 Benefits of 4G for Law Enforcement 1st RespondersDT Research continues to develop powerful new tools such as scientific-grade GNSS and integrated RTK positioning tablets for digital forensics use in the field. Such purpose built tablets are effectively transforming how forensic mapping and collision reconstruction are handled in the field, allowing investigators to utilize and enhance the precision of position data that is derived from satellite-based positioning systems.There are multiple applications for the RTK tablet, but where it has come to shine is in the hands of investigative teams on the ground mapping crash scenes for rapid site clearing and traffic restoration. Since the process is completed within minutes instead of hours, safety is increased for both first responders and emergency personnel as well as for civilians in the area.

The speed of these tablets for mapping crash scenes results in scene clearing in fraction of the time required by normal site survey methods, making the process not only safer but cheaper as well. Once the site is cleared, all pertinent data has been saved for use later.

During crash site reconstruction, forensic investigators can use the data captured by the tablet to perfectly recreate the scene. Recreations of sites with 1-2 centimeter accuracy are possible thanks to built-in dual frequency GNSS modules that utilize real-time reference points from aerial photogrammetry. RTK GNSS positioning uses an external antenna to provide direct measurements, delivering 3D Point Cloud creation.

All images can be combined into a clear 3-D rendering of the crash site as it was on personnel arrival. The pinpoint accuracy of the reconstruction delivers results which meet legal specifications for official evidence, which can be accepted by and will stand up in court proceedings.

The customized, digital forensic mapping rugged tablets from DT Research have an IP65 rating, and a lightweight, portable rugged case. This allows for maximum versatility, with one-handed carry from the office to the vehicle, vehicle mounting, and use in the field. A sunlight readable display provides for clear visibility in almost any weather circumstances. These factors can be crucial to law enforcement and first responders, who require portability and high functionality for items that must be taken into a developing scene.

The advantages of these forensic mapping tablets for public safety teams, crime scene investigators, and crash site reconstructionists cannot be overstated. The ability to collect accurate, scientifically and legally defensible data in a fraction of the time formerly possible drives down costs and time investment on the scene, while delivering superior results and increased safety in the field.