Military Mobility Demands Purpose Built Devices with Built In Security

Local Government Security - How do you Protect your Data with Rugged TabletsRugged tablets provide the best option for successfully achieving a variety of military driven goals, including protecting vital data and safeguarding troops deployed in response to in-theater conflicts. Mobile devices for military use have to be military strong – both when it comes to physical construction and in regard to resistance to  security breaches.

The success of training exercises, peace-keeping missions and reconnaissance operations as well as routine logistics and supply chain maneuvers require real-time data access in order for leaders to receive crucial, time-sensitive intelligence, make informed decisions, and initiate actions that are swift and sure, informed by the latest and most accurate information available.

Purpose built, mobile tablets that are resistant to extreme conditions are vital to the success of our troops in the field. DT Research rugged tablets are created with the requirements of the military in mind, providing trusted solutions for the dual challenges of harsh operating environments and the utmost need for secure communications and data transfer.

DT Research has become a trusted solution provider for multiple military branches, delivering tablets that match powerful computing with durable housing that meets military standards across the board. Our military grade rugged tablets provide MIL-STD-810G, and have been tested for IP65 compliancy using real world situational testing to ensure our troops don’t experience loss of the all-important ability to maintain communication and data gathering activity during a crucial mission.

Each tablet is designed to:

  • Retain compatibility with other military technology systems, while securely storing and transmitting mission critical data via secure networks and resisting harsh environmental challenges like moisture, dust, and vibration
  • Protect both information and valuable personnel in real time situations, with media blackout options for sensitive data and the ability to remotely wipe tablets completely in case of loss
  • Provide new ways to streamline the ongoing transition into modern military requirements when it comes to mobile devices, and train both new recruits and veteran service members for a cohesive tech experience

Data defense is key in today’s cyber, ground, sea, and air strategies. A mobile computing solution capable of providing real time, mission critical support is vital at sea, in the air, and on the ground.  We believe all military service members should be equipped with devices that won’t fail them in the line of duty, and that’s why we create trusted rugged tablets that are strong enough to be carried and utilized by the best and bravest.

DT Research POS Tablets Provide Higher Service Levels for Hospitality and Retail

6-advantages-of-rugged-tablets-for-restaurant-operations-2The POS tablets from DT Research feature incredibly powerful processing power in lightweight, easy to carry and durable forms. These slim 8 inch and 10 inch tablets combine trusted software with the latest hardware to deliver technological capability that shines in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality venues.

DT Research POS Rugged Tablets provide the following features:

  • LED-backlight screen with capacitive touch – choose from 8” (DT318CR, perfect for one handed carry in fast paced restaurant settings) or 10” (DT310CR, ideal for larger screen needs in hotel back ends for floor and room management)
  • Intel® AtomTM processor – the high performance with low power consumption is designed for fast loading and action completion on the floor and off
  • Operational time is bolstered with long lasting batteries – which can be swapped on the fly for more floor life and no need to switch tablets between shifts
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise or Android 8.1 operating system provides a familiar system and a short learning curve for new employees who can be trained swiftly and efficiently in the use of the technology
  • Optional EMV® Chip-and-Signature card reader allows for POS actions on the floor or in the room, allowing fast processing and verification through all major payment gateways
  • Optional camera, magnetic stripe reader, and 2D barcode scanner to allow multiple points and routes of data capture and transmission

Restaurant Uses:

Slim, portable DT318CR tablets with extra batteries can be recharged on the fly, with no need to go through several tablets per shift. Parties and tabs can be tracked from the bar to table seating or al fresco dining and back again. These POS tablets are rugged and can withstand harsher conditions and drops in the sand or on concrete. Multi-functionality allows the tablet to be used by a server until closing than handed off to back end staff for inventory and all data can be integrated for clear reporting.  

Hotel Uses:

Slightly larger DT310CR tablets with more screen space can be utilized to review maps of the hotel and identify rooms in need of service, empty rooms, booking confirmations, and more. The camera option can also help afford accountability for room service with visual confirmation added to data input whether the bar needs restocking or for maintenance issues.

Handheld POS tablets easily convert to stationary POS terminals when docked in the cradles, allowing for several fixed points on a busy restaurant floor, or the ability to track floor by floor in hotel settings. Tablets also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration to ensure real time communication and hands free operation can be instituted for ease of use and higher productivity. From the restaurant floor to the hotel room door, rugged tablets are changing the face of hospitality for the better.


Casinos and Cruise Ships Benefit from Point-of-Service Tablets

Cinepolis_4DT Research POS Rugged Tablets are ideal for casinos and cruise ship applications, with multiple uses for either industry. With 8 inch or 10 inch backlit LED capacitive touch screens, these lightweight tablets are suitable for hand carrying or docking in cradles for easy access by floor staff or crew. These tablets feature fully-integrated design to offer mobile point-of-service/sale applications while also delivering unparalleled service as fixed POS terminals when docked in the cradles.

Other benefits include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integration, options for EMV® Chip-and-Signature card reader which supports end-to-end certified EMV chip payments and features Level 1, 2, and 3 EMV Payment Path certifications for major payment partners, and a magnetic stripe reader, barcode scanner, and camera to provide seamless information capture for instant transmission in the casino, the hotel, or restaurant, and on board cruise ships for seamless service in every area.

Casino Uses:

The magstripe reader can be utilized with program loyalty cards – casino goers can simply swipe the card to add points and credits to the account for the day when they get off the bus or step into the casino. Other amenities like spa service, food and drinks, and entertainment can also be integrated, for a virtual ticketing and upgrade system that keeps all of the customers information and expenditures in one place.

The built in camera allows instant capture of photos of I.D. for sales requiring proof of age, and allows servers to match large parties with multiple members with the correct payment information to run tabs for groups and keep orders straight. Tablets can be used for instant POS purchases with signature capture and verification using a variety of payment gateways and processors, or a line of pre-approved and authorized credit left open for a day or a weekend.

For Cruises:

Passengers can sign waivers when they get on the cruise ship, and be issued cards or RFID enabled tags that will allow access to all activities. Extra charges can be approved throughout the cruise as needed, and appropriate charges made to passengers or rooms on the ship as required. Additional benefits of rugged tablets besides POS activities include luggage and passenger tracking to ensure nothing and no-one is left behind at scheduled stops.

The DT Research POS Tablets are designed for hard use in busy conditions both on casino floors and shipboard, taking customer service to the next level and improving employee experiences for satisfaction throughout every workflow and process.

Rugged Tablet Carts for Order Fulfillment can Streamline Warehouse Picking

Rugged-Tablets-and-Mobility-in-Warehouse-EnvironmentsOrder fulfillment may not typically be a fully automated process, and often requires employee action to ensure accuracy and speed. Robotics are starting to be seen in larger warehouses, but picking and packing is still typically handled by actual employees who can utilize rugged tablet technology to improve efficiency and accuracy, become more productive, and create new ways to do standard tasks.

Rugged tablet related items like hot swap batteries, cart accessories, holsters and cradles combine to create the perfect solution for warehouse and major retail spaces. These additions enhance the usability and convenience of rugged tablets for order picking and allow employees more mobility on the floor and in the warehouse.

A major grocery store chain uses a cart to quickly and accurately pick items for online grocery order fulfillment, making it easy for employees to work up and down the line and complete orders for pick up or delivery. This method is convenient and non-disruptive to in-store shoppers, as the cart has a smaller footprint compared to using pre-existing carts for order fulfillment.

The battery holster also prevents downtime by allowing a second battery to be carried along. This permits the tablet to continually be charging, instead of needing to be plugged into a charging outlet. The battery holster expands the operational worktime for each tablet and can keep order fulfillment on track even during the busiest times to meet deadlines for shipping.

The tablet cradle and mobile stick cart are ideal for warehouse picking. The employees doing order fulfillment in warehouses can use the cradle to carry the tablet around with them and then place it in the stick cart to follow the order by rolling it around the warehouse floor. The result is a faster picking pace, less chance of setting the tablet down and having to retrace steps to retrieve it, and the ability to instantly check off items as they are added to the cart until the order is fulfilled.

If the inventory data and location of every item is stored in the rugged tablet, employees can even have their route through the warehouse mapped in advance for speedier completion of each task. Tablets also offer real-time communication, so employees can ask for help if an item is unavailable or has damage. Since support can be reached immediately, a solution can be found promptly using the tablet for information relay.

Rugged tablet systems can transform warehouses by improving existing systems and helping to input newer, more efficient routines. When workers are given the tools they need, they can do their jobs faster and more efficiently. Rugged tablet accessories like carts, cradles, and supplemental battery holsters can transform the way orders are picked whether on the grocery line or in the back end of a major retail warehouse.

Rugged Tablets On Construction Sites Minimize Cost Overruns

How-Rugged-Tablets-add-to-Safety-on-Construction-SitesConstruction costs are constantly inflated due to cost overruns due to poor time management, injuries on the construction site, and delays caused by lack of real time communication and data. Rugged tablets can help minimize workplace hazards and accidents, keep track of workers on the site and visiting civilians, organize tasks, share information, manage vendors, and post updates and important notices.

Rugged tablets can streamline construction processes, starting with hands off surveying that can swiftly map terrain and even utilize drones for hard to reach or remote areas in advance of road building and architectural planning. When it comes to integrating technology into the way construction firms and contractors work on the ground, rugged tablets are becoming the best option for on-site implementation.

In a construction setting, technology and hardware has to be tough. With a commercial-grade tablet, there is constant risk of damage from impact, dust or water damage, as well as rapid obsolescence. Rugged tablets keep construction teams ahead of the curve, with durable glass screens and tough, tightly sealed cases built to exacting specifications to withstand water damage, dust and sand, and multiple kinds of impact and vibration. Purpose built tablets for construction are also designed to keep pace and integrate fully with future software upgrades, reducing compatibility issues and increasing lifetime value for each tablet.

Construction workers can utilize rugged tablet technology to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety, cutting down on cost overruns by protecting workers, keeping schedules on track, and immediately updating plans and delivery times on the go. Construction project managers, site managers, contractors, sub-contractors, and other personnel can communicate and share crucial information in real time. Vendors, inspectors, and off-site contacts in municipal offices, architectural firms, and financial sectors can be kept looped in.  

Workers can write up and submit inventories, submittals, and punch lists, and receive instructions, orders, and important notification. Incoming deliveries can be coordinated with receiving staff, any change orders expedited, and most minor setbacks resolved quickly on the ground. GIS and GPS allow even complex maps to be viewed on the spot, without the need to hand carry documents or blueprints back and forth, and corrections can be made or boundary lines verified instantly and referenced as needed.

Construction site managers track employees both on and off the field, avoid miscommunications, and help keep workers safe by ensuring everyone deployed at any given time is part of a connected network to keep compliance and safety at the top of the priority list. With rugged tablets, ensuring worker safety, streamlining deliveries and schedules, and avoiding delays caused by incorrect paperwork can be the keys to preventing cost- overruns and bringing a project in on time and on budget.