Three Industries that Benefit from Rugged Tablets Purpose Built for Accuracy

Using-Handheld-and-Mounted-Rugged-Tablets-for-ConstructionPurpose-built computing solutions are creating cross industry disruption as they take multiple verticals by storm. The DT301X Rugged Tablet, is a military-grade tablet that is purpose-built to enhance the precision of measurements taken in a variety of situations, delivering a high level of accuracy that can be key to safe construction or relevant if a traffic accident develops into a lawsuit or investigation.

Crime and Crash Scene Reconstruction

The DT301X integrates the Intel® RealSense™ Depth camera, providing real-time 3D imaging which both shortens the workflow and creates extremely accurate measurements for crime scene forensics teams to utilize. This process delivers scientific grade data, which is important for court evidence that investigators or legal teams may later need to rely on. Microsoft Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems allow flexible integration.

Surveying and Construction

The DT301X is also ideal for engineering, design, CAD and building plans, bridge and other construction inspections, and surveying. Many surveying tasks have been made easier and faster as well, with 3D camera technology that can be made available to a wider group of workers with information shared in real time. This technology allows depth perception to be fully integrated, providing the most accurate images possible to keep project specs consistent and fact based. The tablet can also help coordinate advanced workflows for data capture, accurate positioning and data transmitting.

Utility Management

This rugged tablet delivers the detailed accuracy required for utility line location, and provides unparalleled functionality with the latest 3D camera technology in a single device that is rugged and field ready. The DT301X has MIL spec and IP ratings, is lightweight, features a high brightness 10.1” touch screen and 8th generation  Intel Core high-performance processors without sacrificing energy efficiency. The tablet goes from utility site to vehicle to the station in a vehicle mount that provides maximum mobility, and hot-swappable batteries so there’s no downtime.

This tablet can be supplemented with a detachable keyboard for ease of use, and equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for real-time communications. Other optional modules include a 2D barcode scanner, a dual frequency GNSS module, 1000 ft range Bluetooth and 4G LTE mobile broadband.  From the electrical substation to the crash scene to the construction site, the DT301X is the perfect tool for field workers across multiple industries.