Don’t Fool Around with the Security of Your Business

Rugged-Tablets-–-Where-Mobility-Meets-SecurityWhen it comes to mobile, digital devices used in the healthcare, military, federal and state government offices, city planning, and utilities industries, safety and security are paramount. Rugged tablets can provide you with these important features, keeping data on lock down even if a tablet is misplaced or stolen, and allowing access only to approved personnel.

Healthcare companies have enormous databases filled with deeply personal data which must be protected as dictated by federal law. Healthcare workers need mobile, easy to use devices to safely share patient data and preserve their rights to privacy.

Military missions require security of data as a critical measure for base bound service members and those in the field. Rugged tablets are durable enough to be used anywhere, and secure enough to keep mission critical information under wraps.

Federal and state, and city government offices are often on tight budgets, yet are expected to maintain fully professional digital security and operational efficiency within their spending cap. Fortunately, rugged tablets can help fulfill these needs with integrated hardware-software encryption capabilities that can protect against data vulnerabilities when outside of a closed network.

Utilities industries require durability, security, and stability from devices that may need to be carried into harsh environments. Line workers can depend on rugged tablets for secure transmission of proprietary data to effect swift decision making in the field.

Additional benefits of using rugged tablets include additional safety and security features such as:

  • Card readers that allow access on a specified basis depending on card owner permissions, and Lock Down mode to allow for media blackouts if required
  • Wipe feature for situations when a tablet is lost or stolen, to permanently eradicate private data, and the ability to remotely disable the scanner/camera/radio/antenna
  • Windows 10 IOT OS with advanced security features, Device Guard enterprise hardware, and a TPM 2.0 support to deliver a trusted platform module
  • An encrypted SD card slot to allow sensitive information to be kept siloed

Rugged tablets protect various levels of government organizations, all branches of the military, multiple public utilities, first responders such as police, EMTs, fire and search & rescue services, and other field teams. Efficient guarding against data loss or theft and unwanted image transmission can provide security for many agencies concerned about hacking or data breaches.

In contrast to typical off-the-shelf consumer grade tablets – or worse, BYOD smartphones – rugged tablets provide the security required for all of these industries to be capably protected.