How Rugged Tablets can Improve Fleet Management


When working with a large fleet, it can be difficult to keep track of every single vehicle, their drivers, and their cargo. Disorganization can be a serious issue, especially with multiple vehicles in multiple locations.

Many fleet managers are integrating rugged tablet technology to improve the organization of their team. With better communication, tracking, and management, companies can improve a fleets overall efficiency and safety in the field.

Rugged tablet PCs are the ideal device for this job. Mobile and reliable, they can be mounted within vehicles for easy use by the driver and staff. They are protected against extreme temperatures, vibration, water, dust, and humidity, making them perfect for use in many conditions.

Improving the efficiency of an entire fleet can be as simple as installing a tablet in each vehicle. Here are a few of the ways purpose-built rugged tablet computers are changing the future of fleet communication and tracking.

  • GPS capability. There’s no need for additional devices when a vehicle is outfitted with a mobile tablet. The large and all-light viewable screens allow them to be used as high-end GPS systems anytime.
  • Better communication. With real-time messaging, audio/video calling, and internet connectivity, these tablets can be the primary device connecting drivers to one another and the office. With the tablet mounted in the vehicle, there is no losing or misplacing this device.
  • Driver performance. Mounted tablets can be programmed to alert managers when a driver is over-idling, or drives recklessly.
  • Vehicle performance. Mounted tablets can keep track of engine hours, odometer readings, and possible issues with the vehicle’s performance. Drivers can also log down issues with the vehicle for maintenance before they become serious issues.
  • Real-time updates. Drivers can be alerted about accidents in the area, weather updates, and other real-time information that may pertain to their job. This kind of situational awareness can encourage safety on the road.

With the addition of mobile tablets, fleet managers and drivers can have all the tools they need at their disposal. Communication, efficiency, and safety are more easily attained, and managers can keep track of their assets every mile of the way. Built-in options like RFID scanners, barcode scanners, and other data collection can be added, making the mounted tablet a central hub for any driver, and management of the entire fleet becomes more effective and reliable.

The Growing Attractiveness of Rugged Tablets for POS Applications

6-Advantages-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Restaurant-Operations (2)Mobile computing is swiftly becoming the go-to for POS applications across a wide range of verticals, most obviously in retail and hospitality. Customer interactions, customer satisfaction, and customer experience hinge on speedy, accurate, and simplified service, and the point-of-sale and point-of-service options provided by a rugged tablet create a streamlined experience. Integrating rugged tablets can also increase efficiency and productivity in processes within in almost any customer-facing industry, eliminating bottlenecks in the service workflow.

Rugged tablets are suitable for all working environments and can simplify operations across the board. Retail and hospitality sectors are served well by the vast toolbox of solutions for familiar issues that a rugged tablet brings to the table. The flexibility of a tablet means it works as well in a restaurant, a casino, and a hotel, with the durability to stand up to constant, rigorous use and the customizability to meet every unique need presented to supply ultimate convenience and customer satisfaction.

The tablets’ built-in RFID readers and barcode scanners enable employees on the floor to rapidly bring up product information on screen and check available inventory without disappearing into the back to search manually. Barcode or RFID tracking can then inform the employee exactly where the item is, allowing them to perform a fast, easy retrieval. Long lines for the register are bypassed and the sale can be completed on the floor instantly utilizing MSR and EMV smart card readers and secure signature capture. Item out of stock? Verify the product’s availability elsewhere, complete the purchase, and note shipping information to generate a tracking number on the spot.

Rugged tablets can be used in hospitality for everything from front desk sign-in and kiosk based check out to inventorying items on carts for room turnover, handling room service requests, tracking mini bar consumption, and settling the bill – even if it needs to be split between parties. For internal use, tablets can check linen inventories, follow rooms as they shift from occupied to turnover, to ready for use, note keeping to ensure special instructions are accurately matched to room number. Wireless capability allows communication with adjacent restaurants or casinos for a seamless customer experience, and hot-swappable batteries means a tablet can last the entire shift without powering down.

In restaurants and dine in theaters as well as casinos, tablets provide for at-table ordering to speed up the process, immediately transferring the order to the kitchen, allowing instant, secure payment, and following the customer through their night for swift and simple completion of their open ticket and settling of the final bill at their convenience. Crowded venues can track where a customer is in their meal, and anticipate tables opening up for more efficient seating and shorter wait times.

The need for rugged tablets for POS needs will continue to expand, and purpose built tablets can meet the ever changing demands of the retail and hospitality worlds.

Rugged Tablets And Error Reduction for Logistics Verticals

9-Benefits-of-Rugged-Tablets-for-Transportation-and-LogisticsLogistics verticals have a major challenge in the form of human error. With millions of pieces of data running through supply chains every day, errors can have instant and far reaching effects. This is a challenge that spans multiple industries, but rugged tablets can help streamline processes, improve accuracy, and minimize errors.


More than 8.7 million workers are employed by the U.S. trucking industry, and trucking still overwhelmingly takes up the lion’s share of domestic goods transport, including retail products, raw materials, and industrial equipment. With a rugged tablet, shipments can be tracked, schedules monitored, and routes updated in real time for the best possible speed and accuracy. Inventory on each truck can also be verified and human error reduced in regard to hours of operation, maintenance of vehicles, and compliance with safety regulations.


Trains comes in second in the U.S when it comes to transport of materials and manufactured goods, and also contributes heavily to the transportation of people. A rugged tablet can help deliveries run on time, onloading and offloading be streamlined and more accurate, and engine maintenance efficiently scheduled and tracked. Car management, track switching, refueling and more can be authorized and monitored with communication between conductors, engineers, and other key personnel.


People, luggage, goods, materials, troops and more fly the skies every day and accuracy is paramount to avoid issues that could cause customer dissatisfaction and physical problems related to mechanics and load bearing capacity.

Tablets can be utilized to manage luggage, update gate information, and track fleet maintenance and repairs effectively. Mistakes can be avoided, and information shared between employees if there is a potential issue with airplane safety.

Since almost all errors are human generated, increased communication and transparent, shareable data can improve and update how logistics employees do their jobs. Streamlined processes can be achieved with tablets that are user-friendly, customer experiences as well as employee experiences can be improved while the bottom line benefits.

Rugged tablets deliver an upgraded way to complete logistics tasks across all verticals, delivering accuracy that is unmatched by human-only data entry and transfer. When rugged tablets are in the hands of as many logistics workers as possible, customer experience improves, ROI increases, and customers grow happier and more likely to remain loyal.


Show the Armed Forces the Love with Purpose Built Tech

Why-We-Love-Our-Military (2)At DT Research, respect, gratitude and love for our veterans and active servicemembers drives us to develop tools that can help keep them safe. Every military grade rugged tablet put in the hands of our military should enable them to perform their duties with efficiency, security, and speed.  Their harsh and changing work environments demand nothing less than the best when it comes to military tablet tech, and purpose built devices can be their saving grace in the theater of operations.

DT Rugged tablets are designed to be reliable, strong and durable, ideal for use by military personnel. They meet or exceed military specs and have strong resistance to shock impact, vibration, moisture, dust, and temperature variations. These tablets can both stand up to abuse in the field and be carried back to HQ for office integration. The customizable OS/software that functions on trusted and familiar tech gives soldiers confidence in the field. Since military grade rugged tablets can be configured to run analytics, calculate risks, compute in real time, and update records with lightning speed, they are a vital part of critical missions when safety is of paramount importance.

The connectivity rugged tablets provide is another massive feature that enables servicemembers to complete their tasks with ease. Security is achieved with up-to-date security options, including access level keyed to coded cards, and even optional retinal scanning. Since each tablet can be configured precisely depending on its intended use, assignment can be made to specific personnel, locations, or departments, with access at varying levels authorized to promote secure hand-off as needed.

The available options for vehicle mounts and one-hand carry make these tablets even more versatile. Keyboards can be attached or detached, chargers hold either the whole tablet or hot swappable batteries to ensure safety isn’t compromised in the field by failed power, and screens are adaptable for changing light and indoor / outdoor operation. Users can input data using a digital pen or with their finger.

GIS mapping and GPS guidance make these tablets the top choice when drones are needed to increase safety of personnel in dangerous situations or hazardous terrain. Drone tech can map unknown areas and serve as an advance surveillance team that gathers pertinent information from a safe distance, keeping our military members from undue risks.

Barcode scanners, cameras, RFID readers, and CAC keycard access can turn a rugged tablet into a multi-use tool that replaces nearly half a dozen individual pieces of equipment. Rugged tablets for the military really are the whole package, with safety and security always a top priority. We love our military, and that’s why we think they deserve the best!

Rugged Tablets for Military Mobility– Staying Connected and on Target

U.S. Navy Turns to DT Research for Rugged Tablet SolutionsAccurate, real time data in the field is a priority for military personnel, as service members, marine and ground command bases, and mission- and safety-critical defense applications and aerospace verticals now implementing rugged tablets for mission success paired with safety of troops at sea, in the air, and on the ground.

There is a critical need for purpose-built, high-performance mobile computing devices that are durable enough to withstand the harsh environments of critical missions and deliver real time connectivity.  Rugged tablets can provide both, combined with the latest in high volume data storage and speedy processing power. For mobile missions that depend on fast, accurate data delivery to succeed, rugged tablets provide the required connectivity in an easy-to-handle, transportable device that utilizes the best modern computing has to offer for missions completed by the Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marines.

As the military-wide shift to digital information and the deployment of connected devices both on and off the field continues, the face of mobile communications across all armed forces branches is changing. The demand for rugged tablets and other handheld devices capable of operation on land, at sea, in air, and in space can be met only with the highest level of technology – and a rugged tablet can, and will continue to deliver. The ability to support front line and tactical operatives with information that keeps troops on target at all times is invaluable.

Tablets and 2-in-1 computers are capable of bridging the gap between generations of servicemembers, marrying familiar options like keyboards with high capacitive touch screens that allow digital pen use or even fingertip writing. High brightness screens can shift from indoor to outdoor usability automatically, and work as well in dark outdoor environments as brightly lit command centers. Vehicle mounts allow rugged tablets to travel anywhere and continue to provide support while on the go in a car, Humvee, tank, vessel, or aircraft.

Long life batteries with hot swap capability, obsolescence resistant software, durable construction, fanless designs, and temperature and humidity resistant enclosures are becoming the norm thanks to the development of ruggedized systems. These fully functional, connected and ultra-mobile tablets transfer seamlessly from office surroundings to the harsh environments of the theater, enabling more efficient, safer operations from critical missions to the military supply line.

Future mobile applications for rugged tablets are seemingly unlimited, as land, sea, air and space continue to offer new issues and opportunities for our military to navigate and secure.